Black wallpapers in the interior +75 photo ideas

Black wallpapers in the interior

Correctly selected black wallpaper in the interior of any room of the house will look appropriate and stylish. The main requirement for the use of such materials is a detailed consideration of options and making useful adjustments to the appropriate solutions. For example, neutral, bright, bright materials can be used to separate the resin finish. Depending on their tone, the atmosphere will change. Light colors can help to eliminate gloom. Pastel and dark will help create a special harmony and even romance. Choosing suitable coal materials for the decoration of walls is recommended taking into account their colors, use of auxiliary colors, texture. Studying all these features will make it easy to conduct unusual and modern design of rooms in any style.

Variety of textures and varieties

The peculiarities of the influence of the dark color when it is used depend on the surface features of the finishing materials. The main types of invoices acceptable for such coloring are:

  1. Smooth glossy. With muted and warm lighting gets the effect of secrecy and mystery. Requires careful care;
  2. Smooth matte. Promotes the creation of a strict and elegant stylistics. Easy to clean, looks more restrained;
  3. Relief. Emphasizes the special comfort of living. Volumetric elements can be present as ornaments, full-fledged paintings;
  4. Felt. It looks like a soft slightly pile fabric. Emphasizes the coziness and restraint of the design;
  5. Rough. Optimum to emphasize the simplicity of stylistics, the lack of special requirements for the situation and design.

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Dark color can be saturated or slightly lightened (not gray!). Attractive varieties of colors with the overflow of blue, purple and blue. Good looking materials with a light greenish outflow.

Terms of Use

The dark color scheme is capable of both improving and spoiling the general appearance of the room. To prevent such a problem will help following the following rules:

  1. Combination of colors. The combination of light and dark tones will eliminate the space limitation. A win-win option is to use a dark finish for one wall or two opposite walls;
  2. Selection of bright accents. In their quality can serve bands of pastel or cream colors, light decor and furniture, flooring;
  3. Choice of decoration with patterns. Pearl, silver and gold ornaments set off the background blackness and make the decoration more refined;
  4. Careful selection of the place of pasting. Dark colors attract and distract. It is not recommended to use them for wall finishing at the desk, opposite to the rest zone;
  5. High-quality lighting. The more light there is in a dark room, the more comfortable it will be.
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Stylistic directions

Create an original design of any room in the apartment, using a dark finish, will help choose the appropriate style. The directions in which such coloring will look really good are the following:

  • minimalism. It will perfectly complement the most simple finish, preferably with a matte or rough surface.
  • Art Nouveau. It looks good with glossy, matt surfaces.
  • Art Deco. Perfectly suitable for the introduction of black and white materials with a relief or smooth surface.
  • Gothic. It is distinguished by the presence of refined and elongated patterns in the design. Ideal for using dark finish.
  • urban. Insignificant impregnations of dark color in this direction can significantly improve the overall appearance of the design. Suitable for the allocation of individual parts of premises or their zoning.
  • industrial. Simple shapes and gray-black design will help to easily support the original direction.

Black walls in the bedroom Black Coal Wallpaper  Bedroom в классическом стиле  Decor safari  Glossy wallpaper  Creative wall decor in the hall

Combinations of shades

Combine the coal color in the design can be with different colors. The most popular are black and white combinations. Bright bright colors make the rooms as comfortable as possible. But at the same time, their frequent alternation should be ruled out: such design will lead to negative impact of the created style on the household. In non-residential premises, black and gray combinations look very good. Adding bright colors should be done very carefully: they should be a minor impregnation or a prominent accent. To dilute the coal color, it is recommended to give preference to lightly brightened gammas (light yellow, light red). When adding other dark scales (violet, blue, green, burgundy), it is mandatory to have lighter related or neutral tones (purple, blue, white). But pastel colors with resin coats are always looked and appropriate, and beautiful.

Monochrome interior Strict interior of the living room  Black and white walls  Contrasting kitchen interior  The dark decor of the bedroom  Large pattern wallpaper

Room decoration

Pasting of walls with coal materials should be carried out, taking into account the specific use of the premises. For bedrooms it is recommended to select models with interspersed light patterns. But in a spacious hall you can create a sophisticated design, dividing the wall surface horizontally into two parts. In one of them, white or cream finish will be used, and in the second - coal. For small non-residential premises (plumbing, corridors, front), the use of resin coats should be carried out taking into account the specificity of the luminaires. The light from them must fall to the surface, brightening it well. In a combined dining room, using the finish of coal color, you can perform simple zoning. One part of it will be for eating. The second will make it easy to cook.

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Black and white room design Striped walls in the bedroom  Kitchen in a simple decor  Velvet Wallpaper  Wallpaper for a large living room  Textural walls in the bedroom

Living room

The perfect solution for styling the living room will be the use of a carbon finish for the wall on the left or right of the window. The sun that falls on it will make it easy to lighten the room during the day. In the evening, it can be replaced by wall lights or a neat illumination.

