Interior doors in the interior - types, materials, colors

Dark двери в светлом интерьере

Buying or ordering interior doors is a crucial step in the renovation of the interior, and without basic knowledge of the products presented on the market here is indispensable. In addition to the optimal price and quality, it is necessary to take into account the planning features, so the choice of the type of doors, their number and dimensions is laid even at the stage of design of construction or repair. Correctly selected doors are functional and aesthetic, they provide isolation and communication between rooms, being both a zoning tool and decorating the chosen style. When installing a standard kit consisting of a box, door leaf and fittings, you need to ensure the presence of an aligned opening. In the case of a partial replacement, dictated by the deterioration of materials and mechanisms, it is better to follow the manufacturer's standards.

From the array

Doors made of hardwoods rightfully located in a high price range, give nobility to the interior and create a unique comfort. The natural origin of this material and the developed technologies for its processing provide a high degree of ergonomics. The norms of the maintenance of products from a wooden massif coincide with the requirements of air humidity and the temperature necessary for the health of the inhabitants of the house. Durability with preservation of quality, high degree of isolation, the possibility of renovation and alteration - unsurpassed advantages of products from oak, beech, ash and exotic species (mahogany, ebony).

Wall with shelves in the interior

Important: The consistency of doors from a wooden massif is determined not only by the properties of the rock, but also by the preservation of technological norms when processing it. The authenticity of the claimed product can only be guaranteed by the authority and professionalism of the manufacturer.

Beautiful interior of the room Beautiful lamps on the walls  Painting on the wall in the office  Solid wood doors in a light interior  Corner sofa and table in the interior  Columns in the interior


The basis of the canvas of such doors is a sheet material made of wood shavings by means of a special pressing technique. The coating is made with a thin layer of natural wood - veneer. Such models are considered an imitation of a wooden massif. With a quality performance in appearance, the difference can not be seen. Yielding to natural analogues in durability and ecological compatibility, veneered doors are unassuming in care, the varnish coating protects from moisture and temperature changes. Light weight allows you to reduce the load on the walls, which is especially true in apartments of urban type.

Beautiful veneered doors in the interior Paintings on the walls in the interior  Room with dark walls and white floor  Vase in the interior  Spotlights on the ceiling  Beautiful interior with paintings


More recently, the emerging plastic doors with the use of metal profiles are distinguished by a wide price range, which is determined by the parameters of the fabrication and the quality of the fittings. The disadvantage attributed to this type of door - the association with the lifeless style of public spaces, is concealed due to new design lines intended for living rooms. Nevertheless, the style restrictions remain relevant.

White plastic door in the interior

The main advantages of plastic doors:

  • Resistance to external factors, which excludes deformation and spoilage of coatings with high humidity, mechanical action or temperature drop;
  • Easy maintenance and care - a smooth surface, the possibility of wet cleaning and the use of cleaning products;
  • A variety of designs and designs, allowing to regulate the degree of insulation, the shape of the opening, functional features.

Watch on the wall by the door Stylish doors in the interior  Paintings on the walls by the door  Blue door in a bright room  Sliding door in the room  Hippopotamus in the hallway


This is a door with a box of wooden beams and a combined cloth consisting of filler, MDF sheet and a decorative thin layer. In theory, composites of materials provide the necessary set of qualities: strength, elimination of deformation, resistance to damage, insulation. In practice, these qualities directly depend on the good faith of the manufacturer. The market niche of laminated doors is wide consumption, so the choice in this case is provided only by the color and texture of the coating.

Laminated двери в интерьере спальни The lamp on the tumbocke in the roof  Mirror on the wall in the dining room  Carpet in the form of a skin on the floor of the room  Original lighting in the room  Interesting clock in the interior


Market novelty - interior doors made of glass and reinforced glass, for the decoration of which various technologies of spraying, sandblasting and photo printing are used. A special kind is a triplex linen, with an inner layer of resins or laminate. This is the most durable and aesthetically justified option. Corrugated glass and diamond engraving create unique effects. Environmentally friendly and resistant to external influences, as well as the original appearance justify the cost of purchasing glass doors, but the features of care and considerable weight can limit the scope of their use.

