Design of a floor +155 photos in an interior of an apartment

Modern floor design

Floor coverings differ in their properties and appearance, they are suitable for certain operating conditions. The choice of material depends on comfort, safety, order in the room. The successful design of the floor emphasizes the style solution, creates the necessary accents. With the help of color, texture, the proportions of the room visually change, attention is diverted from the low ceiling and uneven walls. The combination of the color of the floor with the decoration of walls, doors, ceiling creates a calm atmosphere. Color contrast, pronounced texture of the facings makes the room not boring. When creating a design project, the type of finishing material and the layout of the layout are taken into account. The original pattern emphasizes the beauty of the floor, introduces novelty into the interior.

The emphasis is on:

  • natural stone texture;
  • geometric prints on the tile;
  • earthy shades;
  • brightly expressed texture of untreated wood;
  • matte surfaces.

Fireplace in the interior

The flooring should look as natural as possible, create the feeling that it is inherited by more than one generation. In the trend floor materials with 3-D effects in the form of scuffs, uneven texture, deep cracks, half-stained paint. Kind of noble oldness is attached to scratches, unevenness in the grain. The style of the 60's returns with a parquet in the form of a Christmas tree, the masonry of a tile of a black and white palette. Restrained colors can be diluted with blue, green, brick-red carpets. Preference is given to a parquet and a massive board, a stone. It is allowed to use jute and sisal carpet. With a small investment, a floor made of linoleum and laminate with an imitation of aged wood is created corresponding to the latest trends. For wet rooms suitable tiles with watercolor imitation of natural materials.

Table with patterns and a mirror on the wall Laminate и плитка на полу столовой  Columns in the interior  Bright interior kitchen with dark laminate on the floor  Parquet в гостиной  Ceramic tiles and stones on the floor

Types, properties of floor coverings

Sex is the most responsible site in the room. In addition to aesthetic appeal, he must absorb sounds, correspond to the purpose of the room. Finishing materials differ in performance characteristics. When choosing the finishes for wet rooms, the degree of moisture resistance of the material is taken into account. It is necessary to take care of the strength of the flooring, if animals live in the house. Not every floor will retain its appeal after the claws of pets.

Floor in the form of planks in the corridor

When creating a design project, consider:

  • resistance of the material to abrasion, maintainability;
  • security;
  • complexity of care;
  • aesthetics.

Suitable for color and texture decking is selected after reviewing the characteristics of each type of finish for a particular room.

Pillows and candles on the floor Picture over comodom  Natural wood furniture in the kitchen  Bright parquet in the interior  Telescope at the window  Electric fireplace in the interior of the living room


Laminated board consists of fiberboard, decorative coating, protective layer. The lower layer protects the board from deformation.

In moisture resistant varieties, high-density slabs are used, all elements are treated with special wax or mastic compositions. Moisture-resistant laminate withstand frequent wet cleaning, used for flooring in the hallway and kitchen.

Laminate в столовой

Water resistant panels have a waterproof polyvinyl chloride base, which does not swell when exposed to water.

The appearance of the laminate depends on the decorative layer. Traditional material with an even, smooth structure resembles a wooden floor. Depending on the texture of the surface, the laminate imitates waxed parquet, rough wood, vintage massif.

White bed in the bedroom

For a warm floor, grades of laminate with markings are printed, which indicates the recommended temperature range and type of heating.

Laminate не токсичный, не нуждается в особом уходе, не склонен к возгоранию, легко монтируется своими руками. Недорогой, устойчивый к нагрузкам, истиранию настил используется в разных по назначению и стилю помещениях.

Red armchair in a light interior Round tables at the couch  Chest in the corner  Living room в стиле модерн  Lamps at the head of the bed  Interior of the room with large windows

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Прочное влагостойкое покрытие легко моется, не поддерживает горения, не меняет окраски с течением времени. На кафеле не образуется плесень, не впитывается пыль и грязь. Поверхность плитки сохраняет привлекательный вид в помещениях с интенсивным движением. Tile выдерживает температурные колебания, не чувствителен к химическим веществам, ультрафиолету. Выпускается плитка с имитацией мрамора, гранита, паркета, мозаики, цветочным и графическим орнаментом. Tile комбинируется с деревом, металлом. Декоративный эффект получается при сочетании различной по размеру и рисунку плитки. Tile рекомендован для влажных помещений, комнат с водяным или электрическим подогревом.

Tile in the interior of the kitchen Green walls and purple floor  Blind on the window in the bathroom  Tile на полу столовой  Red armchair by the window  Large mirror in the bathroom


Недорогой материал долго сохраняет первоначальный вид в комнатах, нуждающихся в частой уборке. Linoleum легко укладывается самостоятельно без навыков и специальных инструментов. Мягкий материал не скользит, сохраняет тепло, легко очищается. За счет разнообразных расцветок покрытие подходит для классических и современных интерьеров. Не всегда с первого взгляда удается определить, что на полу постелен линолеум, а не беленое дерево или плитка.

