Interior with wallpaper of two kinds

Interior with wallpaper of two kinds

The decoration and interior decoration of the house is tightly connected with the selection of the necessary materials. Annually new solutions appear, but it is better to use traditional, proven methods. Wallpaper - a simple and reliable way to decorate the walls. With their help, the room is filled with warmth and comfort. Gets soul and mood. The assortment of drawings, colors and textures can decorate any place. In addition, if you create an interior with wallpaper of two types, then you can profitably emphasize the advantages, give a unique style and smooth out the shortcomings. The use of the right combination allows much to correct and improve. But the disharmonious and mistaken combination of canvases in a moment can ruin even the ideal proportions. It is important to think carefully and choose the right modification correctly. How to do it - read on.

Variants of visual deception:

  1. Combinations allow you to visually make the object more spacious, change the proportions, expand the passages;
  2. To raise low ceilings, and high to beat with design methods;
  3. Add and distribute light, highlight or darken specific areas;
  4. Wallpaper 2-3 colors are practiced to distribute space to the zones;
  5. Hide builders' errors and unevennesses;
  6. Create an individual design according to your personal needs.

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The method of combination is a win-win and versatile in the finish. Simple and affordable. Recognized throughout the world, interior designers regularly use it.

Elements of design should be the basis and attract attention, or become a background for bright accents. From the competent distribution of details depends on the impression of design.

What to consider when choosing two types of wallpaper

Standard apartments are a dull plexus of small rooms, impractical layouts, dark windows, secret pantries and oblique corners. You can impart life and coziness by selecting 2 types of wallpaper. But to view photos from the Internet before going to the wallpaper shop is not enough. It is important to seriously approach the issue and adjust the individual solution.

Combined wallpaper in the kitchen

Pay attention to:

  • height of the ceiling;
  • dimensions of the room;
  • lighting;
  • choose the texture of the wallpaper.

Identify the disadvantages of planning and solve by combining defects and defects. To take the initiative seriously, to study the information, the combination of colors and techniques.

The connection of the coarse and soft textures looks sloppy and careless, and the unsuccessful combination of colors and drawings is annoying. Correctly selected wallpapers will provide a harmonious and attractive result, create comfort, mood, comfort. Stressed by the nature and style of the owner, they will surprise friends.

Wallpaper for children's room

Ceiling height

When choosing the texture of the matter and the pattern, the ceiling level is taken into account. If the height of the walls is less than 2.5 meters - canvases of light tones, without large patterns and a soft structure. Wins the operation by horizontal lines, use on one wall, in corners or in the whole room. The accent wall (plot) is decorated with small ornamentation without heavy inserts. To divide horizontally and to combine rough textures it is not necessary. It is important to lighten and stretch the space. With a ceiling height of 3 meters, you can not lift it, general proportions are violated. Cross-section drawings will do. The lower part of the wall is advantageous for decorating with dark washable wallpaper, and the upper part with canvases with bright and large ornament. The background is neutral. Patterns are combined in style and color shade.

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Combined wallpaper for bedroom

There are 2 rules for selecting and combining wallpapers. The first is the same thickness. The second is the same face covering. Vinyl can be combined with vinyl, and paper with paper.

Dimensions of the room

When selecting wallpapers, analyze the width, length and geometry of the room. Proportions are often disturbed and require additional attention. Standard rooms are rare. Narrow patches are widened by a combination of light materials, and the cozy areas can be given a dark wallpaper with bright ornaments. Wall-papers on 1 wall will approach. The stretched room can easily be divided into sectors in different shades. The recreation zone is decorated with dark tones, and the working area with light colors. The second option - on long walls to hang wallpaper darker, and narrow - lighter with an overlap on a long one. Visually the opposites will approach in size and the proportions will equalize. The location of the entrance door is also taken into account, if on the wide side, then in the center of the opposite wall we have a bright inset in the form of a picture or a panel. The game with space is a popular design trick in the world.

