What color combinations are popular for the decoration of

The main guest in every house, a green forest beauty can not remain without a decent outfit - beautiful, colorful and festive decorations. But in the modern world it's not enough just to chaotically hang on the New Year's tree Shirov and garlands, because there are already prescribed norms of the ethic of decorating the Christmas tree. And this is a whole science.

  • Multicolored traditions
  • From theory to action!

Multicolored traditions

What is the charm of the New Year? In colors! The colors for the Christmas tree are not only a tribute to tradition and fashion, it is all the mood of a holiday, its peculiarity.

Classic decoration of a Christmas tree for the new year

In any country the New Year can not do without the red color - it is the color of solemnity, the significance of the moment, the violent emotions that cause the holiday. At the psychological level, this color excites the psyche, prompts for active action and entertainment. That is why in the New Year's attributes are so much red:

  • color of the Santa Claus costume;
  • New Year's socks, balls and bows decorated with Christmas trees;
  • A traditional star crowning the tip of a green beauty.

Red color carries the idea of ​​joy and fun, it, like tongues of flame, melts the cold snowy winter. That is why many decorators give him preference. Pay attention to the New Year trees in large shopping centers or photos in the New Year's edition of magazines, created specifically for a photo shoot. The style of these Christmas trees is created by professional designers, and it, as a rule, does not do without the red color.

The most popular combinations of New Year's decor are red with green and red with gold. This is not only a tribute to traditions, but also a certain symbolism. Red color symbolizes love, green - peace and financial well-being, and gold - warmth and comfort in the house. Therefore, such colors for a Christmas tree - this is like a wish to yourself three main components of happiness.

Decor of the New Year tree in white color

Naturally, a winter holiday can not do without a white color. Especially popular is the decor of the Christmas trees in the duvet of white and silvery colors. It:

  • traditional snow-white snowmen;
  • snowflakes of all possible shapes from various materials;
  • silvery icicles of glass and plastic, strewn with sparkles;
  • artificial snow;
  • pompons of white woolen thread.

The combination of white and red is a symbol of caring for the family. No wonder, and the main wizard of the festive night - Santa Claus or Santa Claus, is dressed in a red and white fur coat, because he is always kind, and works wonders for both adults and children.

Gold and silver colors - this is the glitter and magic of the New Year, the color of wealth. After all, often for the New Year we allow ourselves much more than in all 12 months: beautiful evening dresses, a bunch of gifts, a chic festive table. That is why tinsel and rain on the Christmas tree often have the color of gold and silver.

Unusual decoration of a huge Christmas tree with garlands

From theory to action!

So, the green beauty is already in the house, and the question arises, how to properly install the Christmas tree in the living room and decorate it. Of course, it all depends on the size of the apartment, but usually the tree is placed in the center of the room or in a free corner. The main thing is that there are no heaters next to it, otherwise the needles will quickly turn yellow and fly around without waiting for Christmas.

Of course, the most actual Christmas tree will turn out in red and golden colors. It is especially popular to combine several textures: for example, glossy golden balls and matte red. This decoration will make the tree very stylish and dignified.

Artificial Christmas trees often have not only traditional, green needles, but also white, and also silvery. On the white needles, red toys with silvery patterns will be appropriate. You can also add a little green decor, for example, beads. Only green shade should be saturated, "bottle" or neon green.

Of course, the tastes and views on the design of the tree for all members of the family may differ. Everyone will have their own idea of ​​how to properly install a Christmas tree in the living room. Therefore, you need to agree in advance on the style and color of the decor.

Decoration of the Christmas tree in blue and red colors

There are also psychological features of the color decoration of the Christmas tree. Because every color and combination of colors is a certain information, a kind of message to society.

So, those family people happy in marriage, most often decorate the fir tree with red and white balls and garlands, also - red and gold. Young people who are just looking for a pair - purple and red. A youth company of modern, confident people - red and blue toys. Female team - silvery and white, silvery and pink. And people of mature age - combinations of golden and brown flowers, golden and green, symbolizing peace and prosperity.

If the balls of any color suddenly was not found, it is possible to replace them with sweets in bright wrappers, which will only add charm to the forest beauty.

It should be noted that the traditional and popular color schemes for decorating a Christmas tree are by no means strict. Indeed, in addition to the existing annual Christmas tree fashion, there is also a fashion for individuality and creativity, which will always be relevant.