How to design a hairdresser's +50 examples

Design of a hairdresser

Conducting a modern design of a hairdresser is quite simple, if you start repairs from scratch and carefully plan each stage. Thoughtful furnishings and a choice of all necessary furniture will provide comfort of carrying out of salon procedures, convenient work of masters. Also, you should take care of the comfort of the visitors themselves. It is important to remember the target audience for which a well-designed barber is meant. In barbershop, you can do with a simple and stylish finish. For rooms where the masters will cut children, you should choose a colorful finish, wallpapers, pick up non-standard furniture. For any size of premises, an important requirement is good lighting, good ventilation. It is necessary to equip a recreation area, take care of allocating a room for rest and food for staff. Accounting for such rules will allow even from an ordinary apartment to create an original and popular among the clients of a barber.

Planning and zoning

Drafting of the project, where the main zones of the barber will be marked, allows to exclude the accumulation of space of premises. For a beauty salon, in which additional procedures will be carried out (for example, manicure), several rooms will be required. Each will be designed for different types of procedures. Armchairs for haircuts should be placed in a row at a distance of not less than 1 meter. This arrangement will allow the masters to move freely, easy to clean. The area for washing the head can be located in a corner, taken out in a separate room. The interior must necessarily include a place where customers will wait their turn. It can be taken out of the workplace, located in the far corner. Thus, new visitors will be able to observe with interest the work of masters.

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Spacious hairdresser Loft style  Contrast decor  Purple hues  Hairdresser of economy class  Classic beauty salon

Colors and bright accents

The choice of a neutral base color for styling a barber is optional. Fresh decoration, despite the high professionalism of the masters, will only repel visitors. In addition to light beige, cream tones, it is recommended to select bright unusual shades: azure, turquoise, olive, light brown. They will create a comfortable atmosphere. An interesting option will be the creation of a barber in retro style. Black and white floors, light walls, monochrome decor emphasize the originality of the direction. In ultramodern premises, coal, white and saturated green color can be combined. They can be traced in the finish and the chosen decor. It is recommended to make bright accents near mirrors, a zone of rest. It can be stripes of colorful finishing, non-standard flashy decor.

Working area for the hairdresser Bright beauty salon decor  The combination of red and white in the interior  Design barber shop  Youth beauty salon  Decor of the hairdressing salon


The best option for decorating the barbers is simple painting the walls. This makes it easy to keep clean and clean. To replace this method of finishing will help the use of decorative plaster. For more stylish decoration of the room, it is recommended to use washable wallpaper. As a floor covering, tiles without relief surfaces are perfect. It will be easier to sweep away the garbage. A good substitute will be commercial linoleum. It has increased resistance to damage, easy to clean. In rooms where VIP clients are provided, laminate floor 33-34 can be put. The ceiling can simply be whitewashed (if it does not contradict the chosen style). But the best option will be the installation of tensioning sheets, gypsum plaster structures. They will complement the direction and significantly improve the overall appearance of the room.

Zoning Space


The furniture chosen for the barber must be as practical and convenient as possible. Armchairs for customers should be adjusted in height, equipped with a comfortable backrest with a slight slope. The number of sinks in the barber may be equal to the number of main seats or make up half their number. Such equipment will prevent the problem in the work of the masters with each client.

Interior of beauty salon

All coloring compositions, auxiliary tools should be stored in one locker (rack). So, there will be no problems with finding the right compounds. The waiting area should be equipped with 2-3 seats or one large sofa. On the contrary, you can put a coffee table in the form of a rectangle, a square. Tables in front of customers can also have different forms. It is desirable to select models with shelves, side hooks, "pockets".

Beige tones in the interior


To brightly illuminate the barbers in the daytime, it is recommended that the windows be minimally curtained. The best option will be the use of blinds, roller blinds. They will ensure correct access to sunlight. To work in the evening, you need to make a bright ceiling light. Cope with this task will be 2-3 invoices, suspended chandeliers. Around each mirror is recommended to make a warm non-dazzling lighting. Replacing it will be the placement of stylized sconces, spots. To illuminate the recreation area, you can install a pair of floor lamps, use wall lights. Separately, the cabinet, the shelving, where the paints, the tools of the masters will be stored, should be illuminated.

