Decor of seashells - 10 decorating ideas with your own hands

Shells in the interior

Many fans of the rest on the sea after the holiday bring home different leaf mussels and other inhabitants of the depths. With such elements it is easy to make the design of each room in a stylish and original home. It is not difficult to make decor from cockleshells independently, if you choose an interesting idea. For example, sashes, scallops are suitable for decorating walls or furniture, creating plates, stylized jars for the kitchen. The attraction of creating such products is a minimal waste of time and ease of assembly. They can be fixed with a glue gun or putty, gypsum. Additionally, the leaflets can be painted, varnished or coated with gold and silver. The created products perfectly complement the modern and classical design of bedrooms, living rooms. Also can be a wonderful gift to friends and acquaintances.

Photo frames

Simple and interesting decorating can be considered as pasting frames for photos. In them you can set a picture with a rest on the sea or a family portrait. For a basis it is required to buy or make a wooden photo frame. It will be easier to make out. Cardboard analogues can deform and serve much less. Also, the manufacturer will need an adhesive gun. The work is carried out according to the following instructions:

  1. The glass and back of the frame are removed. Choose the largest leaf. They are glued to the base in the center of the wooden slats.
  2. Small scallops, cones are stuck on the remaining open base. They can also be glued to large shutters.
  3. To attach the most non-standard type, beads can be glued. It is advisable to choose a bright glass fittings, opaque pearl balls. Upon completion of the design, the glass and the rear wall of the frame are installed.

Photo frame from seashells Girl  A family  Boats  Girls  Nature


Different in shape and size of the leaf, cones can be used as a filler vases with flowers. And you can use them to make a stylized vase. For example, to decorate them with a top or bottom, the central part. When using a clay vase or a product with matte surfaces, pre-treatment of the walls is not necessary. But if the vessel with a smooth surface is updated, it is necessary to cover it with a thin layer of a primer. You can glue the design elements with a glue gun. For unusual styling it is recommended to glue the walls of the container with a twine, gently wrapping it around the walls, greased with glue. According to a similar scheme, you can stylize and different in form bottles. They are ideal for non-standard design of kitchens. Can be used for styling bedrooms and living rooms in loft style.

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Vase из ракушек Shells on vases  Vessels with shells  Flowers in a vase  Starfish on the table  Vase у телевизора

Mirror Design

The original design of mirror surfaces and their framing is quite easy to carry out, using as a basis a wooden frame. Its design is carried out with the use of an adhesive gun. If desired, you can also paste dried stars, pearly balls, other thematic elements. Such a product is perfect for decorating a bright hallway or styling a corridor. Such products can be used for hanging in a bedroom decorated in cream, sand or turquoise. A large mirror with an unusual design will perfectly fit into the interior of the bathroom. To emphasize the frame, you can paint it with silvery or golden compounds. To protect against permanent exposure to moisture, the dye composition should be protected with a clear varnish. Otherwise, the paint will crack and quickly fall off.

Mirror of shells Hooks for towels on the wall in the bathroom  Mirror frame made of shells  Tile under the stone on the wall  Making mirrors with shells  Patterns of shells in the design of the mirror


The creation of a real candlestick by your own hands is not more difficult than making frames. For the basis of this craft, a wooden or ceramic circle can be used (for example, a stand for glasses, hot dishes). The design should be done, leaving a free circle inside to install the candle. The rest of space is pasted with cones, leaflets. To create products in the Baroque style, you can additionally process individual elements of the future candlestick with foil. To do this, you need to buy sheets of thin foil for decoupage. To translate it, you should cover the flaps collected on the beach with a thin layer of PVA glue. Top with a thin foil and leave for 30 minutes. Then brush off excess pieces of coating, spread scallops, cones with a thin layer of clear lacquer.

Candlestick из ракушек Rose from shells  Pink candle  Composition of cockleshells and candles  Candlestick из синих раковин  Fish from seashells

Unusual decor ideas

Collected sea and river leaves, coils are very easy to adapt for the design of any room in the apartment. You just need to use popular ideas or choose the most unusual solutions for styling housing. For example, different in size and shape of the leaflets will be suitable for creating an amazing New Year's wreath. They will perfectly replace balls, cones. You need only brightly color them in the chosen color scheme. Creation of non-standard products can be carried out for simple styling of kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and even verandas or terraces. With the help of beautiful cones, scallops, you can decorate not only housing, but also complement your daily outfits. Using wire or jewelry accessories, you can create beautiful necklaces, bracelets and small rings. And the seafood is suitable for gluing a wooden casket, in which such original jewelry will be stored.

Letters with decor of shells Lamp  Wreath  Casket  Necklace  Bracelets

Volumetric pictures, installations and wind music

Accurate "houses" of rapans due to its relief, beautiful shape are great for creating voluminous paintings. They should be glued to the wooden base. Thus the basis can be any: from rectangles, squares to asterisks. After laying out and gluing all the elements of the decoration, you should paint them with black or dark blue paint. To emphasize the volume of the picture it is recommended to cover individual elements with gilding or to paint with silver. Equally good in the design of housing will look and prefabricated installations. They are a frame of twigs, to which are attached thin ropes (vertically and horizontally). Valves, cones, scallops, brought from a vacation, can be attached to the ropes themselves or placed in the center of each of the received squares. But for the garden you can make other outfits - wind music. To do this, you need to make holes in the doors, tie them to the ropes at an equal distance. Mount the ropes on a branch or a small stick.