Linoleum в интерьере

The material is deformed under heavy furniture, in moldy rooms under it mold can form.

Walls with brickwork in the living room African motifs in the interior of the bedroom  Table from the planks opposite the sofa  White furniture in a light green interior  Mirror over the fireplace in the living room  Flowers on the stairs

Self-leveling floors

A monolithic coating is created from polymer-containing mixtures. The floor is resistant to water, detergents, blows, will last at least 40 years. Polymeric materials adhere to any base, protect against moisture, mold, microorganisms. For designers, the effect of a three-dimensional image is of interest. The bored drawing is changed by applying another layer. The main disadvantage of the floor is a cold, uncomfortable surface.

The floor in the interior Waterfall on the floor in the living room  Bedroom interior with 3d floor  Floor with patterns in the kitchen  Interior in the style of minimalism  Red floor in the white living room

Carpet tile, carpet

Carpet flooring is easily attached to the base, extinguishes sounds, keeps the heat, creates coziness. Carpets differ in the length of pile, texture, base, the content of natural and synthetic fibers. Heavy base prevents slipping, sitting, retains linear dimensions. The pile part passes antibacterial and antistatic treatment. Pleasant to the touch the flooring does not crumple, comfortable for walking, it is easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner.

Carpet tiles in the interior

Carpet tiles are cut carpets. It gives more opportunities for the original floor design.

Carpet flooring does not like moisture, accumulates dust, smells, dirt. Some fibers used in production can provoke allergies.

Bedroom design with spotlights Carpet cover в гостиной  White furniture in the bedroom  Floor of colored squares  Interior with white chairs and table  Lamps on bedside tables near the bed

Leather floors

The material is a small tiles made of HDF, porcelain stoneware or cork, covered with natural leather. Before applying to the base, the skin is crushed, compressed. To improve the wear resistance, the surface is treated with a special composition and varnish. The pattern is applied by embossing, the relief can mimic the skin of exotic animals. The ivory-colored leather floor, of brown shades, looks respectable. But too expensive lining, damaged by shoes and furniture, has a specific smell.

Leather floor in the interior Original bench against the wall  Armchair by the window  Sofas and a table opposite the fireplace  Megapolis in the picture above the sofa  White kitchen with dark floor

Stone and granite

Both materials are suitable for harsh environments and damp environments:

  • impervious to cracking;
  • resistant to loads;
  • Does not break;
  • Do not be afraid of grease stains, alkali, acid;
  • It is operated not less than 50 years.

Porcelain on the floor of the living room

Designers like to work with stone and porcelain stoneware, which are in harmony with different finishes. The processing creates an original texture, matte, satin, polished surface. Porcelain can copy the aged floorboards, laid in the Christmas tree parquet. Smooth polished plates become slippery when wet, to eliminate injuries, tiles with anti-slip coating are chosen.

Sweat and half-breaths Bright picture in white interior  Floor mirror in the corner  Tile under the stone on the floor by the fireplace  Pile of firewood by the fireplace in the living room  Candles on the floor by the fireplace


The material of solid wood provides noise and heat insulation, comfort when walking. The flooring for a long time serves, it is easily restored. Due to the use of wood of different breeds and selection, grinding, varnishing, scouring, brushing, interesting shades are created. From the piece of parquet are obtained intricate patterns, original compositions.

Parquet в интерьере

Parquetная доска дешевле стоит, легче монтируется, после укладки не нуждается в шлифовке и циклевке. Каждая панель отличается неповторимым рисунком. Parquet привлекает внимание, выглядит презентабельно, актуален для любого интерьерного решения.

Parquetный пол капризный, не терпит перепадов температуры, влажности. Для сохранения привлекательности покрытие периодически нужно натирать воском или мастикой с маслом. Чтобы избежать деформации паркетного пола, тяжелая мебель устанавливается на специальные накладки.

Sewing machine on the floor Floor with patterns in the corridor  Vases with a dried flower in the interior  Red sofa near the white wall under the brick  Interior with furniture in classic style  Dark parquet on the floor

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Cork floor

From the point of view of comfort, the cork is the best option for living rooms. On a warm surface with cushioning properties it is pleasant to walk. The bark of the cork oak refers to quiet coverings, extinguishes the noise of footsteps, falling objects.

Cork floor восстанавливается после вмятин, не скользит, легко моется, не боится влаги. В зависимости от дизайна, размеров панелей, цвета, способа укладки половому покрытию придается различный эффект. Производители ежегодно предлагают новые коллекции пробковой плитки с реалистичной фактурой древесины, камня, потертых досок.

Cork floor в интерьере

The protective layer of cork tiles in the hallway, the kitchen is quickly wiped out and needs to be updated.