Zoning гостиной Eastern motifs  Purple color for bedroom design  Juicy colors for wall decoration  Wallpaper companions for children  Combined wall decor

Billing selection

Particular attention should be paid to the choice of texture:

  • Paper wallpapers - environmentally friendly classics, harmless to health. Minus - fragile, quickly burn out, you can not wash;
  • Durable and long-lasting material - vinyl wallpaper. Plus - water resistance, wash, minus - low air permeability. Applied in the kitchen and in the children's rooms;
  • Non-woven - reliable and strong. Advantage - the glue is applied only to the wall, and the cloths are superimposed and smoothed;
  • Fiberglass - for fans to experiment with color. Recolor up to 12 times without losing the pattern;
  • Natural canvases from rice paper, bamboo and reeds - antibacterial, exotic and soundproof materials.

Desktop Wallpapers

If the walls are planned paintings and photographs, then smooth wallpaper, monochrome or with a small pattern. On uneven walls with defects apply decorations with stains of different sizes and colors. Wallpapers with sparkles and changing frosted glare are suitable in the guest room.

Room lighting

Ideally, the room is located on the south or west side, but if the windows face east, there will be light only in the morning, and from the north it will not be at all. How to fix the situation and make housing bright and lit? Do not turn the room into a "white cube". The situation will allow combining the wallpaper. In the complete absence of light (with windows to the north), a combination of natural shades is practiced. Emerald, canary yellow, royal blue - will add coziness, warmth and depth to the room. It is necessary to refrain from pastel, pearly and gentle tones, in the absence of light, they are given a gray color and look sad. Like brick, pale violet, peach and light blue color. In low light (windows from the east) and artificial light colors are suitable for pastel and neutral: cream, beige, soft blue, golden, pale green hues.

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Bedroom design Black and white interior  Beige wallpapers  Elite interior design  Gray wall decor  Different kinds of wallpaper for kitchen

Layout Methods

The combination of different colors of wallpaper - a universal way to design and visual transformation of space. The result exceeds expectations. Among the many manners of layout, there are the main, most effective methods:

  1. Vertical combination (raises ceilings);
  2. Horizontal division (extends and attaches proportions to small rooms with high ceilings);
  3. Zoning (advantageously divides common rooms into sectors);
  4. Decorative inserts or panels (imparts an elegant and classic style);
  5. Accent wall (controls attention, emphasizes advantageous locations and masks defects).

Spacious living room

It is important to connect the cloths of one "temperature". All colors are divided into 2 groups - warm and cold. Mix should not be. Different types of wallpapers in the design of one room - either glossy or matte. Otherwise, the interior will turn into vulgar and tasteless.

Vertical combination

Strips, placed vertically, visually raise the ceiling. It is enough to apply the technique on 1-2 walls or corners, and on the remaining surfaces to use matter with a light pattern or texture, and the overhanging heaviness will go away. Often glue canvases with a vertical pattern, evenly distributed throughout the walls. The interval and width of the bands may vary. As well as color with a picture. The shade is used - monochrome (from one color series) or contrast, suitable according to the laws of color. But the texture of the wallpaper must be the same, otherwise it will turn out roughly and disharmoniously. Refresh the room and repair easily - by gluing vertically 2-3 strips of different shades in a certain sector. Often firms produce canvases with the same pattern, but of different colors and choosing 2 harmonious shades one can get an excellent result.

The combination of different wallpapers in the design of the living room Style Provence  Combined wallpaper in the nursery  Zoning детской  Delicate color for bedroom design  Wallpaper companions

Horizontal division

Classics of design. Apply horizontal division long ago, with the appearance of new textures the method works even better. Profitable divides the space across, visually expands the small area and lowers the high ceilings. It is enough for one thin strip pasted across the square. Standard proportions are 1 to 3, from the top of the wall (light shades) or bottom (dark shades). Split in half - do not. Standard horizontal divisions:

lower third - a strip2 thirds of the top - small ornament
lower third - small pattern2 third of the top - monophonic
lower 2 thirds - large ornamenttop - monophonic

Horizontal division prolong the window sill, create a high plinth. In the children's room on the lower part, it is advantageous and practical to paste washable wallpaper. Important. Places of joints should be closed with a border. Paper edging, molding, ceiling plinth or wooden slats.