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Stylish interior of a hairdresser

If in the daytime there is not enough light in the room, it is necessary to include artificial lighting. This will guarantee the safe operation of the masters.

Mirrors in the beauty salon

Stylistic direction

Choosing the appropriate style for registration, you need to consider the target audience of visitors. For example, for a room in which only women will be served, a light and light Provence will suit. Young people will feel more comfortable in rooms with bright colors. The most popular styles for modern barbers are:

  • urban. Bright rooms with bright accents on the walls, ultramodern furniture will create a special comfort.

Leather armchairs

  • loft. Brick decoration of the premises, the presence of a bright highlight emphasize the originality of stylization.
  • Japanese. It combines simplicity and unusualness. Optimal solution for small rooms.
  • classical. Ideal for universal barbers. Assumes a combination of light and dark colors of decoration, furniture.
  • high tech. A good option for rooms with a large area. They are allowed to comply with strict geometry, the use of different types of finishes with glossy surfaces.

A spacious hall in the hairdresser's

Hairdresser for children

For children's cymbals, a bright and interesting decoration of the walls is optimal. A good option will be their painting modern superheroes, different animals and fairy creatures from cartoons. For ease of cutting small visitors, it is recommended to separate the adjacent chairs with small screens or partitions. So, children will be minimally distracting each other, and the masters will be able to work easily. A useful addition will be the installation of a TV that boys and girls can watch. After all, they are unlikely to like constantly watching the work of the master or to consider themselves in the mirror. Armchairs can also be non-standard: to have the form of machines, aircraft and other equipment. And that the children waiting for their turn are not bored, it is recommended to install a game table with coloring in the free zone.

Luxury salon Pink elements in the decor  Equipment for hairdresser  Gray walls  LED lights  Bright interior of the hall

Hairdresser for men

In the barber shop, designed exclusively for the stronger sex, it is recommended to combine modern decoration in dark colors. Such a gamma will help create a brutal environment that will appeal to every client. The inclusion of black and dark brown color is allowed. Brighten the orange backlighting.

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Design-design barber shop

In the men's room can be decorated with wood, done a stylized finish for a brick. The mirrors themselves are recommended to be selected in wooden frames. Barbershop can be supplemented with wooden shelving for tools. They can act as dividers of the room into 2-3 parts: for cutting and washing hair, cutting the beard. As lighting it is recommended to install pendant chandeliers of small dimensions with conical or similar shades of brown, charcoal.

Men's room Contemporary BarberShop  Places for a hairstyle  Beauty salon decor  Hairdresser for men  Hall for haircuts

Design of hairdressing salons of economy class

Unlike standard institutions, economy-class barbers usually are located in a residential apartment building on the 1st floor. They represent a converted housing, in which 2-3 masters work. You can carry out an economical reorganization yourself. As a decoration it is recommended to paint the walls in neutral, lightened colors (light green, cream, sand).

Elite interior of a hairdresser

The selected one-room apartment can be illuminated by point-like ceiling lights and several spots. On the tools, armchairs, sink and auxiliary equipment is unlikely to save. But tables, a sofa for visitors can be chosen among budget products. For example, an ordinary sofa will help to replace the sofa, assembled from pallets and complemented by stylized cushions for seats and back.

Mirrors with illumination Simple beauty salon design  A spacious hall in the hairdresser's  Economy hair salon  Interior of a hairdresser  Bright lighting in the hairdresser's

The bathroom and kitchen in the converted objects usually remain. The toilet can be used by clients if necessary. The kitchen is meant for lunch breaks.

Black and white interior Designer repair  Parquet on semi  Classic interior  Minimalism in the interior  Furniture для салона красоты


Creating your own barber shop and its styling are quite difficult, but very interesting. To start, the owners should determine the best layout of the studio, determine the main and auxiliary zones. For the staff it is necessary to allocate a separate room for rest and food intake. For ease of drawing up a plan, it is recommended to take ready-made drawings (based on the area of ​​premises) and make useful adjustments, using advice and recommendations. Having made a good plan, you can make a turnkey arrangement of apartments or self-equip a modern budget barber. To attract new customers and get regular visitors it is recommended to choose your "highlight", which is advantageous to allocate a new institution against the background of existing competitors. This can be both a non-standard stylization, and a focus on a particular category of visitors (children, youth, men).