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Turquoise glass door in white interior Modern kitchen design  The original bedside table in the form of suitcases in the interior  Lamp above the shelf with books  Glass door with patterns in the bathroom  The combination of white furniture and blue walls

Opening Methods

The modern approach to planning and zoning has led to the popularity of an unconventional approach to placing doorways and increasing interest in the functionality of doors. Space saving and ease of operation became important elements of modern style, which translated the emphasis on the quality of fastening and decorative door fittings.

Interior with sliding door

Swinging machines

The traditional and widespread model of the door movement is a swinging one, in which the canvas, fixed on one side of the door frame, opens and closes the doorway. The designs of such doors can be single-leaf and double-leaf. A close fit to the box and the floor provides a high level of sound and heat insulation. The attractiveness of this option is also due to the ease of installation and the ability to use a variety of materials in a wide range of weight and dimensions.

Dark двери в светлом интерьере Beautiful mirror on the wall  Doors with a strict design  Swinging machines двери в интерьере  Modular painting on the wall at the door  Different types of doors in the room


The door of the compartment is a canvas that moves along the installation line due to guiding and restraining mechanisms. When opening the opening, it is located parallel to the adjacent wall, or enters the specially designed internal groove. Features of the sliding design allow rational use of the door-space and significantly increase operational safety. A cassette mechanism or rollers also allow the installation of partitions covering only the lower compartment of the doorway to limit the access of children or animals to the room.

Sliding двери в современном интерьере Original doors in the room  An old telephone in the corridor  Original chandelier in the dining room  Dark двери-купе в светлом интерьере  Suspended chandeliers in the bedroom


Such a mechanism is also called pendulum. For the swinging in both directions, the door leaf is mounted on the spring shaft fixed in the doorway. The fastening system can be equipped with door closers with tension regulation, which ensure automatic closing of the door. Safety and convenience are the main advantages of this design. As in the case of sliding mechanisms, the hermetic closing of the opening can not be ensured, therefore, this option is used to distinguish rooms that do not require a high degree of isolation. For swinging doors you need free space on both sides, so they are suitable for private houses, or studios with a large area.

The swinging door in the interior The swinging door in the bathroom  Red door in white interior  Black and white floor in the room  Different types of doors in the interior  Light door in a dark interior


Multi-leaf blade and guide mechanism ensure the folding of the door inside the opening, which allows you to vary the width of the opening-closing and leads to maximum space saving. Such doors act as partitions with relatively low insulating capacities. The wear and smoothness of the mechanism depends on the weight of the fabric, so the light plastic is most often used. This design allows you to apply soft textures - the frames are stretched thick fabrics or leather.

Beautiful folding doors in the interior Patterns on the doors  Indoor tree in the interior  The combination of gray and wood in the interior  Pictures above the bed  Red doors in a gray interior

How to choose a color

The choice of color and texture of interior doors is an important stage in the formation of a common style of the interior. Being limiting elements between spaces for different purposes, they at the same time unite them in a single solution, accentuating or softening the contrasts in decoration and furnishing. Photos of interiors with different color combinations can be an important help for the final selection.

The green door in the room

Under the color of the floor

Visual freedom in modern conditions is relevant not only for cramped premises, so experiments with contrasting colors for doors can be justified only when it is necessary to focus on the doorway, which in most cases leads to the effect of narrowing the space. Sharp contrasts and bright colors are used to correct narrow corridors with the optical effect of approaching the near-door wall.

Dark пол и дверь в комнате

A good choice is a tonal combination with the color of the floor. The door should not merge, but at the same time too stand out, but if it is on the border between different coatings, then you need to focus on the general shade. In spacious rooms, you can use the opposite combinations in the gamut, with the floor and doors should be in a warm or cold palette simultaneously. Texture texture, for example various types of bleached oak, on the floor, exclude the use of the same coating on the doors, and vice versa. Multicolor tile coating is well combined with monochrome doors completely coinciding with one of the colors.