Photo wallpapers in the interior Modern in the interior  Bedroom in pink colors  Coffee wallpapers  Bright accents  Design of a living room with wallpapers


Модные сейчас квартиры студии выполняют сразу несколько функций и преимущественно разделяют зоны с помощью обоев 2-3 цветов. Zoning кардинально меняет комнату, привлекает внимание к одному сектору и затеняет другой. Метод обеспечивает максимальную функциональность интерьеру. Помещение разделят на зоны по следующим причинам:

  • separate the rest area from the kitchen area;
  • a small area does not allow the use of partitions, and zonal overlapping will bring the result closer;
  • furniture of different styles to be assembled in different zones and to avoid problems of controversy in design;
  • highlight the main part;
  • divide a large corridor into an input and a common one;
  • in the nursery for 2 children, divided into individual parts.
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The rules for combining colors and textures are missing. The transverse line and the vertical line perfectly handle the task. As well as contrasting colors with patterns. Contradiction and difference in zoning is allowed and practiced.

Hallway design

Decorative inserts or panels

The first wallpaper was fabric and expensive, they were bought by rich people and were not glued along the whole wall, but by pictures within the framework. Now decorative inserts and panels are the main accent of decorating the room. This is the only bright part, the rest of the area is decorated with monotonous canvases of neutral color. Elements of the insert are silk-screen printing, photos and beaded wallpaper.

Rules of arrangement:

  1. Placed on a large wall without photos, paintings and niches;
  2. The panel is the main accent and should remain the only one;
  3. Operate pieces of wallpaper, wallpapers and three-dimensional elements;
  4. The frame is mandatory.

Luxurious living room

To enhance the effect in large halls, the LED backlight in the frame is used. Benefit from the wallpaper of nature and flowers on the main wall. A romantic and dreamy style is created. Urban landscapes on the contrary contribute to the dynamics. The decoration method with panels and inserts is very effective. Creates a cozy and individual design.

Accent wall

To attract attention and project the original idea, you can draw an accent wall. Often practiced in 2 cases. The first is to divert attention from the vices of the room, crooked walls with cracks in old houses. The second is to highlight the interior items, put a bed on a bright background, separate the dining table in the kitchen. The wall attracts and accentuates the view.

An interesting way of decorating niches and protrusions, which cause trouble and frustration, is quite an interesting way. To achieve the greatest productivity use bright, with large ornamental materials. As in the reception of inserts and panels for playing the accent wall, you can use wallpaper of nature, animals, beach and city landscapes. The rules of combination, the limitations of colors and textures are not present, the main thing is that it should look nice and harmonious.

Strip and Damascus in the interior

Tips for combining wallpapers

Fabrics should be the same texture and thickness. If you use all the different textures with a horizontal division of the joints, you should close the molding, the wooden slats or the upper skirting board.

Colors are combined from one color range, different shades or completely opposite. Shades of blue or a combination of white and black.

In a small room it is better to use light wallpaper and apply the zoning method. Non-standard layouts and defects can be smoothed with an accent wall or by combining 2 kinds of cloth.

Designer interior Living room in a private house  Light wallpaper for children  Green color in the interior  Decor from the remains of wallpaper  Flower interior

Emphasize the special objects of the interior with a decorative inset.

In a dark room with low walls to cover with wallpaper natural shades and ceiling. Pastel and shiny shades do not use, without light, they give a gray tone. A high ceiling will hide the horizontal division.

A large and empty space will fill with comfort a combination of dark, noble painting of canvases.


Wallpaper - a versatile and multifunctional finishing material. The use of combining 2 types of paintings transforms and improves the interior. The method is able to visually play proportions and simulate space. Solves the problems of planning, lighting and construction defects. Creates an exclusive style and original design.

The merits of this method are unlimited. As well as ways of its application. A huge plus is the availability for everyone and the opportunity to realize their fantasies independently, without additional costs. Make your home a personal masterpiece, where it is cozy and comfortable for you, using simple methods of combining canvases.