Modern wall decoration with wood and wood panels - 30 photos

Wood is a universal material for building and finishing your home. Wherever you use it, it instantly adds warmth and comfort, relaxes, pacifies and simply pleases the eye. The decoration of the walls with wood perfectly fits into any style of the interior, allowing to realize elegant and non-standard solutions. Moreover, today, the finishing of walls with wooden panels becomes a popular trend, giving the opportunity to look at the design of rooms in a new way. In this article, you will see 30 photos of interiors with chic wood trim.

Finishing of walls by a tree: we choose a material

When selecting wood for decorative wall decoration, special attention should be paid to the quality and efficiency of the selected material in the interior. Advantages of natural wooden walls in the interior are:

  • Environmentally friendly coating;
  • Practicality and durability;
  • Good heat and sound insulation;
  • The ability to perfectly match modern materials;
  • A wide range of beautiful shades and textures.

As with exterior works, the interior decoration of walls with wood can be carried out with the use of wax or oil impregnation, various stains, varnishes and paints that give a refined look to the simplest board, and significantly increase the service life.

Below we will consider and compare the features of the use of wood and wood panels in the interior of houses and apartments, and also give 30 inspirational photos.

Beautiful wooden walls in the interior (lining, boards, etc.)

Typically, the interior decoration of the walls with wood is made of expensive rocks: a maple, cedar, oak, alder, cherry, pear, beech or other trees. They are not so afraid of moisture and temperature changes as the more traditional pine, but because of the high cost it is sometimes easier to apply it, only with the addition of a protective coating.

Wall decoration with wood - types of materials and photos

Lining is increasingly used in country houses, whereas in modern apartments and private houses it has become fashionable to apply boards and laminate. Particularly beautiful in the interior look wooden walls, made with the application:

  • Imitations of an aged tree;
  • Use of bleached wood technology;
  • Spila, which allows you to feel the natural primordiality in the interior.

Wooden walls in the interior with an imitation of antiquityDecoration of the walls under the tree - felled and framed in the interior of the living room Wooden panels in the interior of a tree

Note that the finishing of walls with a tree can completely cover the walls or be used as a decorative element. At the last version, it is installed behind a sofa, bed head, TV or fireplace, and also in combination with stone, brick and painted walls.

Decorative wall decoration with wood - boards on the wall with a fireplace Decorative wall finishing with a tree in combination with a brick wall

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We offer you to enjoy 12 more stunning photos of wall decoration with wood in the interior. Notice how the texture and color of the tree determines the style of each space.

Wooden panels for interior decoration of walls - photo of bathroomOptions for decorating the walls with wood in the interior of the bedroomWall decoration in a country houseWall decoration in the interior - photo of vertical boards Decorative furnish of walls in a tree in an interior in style of the country Decorating the walls with a tree - a photo of a modern bedroomAlso read: Wooden private houses - types of facades and photosWooden wall in the interior - photo of the laminateWooden walls in the interior of the living room of a private house Decorating the walls with a tree in the interior - a photo in an unusual styleWall decoration with wood - photo of a beautiful laminate on the walls Wood wall finishing options - laminate in interior design Parquet board - decoration of the walls under the tree in the interior

Decorative wall finishing with wooden panels - 10 photos in the interior

Wooden panels for interior walls are made of cheaper raw materials: spruce, pine, larch, fir or birch. They are more economically advantageous, they are easy to install and are widely used for decoration of premises.

Horizontal placement of wooden panels on the walls allows you to visually increase the width of the room, while narrow vertical panels raise the ceiling. With the decorative decoration of the walls, the wooden panels are combined with mirrors and shiny metal inserts, as well as with beautiful textures of materials, for example leather upholstery of a sofa or fur.

Just look how exquisitely they look at photos of interiors! More information on wood panels and other materials can be found in our article: Using wall panels in interior design!

Wooden panels in the interior - chic living room design Wooden panels for interior decoration of walls - photo of living roomWooden panels for interior decoration of walls - photo with imitation of antiquity Wall decoration with wooden panels - photo of living room in modern style Wooden panels for wall decoration - photos in the interiorAlso read: Stylish wall-papers - 45 photos in an interiorFinishing the walls with panels of wood - photo in the living roomPanels made of wood for the decoration of walls in the style of luxury Wall decoration for a tree - wall panels in the interiorDecorative wall decoration with wood and stone Wooden panels in the interior - photos of the bedroom

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