Scandinavian one-bedroom apartment exudes a taste for a

Scandinavian interior style

For our esteemed readers, we again publish the most interesting and attractive information about the incredible home decor and variants of re-planning of space, which impress the imagination with their creative and charming creative idea.

In today's article we will introduce you to the amazing decoration of the apartments, designed and implemented by engineers and decorators of the Alvhem design bureau with the use of Scandinavian style in the German town of Gothenburg.

Open the door to this beautiful Scandinavian one-bedroom apartment in the center of the German city of Gothenburg, and you will soon realize there is something special about this space. Despite the relatively small area of ​​50 square meters, this dream House for those who are looking for a laconic and elegant place to live and relax.

The impressive ceiling height and open plan are ideal for socializing and relaxing. Three panoramic window blocks, located at a short distance, fill the apartment with a sufficient amount of natural light and solar heat. During long Swedish nights, the original lamps compensate for these gentle sun rays.

Scandinavian interior style

From the living room to the second floor of the house leads a charming staircase, and a large and open kitchen makes the home ideal for those who like to cook. In this housing is a lot of space for friends surrounded by a minimalist wooden shelving with a dressing room that rises from floor to ceiling, providing the optimum amount of storage. The bathroom is a comfortable and beautifully decorated space with a refined shower, washbasin, hanging closet and toilet.

These fascinating apartments were found by us on the Internet portal of the Alvhem design studio, which developed and implemented the project of redeveloping a one-bedroom apartment several years ago. Including parts and interior items Medieval time was located throughout the apartment, increasing its attractiveness.

Wrong geometric shape of the interior

The dwelling has an irregular geometric shape with six corners. A complex layout of the space and a small area have been transformed by engineers and designers into surprisingly functional apartments that contain not only a place for rest and quiet relaxation, but also corners for dining, entertainment and work.

The area of ​​the modern studio is divided in the middle by a small box, inside of which there is a modest bathroom. In addition, this engineering element splendidly divides the room into two secluded areas: a guest lounge and a kitchen with a dining area. Wall decoration was executed with the help of snow-white paint, which allowed to visually increase the yardage of the dwelling, and also presented a magnificent background for the display of items of furniture, accessories and ornaments.

Room with two zones

The living room is made in an attractive and eccentric stylistic orientation, which is represented by a simple layout and uncomplicated design. Epicenter of decoration occupies a multifunctional shelving, painted in light color.

It rises from floor to ceiling and allows you to form many shelves and niches for storing books, literature and accessories. Behind the door in the middle of the closet is a dressing room that allows you to accommodate the entire amount of the toilet of the owner of the apartments, and on the upper level there is a berth.

Walk-in closet

Abundance green plantations, floral compositions and plants in pots, set on the entire area of ​​housing, fill the atmosphere with incredible charm and serene freshness.

Kitchen with dining area

In the second half of the cozy studio is a kitchen with a dining area. They have a minimalist appearance, which perfectly emphasizes the overall conceptual design intent. The wooden round table brings an incredible rural atmosphere to the room, and its natural shade adds naturalness and ease.

Kitchen set in a white tinted palette

The kitchen set is made in a white tinted palette, which fits perfectly into the overall decor, as if merging with the space. Dilutes this calm and serene tinted palette with a contrasting apron of black color, laid out with metro tiles.

Kitchen with dining area

Combines two areas of open planning, accented by three tall window blocks. They allow you to contemplate the natural environment, the city streets and green trees.

High window blocks

The bedroom was equipped above the dressing room. It contains a comfortable bed and a comfortable shelf for an alarm clock, books and the items needed during sleep.


Before the window in the room is creative table for work and study. It has a glass top and white construction support, which fits perfectly into the style of Scandinavia and does not clutter up the area.

Creative table for work and study

In the distance there is a chest, covered with animal skin, and unusual accessories that give the atmosphere a charm and special coziness.

Chest covered with animal skin

A small carpet in the kitchen dilutes the snow-white shade palette in the lining of walls, floor and ceiling. He brings animation into the decoration and contrasts superbly against a light background.

A small carpet in the kitchen

Original accessories and decorations of bright colors were added to the interior. To revive it and fill it with cheerful energy.

Original accessories and decorations

Notice how the original and unusual arrangement of the bouquet with spring flowers on the dining table, it brings a magical atmosphere to the room.

Bouquet with spring flowers on the table

On the opposite side is a small metal table, on which is installed kitchen utensils, boxes with tea and herbs.

Original accessories and decorations

Incredible new ideas in design Are presented on each square centimeter of this habitation. A variety of plants, animal skins, original palas, huge accessories and decorations create a hospitable and friendly atmosphere.

Big windows

In the guest cabin opposite the cozy sofa is a large-format television display, which brings to the interior a feeling of modernity and allows you to comfortably watch your favorite programs and full-length tapes.

Widescreen TV display

A dazzling system of illumination in the apartment was demonstrated by a multi-level system. It includes ceiling lamps, chandeliers that focus on a certain area, as well as unusual compositions in the form of tangled cords and incandescent bulbs that add a pleasant aesthetics to the living area.

Illumination system in the apartment

The workplace is decorated with a small floor lamp, located on the windowsill. It provides an opportunity to create a confidential and private feeling, which is ideal for concentrated work and creativity.

Floor lamp, located on the windowsill

The entrance door accentuates the unique textile interior decoration, presented in the form of a dense curtain of light brown hue.

Curtains of light brown shade

Look at the layout of this amazing studio, it is both illogical and extremely functional.

Functional studio

It is great for the life of a student or an idle young man.

Functional studio

Look at the stairs in the dressing room. It allows you to climb to the second tier where the bed is located.

Staircase in the dressing room

In the decoration of the decoration, exquisite and refined architectural elements, elegant stucco and beautiful decoration were used.

Exquisite architectural elements

Pay attention to the terrace in front of the apartment, it is faced with a wooden floor covering, and special security is attached to it by a metal fence.

Terrace in front of the apartment

The next picture shows a detailed layout of the apartment with the arrangement of rooms and engineering elements.

Detailed planning of the apartment

Interior Design one-room studio in Gothenburg is a wonderful example of how it is functionally and practically possible to transform the area of ​​modest housing into a comfortable and cozy place for living, work and leisure.