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Door to the color of the floor in the interior Large mirror on the wall  Painting over an armchair  Door with patterns on the glass  Armchairs and table opposite the decorative fireplace  Bright interior in the hallway

Under the color of furniture

There are no general recommendations for color matching of furniture and interior doors, as the selection principle depends on the overall concept of finishing the room, the harmony of which can be ensured by the principle of three colors. Successful design solutions are possible with a complete match of the furniture cover and the door leaf, if the other two colors are "occupied" by walls, ceiling and floor. But this is a risky option, on the verge of bad taste. When combining furniture with doors, it is better to follow tonal conformity and similarity of textures and style. So, the doors of plastic will not look with furniture under the tree.

Beautiful tables and a sofa in the room Paintings on the wall in the living room  Door to the color of furniture in the interior  Original lamp near the couch  White полки и двери в комнате  A bright picture on the wall by the door

Under the color of the walls

The general impression of the room is formed primarily by a horizontal perspective, so the principle of selecting doors and walls is crucial. The combination method is dictated by the chosen style, contrast, masking, and additional decorating of the doorway can be applied.

Light door in a light interior Dark обои и темная дверь в интерьере  Orange walls and white doors  White wardrobe and door in the bedroom  Sliding door in the bedroom  The color of the door for the color of the walls in the room

The same doors for all rooms

With the traditional approach, which assumes the design of rooms in the same style and color scheme, the doors are the same or come in a set of deaf and light-passing composite models of the same line. Usually, for bathrooms and toilets, another kit is selected, which will allow to functionally isolate this zone and ensure moisture resistance of the coatings. Another rule of design - the same interior doors leaving the same room, with the exception of the entrance. Typically, it is an entrance hall, living room or other common room, the decoration of which dictates the choice of color and texture.

The same doors in the living room

In the case where several styles are used, monotony is excluded with different storylines. The search for a compromise option in the presence of a bedroom in the style of a classic, a cabinet in the spirit of minimalism and Scandinavian cuisine may not be crowned with success. It is important to find a special highlight, which will help to write different doors into the common house background. For example, the same type of door leaf, depending on the layout, can be used in swinging and sliding structures, doors made of wood or substitutes can be painted in different colors, in some cases one-sided decoration of the canvas is used.

Room with the same door Pictures on the walls of the room  Photo on the wall in the living room  Doors with the same design in the room  Backlight on the floor in the room  Dark двери в светлом интерьере


Light тона увеличивают пространство и придают особую легкость. Они хорошо смотрятся при низких потолках, но в случае высоких потолков – это единственно правильный выбор, поскольку выделенный ярким или темным оттенком дверной проем оставляет гнетущее впечатление.

Beautiful doors in the hallway

Важно: Light оттенки и пастельные тона станут оптимальным решением для глухих полотен в широких проемах, и комнатах расположенных не теневой стороне.

Arch in the interior Yellow walls and white door in the interior  Light door in the kitchen  Doors with the same design in the room  Light двери в интерьере  Hanger on the wall at the door


Doors of dark shades are used to accentuate the advantages of planning, so it is important to contrast them with the walls, and the proximity to the shades of the flooring. Another option - light floors and walls and dark furniture, or decorative skirting. The dark color looks stylish with glass inserts. If you use wallpaper with a pattern and pattern, the best choice is a monochrome dark door that matches one of the compound colors. The shades of brown and cappuccino are more suitable for a warm color scheme, dark gray looks good in monochrome compositions.

Lamps at the door

Important: Fashionable color of wenge wood - dark brown with black impregnations combined with all colors, provided that this is the only dark accent in the interior. Neutral

The color of ivory (ivory) in combination with simple door designs provides the necessary neutrality, both in strict classical compositions and in cases of style loading of the interior. The absence effect is created without additional masking, while against the background of such door leaves, you can focus on decorative accessories.

