Art nouveau in the interior in the photo examples

Interior of the living room in Art Nouveau style

This style, since the last decades of the 19th century, quickly spread in all forms of art. First, visual arts, the work of European architects began to move away from the measured proportions, strict geometry. Just like other spheres, the Art Nouveau style in the interior was the result of complete confusion and confusion of directions, protest of artists, decorators against the rigid framework of academic art.

Modernism seeks to combine both utilitarian functions with artistic ones. Supporters of this direction believe that the boundaries of human activity should be reflected in the field of beauty.

Room with luxurious light furniture and gilding

We can distinguish the basic principles of style:

  • Streamlined plastic molds, flowing lines. Symmetry is alien to him, he is close to nature, where nothing is fitted under the ruler.
  • Muted colors. Preference is given to light pastel colors or dark brown, reddish scales.
  • The forms are simple, concise. Silhouettes more often close to spherical, rectangular or cylindrical.
  • Mixing elements of various styles, strict harmony.
  • Use of ornament. Decorators often decorate the interior with vegetable prints, floral patterns.
  • A lot of wood. Modern is one of the most complex, expensive styles. Original furniture with interior items will require considerable material and labor investments.
  • Stained glass. It can be said, the main element of any room, sustained in this style.
  • Elements of forged metal. They should not be much, they have curved forms, are painted in a dark color, they are often sprayed on with gilding.
  • Glass, textiles, stucco elements, use of mosaic.

An antique interior with wood trim

Room and Direction Planning

The projects of this direction are simultaneously decorative, practical, attention to detail. The interior is furnished with simple and at the same time functional furniture, there is elegant glazing, fittings with exquisite details, textiles, figurines with vegetable themes are used.

Room with antique furniture

In the interiors of the Art Nouveau style, a free (open) layout is applied, the floor is played at different levels, window openings are pushed open. The main principle of working on creating space is fantasy. The walls are covered with winding lines, decorated with gypsum plastics. On furniture, the decor elements are minimal, here there is a stylized floral pattern, the color scheme is uncritical, the coloring without a lot of shades.

Advantage is given to materials from wood, natural stone, ceramics, glass. The main task when planning - creating a comfortable interior space.

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Room with a buffet, a table and chairs


All the most famous styles - classicism, baroque or art deco - came from France. In French interiors, the elements of Art Nouveau are often used. Architecturally they are weakly expressed. If present, this is usually a magnificent stucco and, to a greater extent, wood carving. For the French, luxury is embodied not in gilt mixers or pompous furniture, but in traditional antique details, a bold palette.

Antique objects here perfectly in harmony with modern. The pastel colors predominate, where pearly, pinkish colors are popular, combined with gray shades. Massive mirrors coexist with elegant statuettes, vazonchikami, antiquarian objects combined with the noble modern.

Interior with floor lamps


He came to Russia with some delay, but did not last long. Since the beginning of the last century, this direction was not fully integrated into Russian life, it included many borrowings. For domestic modernism is very typical use of Japanese motifs. Drawings decorated with stained glass, lampshades, wide wall panels. Plots for decoration of walls, stained-glass windows could be flowers, exotic patterns, vines, fantastic and real birds, butterflies, and also female images.

Room with antique wooden furniture

Размах, широта, органичность стиля начала прошлого века сейчас хорошо вписываются в дизайн загородных домов, поскольку это направление требует большого пространства. Russian модерн сегодня отмечен соединением в одной конструкции разных типов материалов и стилей. Дверные, оконные проемы представляют собой сложные овальные формы. Большого размера окна могут быть оформлены витражами, стены покрываются гладкой или фактурной штукатуркой. Богатство интерьеру добавляет обилие лепнины, кованые детали, галереи, лестницы, террасы. Оригинально смотрятся мозаичные изразцовые пояса или керамические элементы, «кружева» из древа ручной работы.

Interior of wood with table and chairs


Classical вариант модерна предполагает творчество на широком пространстве. Он не приемлет излишнего декорирования, перегруженности мебелью, требует целостности всех частей интерьера как внутри дома, так и с прилегающей территорией. Для классического модерна характерны образцовые пропорции, выверенность, функциональность всех деталей. Но аскетизмом его не попрекнешь. Модерн звучит сочно, насыщенно благодаря использованию изящных линий, яркой цветовой гаммы. Белый, серый, черный чаще используются в качестве контура. А цветовой базой в оформлении помещения являются зеленый и бирюзовый, винный или ягодный. Основной фон комнат может быть природных цветов: нежного оливкового, сливочного или теплого персикового.

Classics does not reject improvisation, original nuances. Along with smooth lines, natural materials quite to the place will be unusual shapes: an armchair stylized as a flower or an elephant-table. Modernism dictates the rejection of excesses, but is characterized by rich ornaments, all sorts of bizarre accents.

Interior in white with dark chandeliers


The modern version of this trend also tends to free spaces, free planning. But multilevel ceilings and floors are an element not mandatory, but desirable. Functionality is expressed more strongly, the color scale tends to base combinations of black, gray, white. Patterns are used as a separate decoration element.

Для современных планировок по-прежнему характерны плавные линии. Диваны, столики должны иметь округлые изысканные очертания, но всевозможные излишества не приветствуются. Modern модерн выглядит гораздо строже, цвета более аскетичны, требования к материалам смягчились. Для оформления комнаты используют сочетание искусственных материалов, их стилизацию под натуральные.

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The philosophy of direction has changed somewhat under the influence of hi-tech and techno, thanks to them laconicism and ease were added. It still requires the harmony of all elements, the interior is created on the basis of the main idea. The room becomes stylish, more comfortable, only when you manage to get rid of everything that is superfluous.

