Combination of doors wenge with interior

Doors wenge

Wenge is a valuable rare tree that grows in the tropical forests of Central Africa. In height it grows to 25 meters, and the maximum fixed diameter is 120 cm. The color of the wood is from yellow-brown to black-brown, there is a huge variety of shades. For the decoration of modern interiors, high-quality parquet, details of stairs, sports corners are made from it, as it is very durable. But the most popular is the door of the wenge in the interior.

In the post-Soviet space the Wenge is not growing, and imported from the African continent is "space" money. Because many unscrupulous producers tint a beech or nut, giving it out for original wood, because "wenge" is usually just a color, and not a real Congolese rosewood.

Types, models of interior doors

When choosing internal doors for an apartment, a private house, you should determine the main important characteristics:

  • design - they should fit well into the existing or planned interior;
  • price - in what amount I would like to meet;
  • Dimensions - depending on the width, height of the doorway;
  • options for opening - there are several;
  • technical properties - wear resistance, soundproofing, resistance to moisture, temperature, etc.

Sliding interior doors in the interior of the apartment Black sofa by the window  Doors wenge в ванной комнате  Design of an apartment in white with wenge doors  Doors wenge в спальне  Floor lamps in the interior of the apartment

From the manufacturing material most often directly depends on the price category:

  • an array of wood - are made of natural wood, varnished. They have the highest sound insulation, keep the heat in the room well, have a high cost;
  • veneered - softwoods are covered with a thin veneer made of more valuable wood, and on top - with varnish. With due care of 20-35 years of service, the construction of the middle sound-proof properties, to moisture are unstable;
  • of eco-veneer - consist of wood fibers with polyurethane. They are distinguished by their ecological compatibility, good sound insulation, wide assortment, but they worsen interior air exchange;
  • Laminated - covered with a material that mimics wood. They are the cheapest, but individual models will last long;
  • covered with PVC film, wood color. The basis is usually a chipboard in combination with plywood.
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Picture with dandelions on the wall near the door

Depending on the method of opening the doors, there are compartments (sliding), pencil cases (swinging), harmonica books, pendulum (open in any direction). According to the number of leaflets - single, one-and-a-half, two-winged. Models are distinguished by the presence of transparent, colored or frosted glass, mirrors, metal inserts, panels, a king, also there are all-wood "blind" structures.

The design should look good on both sides, originally fitting into the interior of two rooms at once.

Indoor flowers interior Beige sofa in the living room Glass coffee table in the interior Black furniture in the interior Interior of a spacious living room  Brown doors in the interior

Select by color, texture

There are a lot of shades of the African rosewood:

  • yellow-brown;
  • violet-black;
  • chocolate;
  • pale brown with black veins;
  • royal claret;
  • golden;
  • greenish-terracotta;
  • brownish-lilac;
  • black and burgundy;
  • tea red;
  • Pink-brown with greenish patches.

White corner sofa in the living room

By the texture of the Wenge door there are matte and glossy. The choice of this or that shade depends on the stylistic design of the premises where they will be located, as well as the personal preferences of the tenants.

"Classic" color design is a white insert made of glass or other wood in the whole wenge cloth. This solution will decorate almost any interior.

Two pictures on the wall Vases on the table Doors wenge в коридоре Doors wenge со стеклянными вставками Doors wenge в интерьере квартиры Mirror in the hallway

Wenge and other interior colors

Color combinations are preferred with light warm shades. In most cases, the doors are chosen at least two or three shades darker than the walls, curtains, but can almost coincide with the color of the floor. The furniture of the color of the African rosewood looks good.

Of the warm colors are suitable:

  • pistachio;
  • light green;
  • pale yellow;
  • peach;
  • reddish-brown;
  • светло-мандариновый.

Painting over a white armchair

Cold used less often - graphite gray, gently blue, violet, emerald. Excellent looks grassy green carpet on the floor, echoing with the same curtains, light brown furniture, red-black doors.

When the furniture, like the doorways, is decorated with an African rosewood, it is better that the upholstery of sofas and armchairs be lighter than wooden parts, tables, chairs - one or two shades lighter than doors, draperies on furniture, windows, and screens - contrasting. The necessary fittings are made: for cool shades wenge silver-gray, for warm colors - yellow-gold.

Three paintings on the wall in the hallway Provence style room White curtains on the window Sofa in Art Nouveau style Red floor lamp at the door Brown couch against the wall

Choosing wallpaper under the door

Wallpapers are always selected lighter than door leaves - for small, poorly lit rooms with windows to the north white, beige, sandy, ocherous are preferred. Spacious rooms with windows to the south "will like" cold colors - turquoise, blue, violet, pale green. Ideal addition to the "expensive" interior will be vinyl or silk wallpaper, with images of summer forest, sea sunset, rural landscapes or animals. If the door leafs have stained-glass windows, a lot of patterns, different inserts made of metal, the wallpaper is picked up monochrome and vice versa, a simple brown door looks profitable on a moderately colorful background. Wallpapers sometimes glue at the same time two types, but different texture, color, pattern. For example, two-thirds of the walls of the room are covered with wide greenish-beige canvases in a small flower, and between them are glued narrower, with large plant elements. Another option - gray solid wallpaper on three walls, and on the far wall, opposite the wide doorway - colorful wall-paper.