Dark двери в интерьере Black door in the bathroom  Table with vases in the interior  Carpet in the form of a skin on the floor of the room  The original watch on the wall of the hallway  Modern doors in the interior

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Depending on the performance, white expresses luxury or simplicity. The main advantage of this color is its versatility and purity, which does not require much effort to adjust the shades. The combination with plinths and platbands of the same color is a sufficient condition for compatibility. A small search in the contrasting composition of a white door leaf with a different color decor can lead to fatal results for harmony, so this option should be left to professionals. Another advantage of this color is the possibility of using an absolutely flat fabric without protrusions and frames. This version of the swinging door will look beautiful only in a pure white matte finish.

White door in the interior Sofa in front of the TV  Red armchair in white interior  Swinging machines белые двери в комнате  Beautiful interior of the hallway  Watch on the wall by the door

Silver and glass

Glass is used in sliding and pendulum structures, designed to emphasize the originality of the owners. At the same time, various processing technologies allow choosing any design style. This is a non-alternative possibility to have transparent partitions. Glass material also gives unlimited freedom for translucent variations that expand space. A unique silver shade with different transparency parameters, which is obtained when processing glass - a successful find for stylists. It turns out a beautiful and ergonomic imitation of the metal coating, perfectly combined with the nickel decor.

Glass door with silver fringing in the interior Glass двери в комнате  Modern interior with sliding doors  Painting on the wall by the door  Silver door in the interior  The door with patterns in the gray interior

Selection for the style of the interior

Interior doors in the interior, depending on the approach, can serve an official or an accentuate role in the design. In the first case, it is important to fit them into the color solution, to choose the most suitable way of opening and to introduce the characteristic elements through the fittings. In the second - the door becomes an object of design art and carries a style load.

A room in the style of minimalism with a dark door


Geometric proportionality, quality factor, provided by the quality of materials determine style features. This is primarily a blind or semi-glass doors made of wood, or veneer. The paneled structure is another characteristic feature of the classical style. The door leaf is assembled on a frame with blind or glass inserts. This technology can be used both on the tree and its substitutes. The combination with furniture in the style of Empire, Baroque, Rococo involves the covering of doors, without the allocation of a wooden pattern, it is possible to use white, or ivory. Gold and stucco can become an additional decoration.

Classic style room with a light door Bedroom in classic style  Armchairs and table near the fireplace  Light door in the interior  Anteroom in a classic style  Unusual fireplace in the interior


The smoothness and streamlining of silhouettes, the opposition to classics through the use of solid shield sheets, geometric abstractions and disproportions characterize the modern trends of the modern style. Transparent and translucent glass, a mirror placed in the frame construction, sliding and pendulum mechanisms, complement the interiors aged in both neutral and bright colors. The plastic door on the veranda or balcony, complementing the wide window - is an applicable option for this style.

Interior of the Art Nouveau room with a door Light bedroom in Art Nouveau style with dark doors  Original furniture in the room  The combination of gray and wood in the interior  Shelves on the wall in the room  Dark двери в светлом интерьере в стиле модерн

Eco style

Interior doors with a stylistic load of eco - it's a shield sheet of solid wood or veneer with a pronounced natural pattern and raw texture. An alternative to this is the usual and discreet design of the door without decorative excesses. A natural shade of color is a must.

Interior in eco-style with a door

High tech

Characteristic for this style of the desire for transformation causes a wide use of sliding and folding models. Color scale is cold, gray-white-black with wide application of silver and mirror surfaces. In hi-tech, you can safely add door leaves from combinations of plastic and dyed glass. Do not interfere with the additional accessories for automation and equipment of the doors with remote control.

Interior in high-tech style with sliding doors Original picture in the interior  Original interior design  Black sliding doors in white interior  Original lighting in the room  High-tech hallway


A stylish covering of doors for getting artificially aged or negligently colored effect can be done by oneself. Wooden doors with characteristic copper fittings, black or corrugated glass as the main cloth or component, sliding doors with open mechanisms - options for loft style. Another design technique is a violation of the standards of doorways, which can be disproportionately wide and high. A small and disguised door can also become a stylish detail of an industrial style.

Interior in loft style with a door

Important: Loft style gives a real chance to purchase different and unlike doors even for a one-room apartment.

Original lighting in the interior Suspended chandeliers above the table  Sliding door in the interior  Street lamps in the hallway  Brick and wood in the interior  Hallway in loft style