Room with sofa, table and floor llama

Interior decoration

Color, according to designers, is important for creating an atmosphere. Modern allows the use of all colors, focusing on shades. They should be soft, as it were blurred.

The interior is designed to show softness and tranquility. Therefore, the background color is preferable in warm colors: sand, cream, cream is used. The more active elements of the decor will look more harmonious: forged accessories, dark wooden furniture, bright elements from glass.

It is actual to use combinations of blue, violet with pure white or its shades: beige, noble mother-of-pearl, ivory.

Although modern and translated as "modern", it does not tend to color diversity, variability in design.

Room with table, chairs and table lamp


Для их отделки наиболее подходящим будет однотонный материал без выраженной фактуры. Walls играют второстепенную фоновую роль, поэтому не могут быть пестрыми или яркими.

The most common way to achieve a soft uniformity is the coloring of the pre-aligned walls. Facing material can serve as fiberglass wallpaper with a matte texture, ceramic tiles without patterns, liquid wallpaper or fabric. Plastic panels and conventional wallpaper are contrary to the peculiarities of the style.

Walls лишь создают уютную атмосферу, а доминантой выступают мебель и декоративные элементы.

The actual element of the bathroom or kitchen will be facing the walls with small ceramic tiles or colored mosaic.

A room with a mirror cupboard and pictures on the wall


Like walls, it must perform a passive role, serve as a background for the dominant objects. It is better, if its design will correspond with elements of walls, and joints with corners will be softened by means of plaster or a ceiling skirting board. Optimal coloring of the ceiling in the same color as the walls, but then the opportunity to install suitable lighting equipment is lost. To arrange them correctly, you can install stretch ceilings.

On such ceilings it is not supposed to install a chandelier. If the room dimensions allow, the ceiling can be made multilevel.

It is very beautiful and expensive as a decoration of the ceiling to use stained glass. It will look great if the living space is high and spacious, can decorate the hall of a stylish restaurant.

Room with fireplace and antique armchairs


Classical вариант – это паркет-елочка или мрамор. Для пущей оригинальности дизайнеры предлагают и такие варианты как:

  • decoration of parquet;
  • mosaic using ceramics;
  • stone with the ornament applied to it. The mosaic and the stone will perfectly fit into the interior of the bathroom.

Finishing the floor of the rooms is best served by parquet, laminate. The main thing is that they are in harmony with the shades of the background and furniture. The elite stone facing will also look stylish. On the floor of the living room or dining room is quite appropriate to be ceramic tiles, smooth, not matte, evenly colored. The color of the floor should be darker than the general background of the room and in harmony with other parts of the decor.

The use of linoleum comes into conflict with the style.

Floor с узорами


When creating an interior in the Art Nouveau style, you need to remember that the furniture parts are its reference points. Cabinets and cupboards are located at the walls, forming a kind of column, and the basis of the interior is the central composition. Most often its role is played by a coffee table surrounded by chairs, a wave-like sofa, a bright composition of fresh flowers. Even if they are not located in the center of the room, they carry the main semantic load. Preference should be given to headsets with rounded lines. The central composition should not only attract attention, within the framework of style it should still be functional.

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В интерьер как гостиной, так и кухни хорошо впишется мягкая мебель с витиеватыми закругленными ножками и элементами из кожи. Floorка, оформленная в виде ветви или стеллаж из натурального дерева будут отлично смотреться даже на стене ванной комнаты.

Furniture под старину


To the style of the room could be attributed to the modern, there must be a lot of light, electric and natural. The main emphasis should be on soft, subdued light. Therefore, preference is given to options with table lamps, original lamps, floor lamps.

On the ceiling, you can arrange background lighting, and decorate the corners of different parts of the room with a variety of lighting fixtures. In addition, the fixtures located at the corners of a small room will smooth them.

Style requires that windows have smooth rounded shapes. This can be achieved by constructing a complex window structure or by correcting the geometry of the window opening with the help of curtains.

The working area of ​​the room is well highlighted with dotted lighting. In the living room, except for table and wall lamps, you can hang a large chandelier with original shades or a fabric shade. The work of lighting devices can be made adjustable in intensity and the number of working points. Muffled lighting will give the atmosphere a cozy atmosphere.

A room with a bed and floor lamps


The use of textiles inside the various premises of the house is dictated by their purpose. On the bedroom windows, for example, it will be appropriate to use a thin tulle, combining it with dense slightly darker curtains, a few pillows, a silk cover corresponding to the overall style.

The living room allows a little more textiles. Carpet, sofa cushions, curtains can be an active color accent, the tonality of the shades is very close. For the upholstery of furniture, the use of leather is applicable. All textile elements: drapes, upholstery, pillows should not attract excessive attention. They complement the colors of furniture, leveling contrast transitions.

Fabrics, like the ornaments of this style, should be light and elegant, their texture should reflect light very well.

Curtains on the wall


Any accessories, decor items should be present, but there should not be many. To forget about them, for completeness, is also not worth it. Such elements can be:

  • glass figurines, figures from wood, metal, crystal products with engraving, patterns;
  • all kinds of antique vases, chandeliers;
  • heavy frames of intricate shapes in paintings, mirrors;
  • a panel with the subjects of nature;
  • various accessories: picks, tassels on curtains;
  • stylized watches, caskets, different shapes of photo frames, candelabra.

A good design solution for a country house will be the installation of a fireplace, decorated with colored stones, wooden elements. It is not bad to decorate the bathroom with a mirror of unconventional shape, with all sorts of sea details, and make a floor from a mosaic. The kitchen will decorate painted dishes, panels, paintings, stands for utensils.

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