Stand in the kitchen-dining room Lamp on the chest  A wrought-iron table by the couch  Bright bottles on the shelves in the interior  Picture on the fireplace in the living room  Armchair by the fireplace

Combination of flooring

При правильном выборе материала можно усовершенствовать интерьер, зонировать комнату. В дизайне кухни сочетаются плитка и ламинат. Tile с не глазурованной поверхностью, уложенный перед плитой, мойкой легко чистится, сохраняет презентабельный вид. Laminate в обеденной зоне создает комфортные условия для ног. Накладки на швы сглаживают перепады, придают завершенность краям.

В квартире-студии границы спального места эффектно подчеркиваются ковролином. Для кухонной зоны применяется кафельная плитка. Parquet или ламинат удачно выделяют место отдыха.

Combined floor in the interior

In the combined bathroom it is possible to clearly delineate the space using the color of the tile. Non-standard looks the floor from a combination of warm shades and tiles with a bright ornament of blue, green hue.

A narrow room will be expanded by a striped floor made of laminate or tiles. A disproportionately long room will shorten the pattern perpendicular to the long wall. Restrained colors are suitable for classical style. In the modern interior, a bright palette looks original.

Black-bronze chandeliers in the kitchen

In the hall independent zones are created due to different texture and shades of facing. Successfully combined cork or laminate with carpet.

When combining materials in small rooms, it is desirable to avoid dark and bright shades. Such a design will visually reduce the room.

Laminate в зоне столовой Wood and granite on the floor  Tile on the floor of the working area in the kitchen  Bookcase next to the fireplace  Room tree in the dining room  Floor with patterns in the interior

Comparison of floor coverings

Type of coatingMoisture resistanceHeat dissipationWear resistanceLife timeSlip Resistance
Carpet cover103510

Linoleum  Carpet cover  Laminate  Tile  Parquet

Practical floor for each room

Requirements for flooring in different areas are different. For the floor in the kitchen, the bathroom needs moisture-resistant material. In the corridor the floor quickly becomes dirty, wears away from constant contact with shoes, bicycles, sleds. Facing should withstand frequent cleaning, scratches, while looking attractive. The grimy nondescript floor in the hallway leaves an unpleasant impression about the apartment. For the hall is actual floor covering, emphasizing the interior. In the nursery, the bedroom is chosen for a walkable floor with soundproofing properties. Lines of joining materials at the joint of rooms are made with the help of molding, flexible profile, cork compensator.

Ceramic tiles under the tree on the kitchen-living room floor A stove on the wood near the sofa  Living room в стиле минимализм с оранжевым диваном  Ceramic tiles with patterns on the floor  The combination of green walls and dark sex  Table-island in the kitchen


Laminate, паркет нейтральных оттенков создадут расслабляющую обстановку, станут фоном для прикроватных ковриков.

Carpet cover с высоким ворсом принесет в спальню тепло и уют, позаботится о комфорте для ног. На теплом ковровом покрытии можно расслабиться и походить босиком. Красиво смотрится ковролин с фактурным ворсом, Шерстяное ковровое покрытие регулирует уровень влажности. Ворс впитывает избыточную влагу, и отдает обратно, когда воздух в комнате становится сухим. Интенсивность хождения в спальне небольшая, материал сохранит привлекательный вид, не деформируется.

Laminate под дерево нам полу спальни

Cork does not accumulate dust, static electricity.

They help to tune in to sleep gray, beige, milky, caramel colors. They are suitable for small and large rooms.

Bedroom interior with cork floor Built-in fixtures in the ceiling  Bed with stairs  Carpet cover на полу спальни  Fireplace in the interior  Shelf with books over the bed

Living room

In the room, guests are received, in the evenings a family gathers, during the holidays dances are arranged. To often not spend money on repairs, in the living room is covered with a quality coating. In any interior is suitable laminate, imitating stone, wood. Cork, parquet expensive, but justify the cost of an attractive appearance, do not lose strength.

Table with a transparent lid at the sofa

Budget linoleum with a clearly traced wood texture will make the living room floor interesting, create a visual effect of expensive cladding.

A good background for furniture will be a massive plank or laminate, stylized wood. The shades of ash, oak, walnut are considered universal.

Table and chairs by the fireplace Sofa, table and chairs opposite the TV set  Island fireplace in the interior  Ceramic tiles on the living room floor  Embossed walls in the interior  Beams on the ceiling


For the kitchen, a non-slip coating is selected, which will withstand frequent cleaning, will not absorb droplets of grease, will not crack when dishes fall.

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These requirements are met by:

  • porcelain tiles;
  • tile;
  • linoleum;
  • loading floor.

