Stretch ceilings - 32 beautiful and fashionable photos

Beautiful and presentable to decorate the room can stretch ceilings. The variety of types of such finishes gives a lot of space for various design ideas. Some of them contribute to the visual expansion of space, others - give a special comfort to the room, the third - adequately emphasize the modern style of the interior. The decoration is done quickly and conveniently. In this article, we'll talk about how the design of stretch ceilings, the main characteristics of the material, and also consider examples of design with a photo.

Ceiling suspended ceilings

Stretch ceilings - this is a stretched fabric, fixed on the perimeter of the room with a specially prepared frame. The installation of this type of finishing passes quickly and without dust, and you can implement it yourself. In this case, you do not have to spend time on leveling the ceiling surface with plaster and other materials. The ceiling will look absolutely smooth and neat. For this design there are two main types of material: using PVC film and fabric stretch ceilings.

Stretch ceilings made of PVC

The film material has a wide variety of colors and textures that can be combined during the installation process. Shrink PVC stretch ceilings have a high level of water resistance, which allows their installation in the bathroom and kitchen. At the same time, they are afraid of low temperatures and can crack, so their installation is not allowed in unheated rooms. Please note that high-quality film is produced in rolls, the width of which does not exceed 2.2 meters, since at large sizes it no longer has the proper thickness. To make a more dimensional surface, the cuts of the film are welded by a special technology, while the seam visually remains invisible.

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Glossy stretch ceilings

Glossy stretch ceilings это один из подвидов ПВХ пленки, который дает возможность наполнить комнату светом, преобразить ее и зрительно расширить. Glossy stretch ceilings, фото которых представлены в нашей статье — это наилучший способ достичь эффектной поверхности. Их применение возможно для любых помещений, особенно небольших. Единственная комната, где бы не рекомендовалось оборудовать всю поверхность глянцем — это спальня.

design of stretch ceilings, photo 7stretch ceiling in the bathroom, photo 8stretch ceilings in the hall, photo 9глянцевые stretch ceilings, photo 10

In order to make the ceiling look the most beautiful, it is important to think carefully about the lighting. In the photo you can see how interesting the ceilings look, where the halls are equipped with point lights that mimic starryness.

Glossy film has a large palette of colors. Also on it you can apply any photo, taking into account the style of the room.

For small rooms, a white glossy ceiling will be appropriate, which makes the room higher and wider, while having an exquisite appearance.

глянцевые stretch ceilings, photo 11глянцевые stretch ceilings, photo 12

For connoisseurs of non-standard approach in interior design, you can use black gloss, which is perfectly combined with any palette and will look impressive and unordinary.

Matt stretch ceilings

If the ceiling surface with a reflective effect irritates the eye, but it would be desirable to have an ideal coating that would have a stylish appearance, it is worth paying attention to the matt tension ceilings. This kind of decoration is popular in interior design in classic and retro styles. Matte surface can "drown out" unnecessary gleams and highlight the main advantages of the interior.

матовые stretch ceilings, photo 13матовые stretch ceilings, photo 14

Due to their appearance, such ceilings will bring a special comfortable and stylish atmosphere to the room. As you can see in the photo, they are ideal for sleeping rooms. It is worth noting the fact that quite often these designs are used to equip ceilings in exhibition halls, conservatories and museums. A matt stretch ceiling in the kitchen can help create a cozy, warm interior in any style, due to which it is popular.

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Fabric stretch ceilings

One of the advantages of this material is that stretch ceilings with its use are seamless, as the width of the canvas can reach more than 5 meters, and the maximum length in a roll is 100 meters. In texture, the fabric can be silk, satin, velvet, cotton, and also imitate natural materials such as suede, leather.

тканевые stretch ceilings, photo 19fabric stretch ceilings, photo 20

Beautifully decorate such stretch ceilings of the hall (photo of how it looks, you can see in our article), bedrooms, children's rooms and any other premises. The brightness of the paints and the elasticity of the surface are preserved for a rather long period due to the content of the special polyurethane impregnation in the material.

Another advantage of fabric ceilings is their ability to withstand a wide temperature range from -30 to +50 degrees, which allows their use even in unheated rooms. In the photo, presented in the article, you can see how fabulous the fabric stretch ceilings look. A special originality can be attributed to the imposition of images or paintings.

fabric stretch ceilings, photo 21color stretch ceilings, photo 22fabric stretch ceilings, photo 23

The disadvantages of this type can be attributed to a relatively high cost. But it is justified by not less high quality, ease of installation and wide possibilities of decoration.

Two-level suspended ceilings

Создать красивое оформление и визуально поднять высоту комнаты могут двухуровневые потолки. Two-level suspended ceilings могут быть сделаны из любых вышеперечисленных материалов. В большинстве случаев устанавливаются двухуровневые натяжные потолки в зал, где площадь позволяет воплотить самые грандиозные решения. На фото мы видим, насколько шикарно смотрятся потолочные поверхности в таком исполнении.

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The use of matt structures made of PVC, as well as fabric, will best allow to decorate the two-level ceiling in the bedroom, making it so cozy and romantic that it does not want to leave it in the morning.

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Stretch ceilings in a small bathroom visually reduce the room, so they are best used in large bathrooms.

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In general, whatever the design of stretch ceilings, they will always look very worthy in the interior of both classical and modern trends. Now these designs are quite popular, they have a rich variety of textures and colors, and the ecological purity of the material allows their use absolutely in any room.