Bedroom in scandinavian style: 100 photos of unusual bedroom

Scandinavian style in the modern world has become very popular, we will analyze in detail all the nuances of this design direction.


There are two types of this style, but everyone has complete harmony with the surrounding nature, lightness, some ephemeral, emphasis on the intellectual component, love of flowers, gardening, etc.

Life in difficult conditions, a small amount of sun and rich forest expanses were reflected in the Scandinavian interior, which was divided into 2 types: classical and modern.


Table of contents of the article:

  • Two styles
  • Color spectrum
  • Furniture
  • Bedroom lighting
  • Interior extras
  • Scandinavian style bedroom photo

Two styles

Classic Edition

Here there are notes of provincialism, the romance of the nature of the northern landscape, which is considered strict, but magical.


He was present in the interior of the houses of the XIX century, where on a snow-white background furniture and Scandinavian decor are well-marked.


Modern version

The asceticism and Nordic character of the Scandinavian style in the interior of the bedroom is expressed in a small number of details of the decor. But funny toys, vases, pictures, photos, cute night lights and other accessories dilute the severity of the room.


The main thing is the functionality of things and minimalism.


Karl Larsson helped to create and unite in one Scandinavian direction. He left a lot of paintings with beautiful interiors of his own house, they liked the Swedes, so began to spread the style. The paintings are painted in bright, joyful colors, filled with love, cleanliness and warmth of comfort. This became the standard of the Scandinavian house.


The great contribution to the formation of the Scandinavian style was made by the designer Karl Malmsten. He included in the design various crafts made of wood and metal handmade, which were famous for local craftsmen, as well as textile items.


Color spectrum

The design of the bedroom in the Scandinavian style includes all shades of snow-white color, gentle-heavenly, as well as sand, the color of green grass, gray and different shades of red. Clean colors are used without any impurities. More often it is monophonic colors or with small drawings. Bedroom in two colors - photo examples how to decorate an unusual interior in the bedroom

White bedroom in Scandinavian style

Very impressive look gray or sky-blue shades on a snow-white or milky background. Scandinavians are very fond of heavenly color, it is most often used in design.


Important! To apply bright colors it is possible only small accents, in a room should not be very variegated.


The walls are often painted with paint, but wallpapers with small light ornaments are also possible. The bedroom in Scandinavian style is decorated in a gently blue color.


Textiles can be in a cage, but it must be taken into account that the Scottish cage is of contrasting bright colors, and here beige, light gray or light brown. Excellent looking stripes with traditional ornament of northerners. It is fashionable in the apartments to paste wallpaper with a Scandinavian forest full of secrets and mysteries.

I have written my plan

The provincial atmosphere of natural sweet warmth does not tolerate fanciful luxury. It can be compared to the French Provence, where the rural and peasant approach to design.

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The northern fairy tale should also reign in the furniture of the Scandinavian bedroom design.


In the classical version of the style, it is important to have a worn wooden surface, old upholstery, but with embroidered cushion ornaments, wood carvings, always soft toys and handmade details.


In the modern version, it is possible to furnish in the style of the 1960s or later.


Bedroom lighting

Lack of light in the North, was embodied in bright lighting of multi-level sources: it is bio-fireplaces, night lamps on tables, stylish high lamps (floor lamps) on the floor and on the ceiling. All should be only from natural environmentally friendly materials and shades.


Interior extras

Scandinavians are very fond of flowers and gardening. The Scandinavian style of the bedroom suggests local flowers and plants in pots that make it akin to the Provence. It looks good laurel or citrus dwarf trees, various herbs, which can then be used. It fits the style and will serve as an excellent bedroom decor.

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"Scandinavian" decor - no stucco, super fashion trends in design, everything is simple with the tenderness of a child. In everything there is a sense of fundamental, quality and strength.


Parquet in the apartment "aged"? This is suitable for vintage, it can be otsiklevat, cover with varnish for accuracy. Parquet of pine color perfectly fits into the interior of the bedroom.


For a laminate it is necessary to select shades which imitate a pine and other trees. On the floor must choose a bright accent - a large carpet with a bright ethnic pattern, which is so typical of the Scandinavians.


Advice! Stick to the main rule - everything needs functionality, but with gentle trivia.


Wicker baskets look beautiful, where you can put magazines or needlework items (knitting needles, threads, etc.).

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