Chess floor in the kitchen

In the large room, combined with the living room kitchen, the dining area is finished with a laminate, a cork. Before the design of the kitchen design, for a successful combination with the floor, the décor and color of the walls, the facades of the wall cabinets, the countertops are thought out. White color of the floor, grassy-green or apricot facades diversify the kitchen in the style of minimalism or IVF.

Vase with a dry flower on the floor Ceramic tiles on the kitchen floor  Linoleum на полу  Apron of red mosaic  Strict design kitchen with yellow furniture  Seabed floor


When choosing a cladding, preference is given to safe, non-slippery, warm materials. On the carpet the child is comfortable to move around, crawl. Soft flooring does not slip, protects against cold, injuries, bruises. For the children's room is suitable woven, tufted, velor carpet. For a short nap it is easier to take care of, less dust is sticking to it.

In order not to provoke an allergy in a child, do not buy a carpet with a high pile of natural wool.

Laminate в детской

Parquetная доска, ламинат легко очищаются от шоколада, акварельных красок, пластилина. Когда малыш подрастет, пол выдержит гимнастические занятия.

The most ecological coating in the nursery is the cork floor, which has bactericidal properties. Facing pleasantly springs when walking, mutes children's steps, blows the ball.

Children's с ярким дизайном Carpet cover на полу  Lamp from a branch above the bed  Bunk bed in the nursery  Chandelier with butterflies on the ceiling  A plane on the rooftops


Ceramic tiles, porcelain stoneware with a rough surface do not slip, do not let the moisture to the base. Surfaces are cleaned by aggressive means, and is not afraid of humidity changes. On the porcelain tile, tile does not take root mold and microorganisms. Tiles with a realistic imitation of an old board, wooden panels will turn a boring bathroom into a village bath. For ekostyle, ceramics that copy wood are combined with green decor.

Bathroom in a marine style Tile for a tree in the bathroom interior  Shower next to the bathroom  Bath with a glass screen  Glass shower cabin  Tile under the stone in the bathroom interior

Artificial stone is superior in reliability to all moisture resistant cladding. The walls and the floor under the granite or marble will transform the bathroom into an antique bathhouse.

Minimalist neutral finish suitable for small bathrooms, shower cabins.

Tile на полу ванной White bath in the orange interior  Tile with patterns on the walls  Sink on the wall  Mirror with illumination on the wall  White-lime interior of the bathroom


The solid floor in the office creates a visually attractive space, creates a working atmosphere.

In classic and modern styles fit:

  • parquet;
  • skin;
  • a rock;
  • massive board;
  • Cork cover.

Laminate на полу кабинета

Дорогое качественное покрытие подчеркнет красоту мебели, выдержит высокие нагрузки. Linoleum и ламинат в качестве экономного варианта подойдут под любой дизайн кабинета. Недостаток облицовки — вмятины и деформации от мебельных ножек

In the absence of a separate room, the home office is equipped in the living room with the help of a different screen and floor color, a podium, a screen.

Furniture with the same design Parquet в кабинете  Cabinet with books in the interior  Leather sofas in the office  The combination of blue walls and white ceiling  Floor lamp at the couch

Floor color in the interior

Next year, natural natural shades are in demand. The black color of the floor will make the room bright and expressive, but will reduce the height of the room. Brighten walls and a ceiling, metal accessories will help to eliminate this lack. Black granite in combination with white furniture looks great in the kitchen.

The combination of a dark floor with white walls

On the black floor you can see dust, stains of scratches. He needs careful care, not appropriate in apartments where animals are kept.

The gray floor is combined with blue, beige, light green in the decoration of furniture and walls. The parquet, laminate, combining gray, beige, brown shades looks cozy.

Gray color of the floor in the interior of the living room

Terracotta flooring is suitable for rustic and modern style. Bright terracotta flooring makes the room more spacious. Reddish brown floors look luxuriously in the living room of a country house in combination with linen curtains, ceramic vases, green plants.

White laminate, tiles, self-leveling floors, whitewashed wood bring a sense of lightness, increase volume. In combination with a light wall decoration, furniture upholstery creates a refined interior. Contrast walls and textiles, wenge-colored furniture enliven the room.

Green carpets in the interior Gray sofa in the living room  Red pillow on a dark couch  Black chandelier in the light interior of the living room  Laminate с текстурой дерева на полу  Interior with a brick wall

Modern floor design options

The main trends of the year make it possible to experiment with the color and texture of the flooring, to complement the room with bright accessories. Natural shades, noble texture of wood and stone will not go out of fashion, will be in demand in various design solutions.

Modern floor design в гостиной TV on the partition  Kitchen interior with an island table  Tile under the tree on the living room floor  Interior in the style of minimalism с угловым диваном  Modern design with marble flooring

Board, parquet with natural flaws, texture of the tree diversify, will make the interior expressive. These are timeless materials created by nature. Imitations of natural floor coverings will replace parquet, massive board, stone. All options are suitable for finishing floors in apartments and private houses.