Modern living room in apartment

A good option will be the use of materials with embossed golden or silvery patterns. No less good they can replace matte materials. They can be emphasized by different pictures or chaotically arranged empty frames in a golden, creamy shade. It is allowed and gluing with resin trim at once two walls, located on each side of the window. A modern design solution will be the use of such materials for 3 walls (those that do not have windows). But they should be supplemented by bright illumination, white glossy ceiling and a light floor covering. Furniture should also have light frames and upholstery.

Dark walls in the living room

Kitchen interiors

An advantageous option for non-standard kitchen finishing is the use of gray-black patterned wallpaper. They can be used for pasting one wall: behind a dining group or behind a set. Matt materials are perfect for highlighting the cooking zone. But at the same time, owners will need to take good care of high-quality lighting of this part. Also, against the background of the coal finish, the chrome-plated shelves with spices will look beautiful, a neat light hood.

Classical cuisine in the apartment

Glossy coal finish perfectly complements and modern silver technology. Together they will look refined and modern. A smooth color transition from resin to a brighter or lighter color is allowed. So, two adjacent walls are pasted with coal materials, and the rest - pastel, bright decoration. Make the transition smooth will help the location at the junctions of a small décor or the fixing in the corners of pieces of artificial stone in the appropriate colors.

Designer wallpapers for the kitchen School board in the interior of the kitchen  Combined wallpaper for kitchen  Black and white kitchen design  Kitchen-dining room  White furniture and black walls in the kitchen


The simplest version of the impregnation of the finish of the coal color in the bedroom will be pasting it behind the walls by the bed. Materials can be monophonic, include velvety or other ornaments, bright and bright drawings. Original looks and wallpapers with views of the night city. To create more coziness and rest, they can be replaced by models in monochrome white-black version: with sights, children's or family photos.

Geometric patterns on wallpaper

Quite unusual is the dark frame of the headboard of the sleeping bed. Materials at the same time are glued from floor to ceiling, but occupy space just behind the headboard. But on the sides they are supplemented by lighter materials. Look good in the living rooms of a combination of coal and silver, sand or cream color. Such combinations can be used for rooms in which live, spend leisure adults or adolescents.

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Embossed wallpaper for the bedroom Coal wallpaper in the bedroom  Luxurious Bedroom Interior  Monochrome wallpapers  Wallpaper in a cage  Simple bedroom interior

Entrance hall

And for narrow hallways, and for rooms in the form of a square, it is recommended to glue only one wall with black trim. For example, with its help you can frame the front door. And you can allocate space in front of the mirror. Near the mirror surface, dark materials will look less harmonious. It will look good to combine the two types of finishes with the same ornaments: the main one with a light background and a dark one. It is recommended to use the latter for small-sized walls. To supplement this stylization will help bright furniture. Against the background of coal coating, it will look even brighter.

Reception room Mixing styles in the interior  Drawing wallpapers  Damascus Style  Large window in the bedroom  The combination of black and wood

To warn the gloom of the created design will help bright stream lighting, flat wall lamps. Also, to emphasize the dark finish will help and tiny lights, mounted above the baseboard.

Spacious hall Contemporary bedroom decor  High-tech in the interior  Patterned wallpapers  Classic interior in a private house  Dark gray walls in the room


To decorate a small plumbing room in black and white colors should be very carefully. It is recommended to choose materials with large ornaments. Small elements will lead to a significant limitation of space. To glue such materials is recommended directly behind the toilet bowl or sink (for a combined room). Washable products that will be easy to clean are ideal. Very interesting is the visual separation of the wall vertically into three parts: light side and dark central. The remaining walls should be decorated in light colors. Such a differentiation will help visually raise the ceiling and eliminate the reduction of space.

Black Bathroom Decor Black and white wallpaper  Original bathroom design  Contrasting design  Minimalism in the interior of the bathroom  Black wallpapers with prints

If coal materials are used for styling a combined bathroom, they should be located behind a separate bathtub or on the opposite side of the wall bath. High humidity, moisture penetration can ruin the appearance of the finish.

Black ceiling and walls in the bedroom Wallpaper black for the living room decor  Dark Wallpapers in the Bedroom  Modern bedroom  Combined wall decor  Matt wallpaper


Coal wall decoration with the right selection is able not only to decorate any room in the house, but also to give it a charm, to emphasize the luxury of the created style. Such materials are recommended to combine with a lighter and or bright. Otherwise, the resulting design will be gloomy and depressing. It will look good resin finish in the rooms, designed for relaxation, communication with friends and family. With the correct design of rooms and careful selection of furniture, they will contribute to creating a truly cozy atmosphere. You can use these materials for tiny rooms. But in this case, the chosen finish should be only a small accent on the background of a light design. So, it will be able to identify individual zones, emphasize and supplement the created style.