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Mirror in the interior of the bedroom Doors with glass decoration Decorative fireplace in the interior Bathroom with two washbasins Bordeaux on the wall of the living room Chandelier in a modern style

Choosing a floor covering and skirting boards

The combination with laminate, imitating bleached or stained oak, the same skirting, looks original, expensive. Wood structure in the design of the floor is mandatory - only thus creates the most harmonious interior.

Flowers in white pots on the windowsill

The most common imitation of the texture of the following rocks:

  • cherries;
  • ate;
  • pine trees;
  • maple;
  • mahogany;
  • beech;
  • Karelian birch.

Laminate "under the wenge" or the floorboard of this color is used most often. Excellent looks natural parquet from Congolese rosewood, but afford its average or economy class can not, because of the excessive cost of raw materials. Here, less expensive wood imitating wenge will come to the rescue, and high-quality linoleum will come to cheap doors covered with self-adhesive film.

White flooring in the apartment Brown tile on the floor in the hallway Doors with inserts of glass strips Dining area in classic style Decorative floor vases in the interior Sofa with pillows

In the bath, toilet room, hygienic reasons often place a ceramic tile imitating a tree. Many manufacturers produce floor and wall tiles, reminiscent of the texture of the African rosewood.

Skirting boards for any premises are recommended to match the color of door leaves, which are sometimes combined with the colors of the window frames. In this case, the floor details are preferable much darker than the material of the floors. When the room is cramped, they are made as light as possible, giving space to lightness, airiness. When buying a laminate, sellers often recommend immediately taking a plinth of the same color, individual companies even give it as a gift, when buying large lots of flooring, because this design enjoys the greatest popularity. Sometimes they buy a skirting board of the same color with the walls, but for too narrow corridors this arrangement does not work - the room will be even narrower.

Green wallpaper in the interior of the living room

If the door leaves are made of natural wood, it is possible to make a wooden floor - parquet or board.

Door styles

Interior wenge doors look great in a variety of interior styles:

  • классический – небольшое количество орнаментов – меандров, завитков в оформлении красно-коричневых конструкций, успешно гармонирующих с точеными ножками мебate;
  • Provence - the lightest shades of Congolese rosewood,
  • minimalism - "deaf" maximally monotonous doors, simple furnishing of "pure" colors - red, yellow, black, laminate floors and nothing superfluous;
  • ethnic - the scale of the interior is made in brown-green tones, the doors are the darkest elements, harmonizing with wicker mats on the floor, indoor flowers in floor vases, a variety of natural decor;
  • Art Nouveau - the accent is made on wide doorways, which are decorated with brown-black horizontal stripes, there are light stretch ceilings, glass inserts above the doors;
  • hi-tech - the abundance of light successfully emphasizes the brilliant texture of wood, the canvas is decorated with mirror, metal inserts of clear geometric shapes. The main colors are steel, white, black;
  • kontemporari - simple, comfortable rooms, entrances and exits of which are decorated with functional wenge doors, with a variety of patterns, duplicated on built-in wardrobes, chests of drawers;
  • eastern - the lightest shades of wenge in the design of doors, furniture, flooring, harmonizing with bonsai trees on the windowsills, wallpaper with black and red hieroglyphics;
  • loft - ideally suited for Wenge style, juicy-brown design looks good against the background of simple brick walls, playing with all colors, when street light falls from panoramic windows;
  • Baroque - luxurious doors exclusively from natural wood, decorated with three-dimensional carving, stained-glass windows, the texture is pronounced.
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Sliding doors in Japanese style Living room with panoramic windows White furniture for the hallway White lamps in the corridor White wallpapers in the living room

It is desirable that all the doors in the apartment, no matter how many of them, choose the same color, with a similar fittings. Differences are allowed only in the number of colored or transparent inserts, the width of the canvas.

Windows in the living room overlooking the garden

Doors in the interior of different rooms

The described material is resistant to the overwhelming majority of external influences, therefore it finds application in the design of any rooms:

  • for the living room - adds to the room luxury, unique coziness, emphasizes the impeccable taste of the owners of the home, preferably the decoration with glass elements;
  • in the bedroom - has soundproof characteristics, you can easily fall asleep behind such a door, even if in the other room someone makes a noise, the colors are recommended light, relaxing;
  • for children - high resistance to damage, even if the children are many, they are unlikely to break the structure, convex parts, the glass here is the very minimum;
  • in the bathroom - the humidity of the doors of the Wenge is not terrible, so that it is installed in the bathroom, the toilet;
  • in the kitchen - has the property to disinfect the air, clean it, which is so important when cooking;
  • in the dressing room - clothes, shoes that are in such a room, will not absorb foreign odors, will not become moldy, even if it is on the first floor;
  • for the hallway - everyone who comes into the house from the threshold sees the high cost of the interior, for the owners this is a wonderful opportunity to boast of prosperity in the family.

Living room in Art Nouveau style

The installation of wenge doors in separate rooms sometimes causes difficulties, therefore it is better to entrust the work to specialists.

Interior doors Wenge


Wenge - expensive African wood, an element of decoration of the most "rich" interiors, in Africa itself, it makes carcasses of houses, carved sculptures, musical instruments. The emergence of modern technology, the newest materials allowed to create high-quality imitations of the texture of natural material, available even to the economy class. Wenge, even if only the doors are made in this coloring, significantly transforms the room, complementing its decoration. Competently choose the model, the most pleasant texture, color combinations for a particular style of the interior will help professional designers.