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Picture of seashells Rosettes  Flowers  Marine motifs  Patterns with flowers  H

Candles and fireflies

It is quite simple to make original candles independently. To do this, you need to take a few ready-made candles, wicks and large shells. Then you need to work on this instruction:

  1. Melt the candles in a water bath.
  2. Lay the scrapers in the scallops, smooth wings.
  3. Pour the wicks with molten paraffin, gently holding them.
  4. Wait for the paraffin to solidify, fixing the wick in one place with the help of toothpicks or clothespins.

Candles made of shells  Silvery shells  Lights in shells  Washbasins with multi-colored wax  Shell with wax and wick

A simpler way to create luminous products is to make "fireflies". To do this, separate sashes and scallops of the same shape and size (with small depressions) must be glued together into one design. The grooves of the leaflets should be turned towards each other. Between the curved elements should be placed a garland, lamps.

Sink with a spark

When fixing the wick in the new candle, it is necessary to exclude the contact of the clothespins and toothpicks with paraffin. Otherwise, the surface of the candle will be uneven.

Shells with candles  Decor of stones and seashells  Sinks with candles  Candle-sink on the table  Colored wax in shells

Interior jars and nightlights

A very interesting interior element can be made with assembled cones, scallops and an ordinary can. To do this, they only need to be nicely laid in a glass container. To give a brighter and more attractive appearance to the finished product, it is recommended to lay down a layer of sand (normal or colored) downwards. Its thickness can be from 2 to 5 cm. The higher the used can, the more sand can be. Similar products are recommended to have in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the bedroom. In this case, you can use different sized banks. Another interesting decorated element can be created with a garland. If you put a garland in a jar and gradually fill it with "skeletons" and leaflets, you can create the best nightlight for a child and a teenager. Such products can be filled with pearls, glass balls.

Interior jars with seashells Lantern made of shells  Sink-lamp  Jar with seashells and stones  Vessel with starfish and shells  Shells in a jar

Dishes and napkin rings

Of the large and small wings it is very easy to make an original plate. It is suitable for stylish design of kitchens. Can be used to serve fruits, sweets. For work, you need to take a plate with any depth. Then spread out the leaves in it, positioning them as close as possible to each other. The space between individual elements can be covered with beads or with fragments of other leaflets. Next, you need to make a thick slurry of putty and water. Ready mixture put on top of wings, remove excess brush. Drying such a product will be about a day. No less interesting kitchen decoration will help make and rings for napkins, which can also be decorated with sashes. For the manufacture of products you will need to take repacked tapes and glue them with glue gun sashes or swirling cones.

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Plate of seashells Stands of shells  Plates from the sash  Rings for napkins with seashells  Shells on a napkin  Crockery from sinks

Decoration of furniture, shelves and decoration of rooms

Not only shell in the housing allows you to make an unusual stylization of housing. Individual sashes can be used to decorate walls, furniture. For example, they can cover the niche frame. And you can glue the putty directly to the wall. A very interesting option is the design of small and large shutters of individual parts of the room. Of these, you can make stylized columns, circles and squares. To glue large scallops, cones, and a wall near the head of the bed. You can use the sash to decorate the shelves. This idea is suitable for changing the stylist of shelves with three-dimensional wall supports. They can be completely closed with leaves and spiral "skeletons". Similarly, you can glue the legs of tables and chairs. This design will give the general appearance of the premises elegance and sophistication.

Wall of seashells Shells in the design of the table  Lamp on the wall  Shells on the fireplace  Seashell table  Starfish and seashells on the wall

Futuristic Figurines

Creation of space or other non-standard design of premises requires the use of the most unusual products. For example, it can be designs that have non-standard shapes or color. To make such futuristic figurines will help the following master class:

  1. Prepare branches and large sashes or spiral cones. Excellent fit "skeleton", which have holes. For processing, you will need a silver paint in the can. For the base - a small container and gypsum.
  2. To the branch, paste the prepared design elements using an adhesive gun.
  3. Dye the finished structure with silver paint and allow to dry completely. Gypsum is diluted and poured into a container previously laid out with food film. Painted branch set in plaster. After the gypsum solidifies, remove the finished figurine, remove the food film, and silver the base.

Figurines made of shells The elephants  Dog  The Dragon  Poodle  Люгушонок


Beautiful and stylish design of housing can be done with shell shells, cones, scallops collected on the beach. They are suitable for styling furniture, walls of bedrooms of adults, teenagers and children. They are well combined with small stones (for example, pebbles), dried asterisks. Valves and scallops are ideal for framing frames of photos, mirror surfaces. From them you can make an unusual candy dish or a futuristic statuette. Very unusual and refined are obtained from cones and scallops candlesticks, lamps and real candles. For their styling, acrylic paints, gold and silver foil for decoupage, varnish can be used. The use of popular ideas and the manifestation of fantasy will help to completely change the general appearance of their homes with such accessible, refined elements.

Decor of shells  Frame with shell design  Wreath из ракушек и морских звезд  Garland  Mirror over the bathroom