Projects of houses with a garage in the form of a canopy

In this article we have collected for you stylish designs of houses with a garage in the form of a canopy. A canopy for a car can be a profitable alternative or addition to a traditional closed garage, because it is characterized by simple access and architectural attractiveness. Sheds attached to the house, perfectly protect the car from bad weather conditions and greatly simplify the process of parking, especially those who use their car every day.

Projects of houses with a carport

As a rule, garage awnings are designed to protect one or two cars, although there are exceptions. Often they are also used to protect other large, bulky or motorized items that do not fit in the garage or basement, such as a trailer, boat, motorcycle, garden equipment etc.

Another reason for the growing popularity of canopies for cars is their modest cost compared to other garages. Most canopies are open with at least one or two sides, if not all four. You do not need to be a genius to understand that this allows you to significantly reduce the cost of building materials. Canopy attached to the house, and at all can have only 2 legs (usually made of wood) and a roof, without walls.

Carport under the roof of the house

In general, it should be said that a carport is a flexible enough concept that can be adapted to a wide range of human needs.

Projects of houses with a garage in the form of a canopy (photo)

Projects of houses with a garage in the form of a canopy differ more open and integral appearance. Many awnings function not only as a garage for a car, but also as a covered entrance to the house and even an open terrace. We suggest you enjoy the following photos of houses and podcherpnut for yourself a few useful and inspiring ideas!

House design in Victorian style Large carport for cars near the house Modern house with big carport Carport with a triangular wooden roof

Design of a wooden house with a carport

Stylish carport for a car near the house The project of a private house in a modern style A beautiful white house with an attached canopy House in the style of minimalism with a carport for cars

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The project of a house with a carport for a car instead of a garage A carport in front of the front door of the house A small house with a garage and a canopy House with veranda and attached roof Black and white house with wooden trim and carport Design of a small house with a canopy without a garage

The project of a house with a makeshift caravan

Summer cottage with a canopy of brick An attached carport with column support Large canopy in front of the house and above the parking lot Carport in the garden Carport in Asian style

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Design of a house with a canopy of red brick The project of the house with a beautiful attached canopy Carport covered with slate Small one-storey house with carport Carport with one wall without supports Design of a house with a garage and a canopy of stone blocks Extension to the house in the form of a carport The project of a house with a garage in the Mediterranean style House with a canopy for two cars instead of a garage Carport for the car Modern design of a private house with a canopy Design of a house with a canopy over the veranda and car Beautiful house with a canopy above the entrance