Interior designs - 30 design ideas

Interior decoration paintings - the most affordable and at the same time the original way of decorating an apartment or house. Previously, paintings for the interior were the prerogative of the elite layers of society, they were works of art of famous artists. Today, with the development of technology, you can decorate the interior of the house without having an impressive condition. Their wide variety allows creating a unique interior, harmonious, cozy, fashionable and stylish; gives the opportunity to show the owners their creative potential, to realize their own ideas. With the help of paintings you can add individuality to housing, emphasize its advantages or hide faults. Photos, images on canvas, reproductions on glass, painted by street artists, pencil works on paper or classical works written in oil - all this, is available to contemporaries. The main thing is to choose paintings in accordance with the basic principles of interior design.

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Picture in the interior of the living room

Painting on the shelf

Important! The wall on which the paintings are located should be protected from exposure to sunlight.

Many pictures

Composition of three paintings

In the kitchen

A picture for an interior should not have a great material or historical value. Kitchen - a room for domestic use and expensive items of art there is not the place. All the objects of the decor lose their original form more quickly, which means they become unfit. Therefore, than to admire the unusable photo or canvas, it is better to replace them with new ones with the passage of time. Cloths written in oil can be covered with glass. One of the important moments in choosing pictures for the kitchen is their scarcity. The congestion of the wall with small images will visually reduce the space, which is completely unacceptable for such small spaces as a kitchen or a hallway.

Paintings on the kitchen wall Depending on the style of the interior of the kitchen, the picture is selected according to the following principles:

  • Harmonious combination of the color range of the canvas with other elements of the decor (curtains, chandelier, kitchen utensils, etc.);
  • For the kitchen in the style of high-tech will fit black and white images;
  • Country and Provence styles will perfectly complement the paintings with yellow-green tones;
  • Minimalism will help dilute the vivid painting, which will become the main accent in the room.

Triptych on the kitchen wall

Pictures for kitchen by own hands

Kitchen - this is exactly the place where the hostess can reveal her creativity not only in cooking, but also in needlework. There are many ways to create paintings for the interior yourself. For example, you can make a picture of coffee, grains, beans, seeds, cinnamon sticks. To do this, cut out the cardboard of the correct size, drape it with material or thick paper, and begin to form the composition. After glue all the elements of the picture with glue. The interior of the high-tech style will be decorated with a kind of wall-mounted installation made of metal cutlery. Reliably fix the metal elements will help the glue based on silicone. It will also be necessary for a mosaic. To create mosaic images for the kitchen, you will need fragments of tiles, glass, and even shells. Details can be painted in color suitable for the style of the room.

Picture in the dining room

Important! If the kitchen is not separated from the hallway, then the pictures in this part of the house need to pick up one style and theme.

Beautiful pictures

For the living room

The main place in the apartment is the living room. All members of the family spend their free time there, friends are gathering, celebrations are celebrated. Therefore, the design of the living room should be given special attention. Cloths will help create a unique atmosphere, filled with comfort and refinement. The style in the living room of dynamism and activity will be helped by all the shades of blue that are responsible for the movement of energy flows. Value has a location, as well as a plot of painting. If the canvas is placed over the piece of furniture, then you need to determine in advance its dimensions. The optimum ratio of the width of the fabric and the back of the sofa is 1: 2. If the paintings with the image are not one, but two or three, then the free space should be at least 1/3 of the size of the furniture.

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Modular pictures For a classical drawing room, traditional painting will be appropriate, high-tech will complement abstractions. Images of landscapes, animals, birds look good in the guest room. The interior design, executed in brown and burgundy color, will complement paintings with the painting of the era of Classicism. On light walls, marine painting harmoniously looks. When creating paintings in the interior of the living room mistress can also show their creativity. The popularity of embroidered paintings with the help of techniques of cross-stitch and satin, and embroidery of canvasses with beads and beads is growing. Such images will give the atmosphere a special uniqueness and coziness.

Composition of two pictures

Pictures in the interior near the door

The big and bright picture

The tricks of design in the design of the living room

The basic techniques for creating a special atmosphere with the help of paintings in the living rooms of different stylistic directions:

  • With the help of wall paintings you can structure the space of the room. The location in the center will emphasize the symmetry of the interior, otherwise - will divide the space into zones.
  • Images placed symmetrically, give the effect of tradition. To create a strict sophisticated interior, you can use a photo in black and white or monochrome canvases. Canvases of the same size contribute to the working mood, they are more suitable for classrooms.
  • Asymmetrically placed objects of art will give the interior a dynamic ease.
  • Free space will allow asymmetric placement of large-scale paintings at a decent distance, which will allow you to freely enjoy every work of art.
  • Frames, despite the number and scale, should be the same.

Paintings in a modern style for the interior

Reproductions of artists

For bedroom interior

The bedroom is meant for rest, so the images on the canvases should create an atmosphere of harmony and cozy tranquility. It is better to trust your feelings, and try to translate them into painting. You like nature - choose paintings with a picture of the landscape, like to look at the water - water flows will help fill the room with positive energy. However, paintings with an emphasis on water should be chosen carefully. Calm streams, rivers attract monetary prosperity. But the violent waterfalls and whirlpools for the bedroom is better not to choose. Calm and a sense of comfort in the bedroom will create paintings with a calm water surface and clear clear sky. The raging sea with a sinking ship against a background of gloomy heavy clouds will provoke a negative, will cause a sense of alarm. It will be impossible to relax in such a home environment after a day's work.

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Picture in the bedroom

Picture in the bedroom над комодом

Features of a choice of a picture for a bedroom interior

Another couple of points to consider when choosing bedroom linens:

  • Soft nude tones provide an atmosphere of comfort and harmony;
  • If the bedroom is made in art deco, then it is ideally complemented by paintings in black and white;
  • Create a calm and comfortable mood in the room can paintings with motifs of pastoral or image of forest, fields, meadows;
  • Romantics in the interior of the bedroom will add a canvas with colorful bright birds against the background of the transparent sky;
  • Finish the composition of the room will help the canvas, in which the main color intersects with the color of other decorative elements - pillows, bedspreads, curtains.

Good combination of painting and interior colors

For those who prefer a non-standard creative approach to the classical interior, it is worth approaching the issue of decorating the home with special care. Today, painting is represented in many styles and genres, which makes it possible to choose exactly that work of art, without which you do not think your home. Many creative individuals prefer to decorate the interior with handmade products. There are also absolutely unique techniques of needlework, for example, Kansas. The essence of painting with this technique is based on the creation of floral compositions with silk and satin ribbons and decoration with beads. Ideas for creating an interior for your dream can not come at once, most importantly, listen to yourself, gain impressions, find inspiration and just catch fire with this idea. You yourself will not notice how this all turns into the interior of your house. It will be interesting, original, unique, inspiring you to new achievements.