Reflections on the decoration of small rooms - the

Interior of a small modern living room

Modern interior of a room in a house from Seattle

A country cottage or a house in a suburban area, made with a rustic style or according to the canons of country, look natural. However, such a residence is not contraindicated in the center of the city.

Enjoy the opportunities for combining established traditions and modern design in our article on the decoration of small-sized rooms.

Undoubtedly, most of us like modern forms, abstract geometry and clean lines. But, there are small houses, rooms, to which it is risky to approach with modern concepts of beauty, harmony and natural purity. Especially it concerns the countryside, where traditions, sometimes, are stronger than fashion trends.

And, nevertheless, the country decor adequately reacts to the challenges of the time, while preserving, at the same time, its almost pristine charm and charm.

If you decorate your own small house, then you will need a few characteristic touches - a compact environment, cozy pillows and bedspreads, elements of the style of wooden architecture. Design can be, contrary to expectations, both acute and modern!

Small living rooms

The first picture shows the interior decoration of one of the houses in Seattle, USA. This is a clear illustration of the result that can be achieved with an unbiased approach to the problem of decorating such rooms.

Pay attention to the inclusion in the visual row of the vertical garden - plants and walls outside the premises (from Sam Van Fleet Photography).

 Do not underestimate the importance of choosing a style for furniture in a room in a rural style. The elegant chairs from West Elm, presented in the photo, were the fruit of the firm's cooperation with the South African designer John Vogel, who is known for making webbed elements.

Such furniture, combined with an earthy background of the walls, creates a great mood!

Wooden chairs in Art Nouveau style

Wooden chairs in Art Nouveau style

The space in the next photograph can not be called small. But the design of Matt Garcia Design in Llano, Texas, can hardly be called ordinary. Therefore, we give the news of this room in this collection.

Agree, the industrial atmosphere of the room is delicious. Storage and display of items on shelves are arranged in the most rational way.

Interior of a small office in a rustic style

Racks in the rural-style lounge add space

As with any compact house, a small room, of course, will have spatial limitations. Therefore, try to use any interior items that meet the standards of compactness.

Even if you do not really like such accessories. For example, here is a photo with a media console from West Elm on a bed of mango wood with a natural texture.

Media console made of wood

And then there are comfortable mats and textiles that bring softness into the perception of your interior. Even the smallest object can be of great importance here.

Interior of a small modern living room

On the red couch is a family of pillows with patterns

It is worth mentioning the pillows. For example, the Janey model from CB2 with a geometric pattern is quite modern and beautiful.

Textile cushions of different materials

Cozy pillows from CB2

Considering how to decorate your small space indoors, do not forget about the importance of movement and reserves for private, private life.

In Burlington House in the picture below we see how attractive living space is separated from the comfortable bedroom by a curtain separator. [Susan Three photo for Joan Heaton Architects] Modern saloon with dividing curtain

Modern saloon with dividing curtain

An important role in the decor can play such elements as mats and litter. They will help to give each room its own distinction, then one room becomes unlike the other.

In a small space with the help of such details it is possible to form separate corners. Look at the photo. The Marque Chindi Rug from CB2 is ideal for a small living room.

Geometric rug with diamond pattern

Geometric rug with diamond pattern

Sometimes the best way to use a living space is to fill it with utilitarian objects. The large built-in sofas in this Portland farmhouse in the picture below serve as extra beds for guests.

Not to mention the fact that under the sofas in the boxes hidden small items, such as children's toys. (from Jessica Helgerson Interior Design)

Interior of a small modern living room

Living room of a small house

Sometimes the feature of one of the rooms of a small house can benefit other rooms! In the lower photo, we again see the Portland house, this time our attention is drawn to the kitchen and dining room, which are directly connected to the living room, forming a single large area.

In addition to the luxurious table made from processed walnut wood, there is a wood burning stove that easily heats this whole house! (photo by Lincoln Barbou for Jessica Helgerson Interior Design] Interior of a small rustic dining room

Kitchen and dining room in a rustic style as a single space

Small bedrooms

We switch attention to the sleeping and rest rooms, for we again see the magnificent house considered above. This time our eyes will see the children's corner, which displays the same white wooden planks that we meet around the house.

One of the problems for small home bedrooms is storage space for accessories and accessories. But here everything is seized - a bunk bed is supported by a built-in wardrobe with drawers.

Children's corner in a small room

Children's corner in a small room

And now it's time to rest and have a cup of coffee. In the second part of the article, we will continue our conversation. Sometimes the best way to decorate a small house is to simplify it as much as possible.

Instead of filling the space with baskets, twigs and heavy wooden furniture, it is better to let in the room more natural light and air. Especially when in the big windows in the evenings the starry sky looks!

Do not forget about the cozy bedspread for the bed - (photo on Susan Teare for Elizabeth Hermann Archietcture + Design)

Interior of a small modern studio

Small bedroom in a house by the lake

И если говорить о уюте, нельзя не вспомнить об очаровании нынешнего постельного белья. Например, от компании West Elm. Проверьте одеяло Steven Alan Quilt & Shams (100% хлопка) и вы поймёте, в чём заключается подлинный комфорт.

Comfortable bedding and textiles

Comfortable bedding and textiles from West Elm

If for you priority - compactness, then pay attention to the picture below. The room shown there surprisingly combines a part of the kitchen, part of the living room / bedroom and contains a bath.

The grandeur of the interior is made up of a combination of recycled pine and stainless steel, giving the room a modern look. (from Northworks Architects and Planners)

Interior of a small modern living room

We will add something exclusive for the bedroom. This can be a set of three items, material - mango tree, supplier - CB2. Although these multifaceted sculptures are definitely designed for modern homes, they will not be an alien element in the farmhouse.

Geometric shapes with bright colored edges

Geometric shapes with bright colored edges

Small bathrooms

In front of you is a room in the Art Nouveau style, where rural motifs are inspired by wooden decor, tiles and lighting fixtures dilute this warmth with a light chill of industrial design. (from Matt Garcia Design)

The combination of urban and rural styles in the design of the bathroom

The combination of urban and rural styles in the design of the bathroom

The bright, airy bathroom is filled with light, the harmony of wall tiles and unique lamps. Who said that the premises must necessarily be finished with wooden panels and woven carpets ?! (photo by Susan Teare for Elizabeth Hermann Archietcture + Design)

Interior of a small modern bathroom

Small bathroom in a lake house

Our next tour is over. We hope that you have not wasted your time on it and, if you did not get practical ideas, you enjoyed the beautiful exposition.