Fantastic lava pictures

Lava is an amazing work of nature that fascinates just as much as water, but its beauty is deadly. Many photographers of the world are ready to give a lot for the colorful photo of this natural phenomenon. Many enthusiasts even "sacrifice" their shoes, for the sake of taking a close-up shot.

Lava near

Among the most famous photographers of this unprecedented power are Alain Barbezat, Thorsten Scheuermann, Bruce Omori, Eva Lima and many more and many different names, each of which differed in this art.

Frozen lava

The photo of the lava is dangerous, although the desire is great, many people still hesitate to go on such a terrible journey "to the center of the earth" behind this unique photo, perhaps all of his life. However, brave ones are rewarded.

A steep photo of a frozen lava

Lava through a cleft The flow of lava


Eruption на фоне звёздного неба