Striped wallpaper in the interior: types and combining

Wallpaper stripes in the interior

Striped ornament in the design of the walls is a popular and always up-to-date trend, allowing the original design of an apartment. Wallpaper stripes in the interior are an effective tool with which you can visually adjust the scale of the area of ​​the room. Quality materials with original design find their place in any part of the house: from the hallway and the corridor to the elegant living room and cozy children's room.

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From the design point of view, the strip is an element that adds dynamism to the decoration. That's why wallpaper of this format is often used as a decoration of the accent wall, which becomes the basis of the design concept of the room. To complement the interior of this format is textiles with a related print, for example, curtains or decorative cushions for upholstered furniture.

Striped wallpaper in neutral and pastel colors, on the contrary, makes the interior more calm and peaceful.

Dark Wallpaper for Kitchen

The wide striped print emphasizes the obvious shortcomings of the walls: extensive bulges and hollows. Therefore, before finishing, you should maximally level the surface to avoid distortion of the pattern.

Types of strips

A variety of wallpaper designs allows you to choose a strip of width and direction that perfectly fit into the interior. Vertical strokes, graceful horizontals, diagonal and zigzag patterns make it possible to embody the designer's non-trivial ideas and create unique decorations that have no analogues.

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Vertical strip

Straight vertical lines conceal asymmetry and visually "lift" the ceilings. The walls in such a strip in the interior look already, but higher, and the combination with the glossy mirror surface of stretch ceilings creates an optical illusion of infinity, which will be a godsend for rooms with low ceilings.

Vertical bands are contraindicated for small rooms. Such a print should be chosen only for finishing spacious apartments, where the visual reduction of the area will not affect the overall perception of the interior. Wallpaper with vertically arranged lines are perfect for large living rooms and large bedrooms. For a compact kitchen or bathroom it is worthwhile to find an ornament of a different kind.

Vertical stripes Combined wallpaper  Caramel shades  Pink decoration  Country in the bedroom decor  Creative design of the living room

A contrasting vertical strip of two shades makes the room austere and restrained. This color scheme is perfect for an apartment in which a man lives.

Horizontal stripes on wallpaper

Laconic horizontal lines are designed to visually expand the narrow space. Long rooms with high ceilings - an ideal place for the realization of the interior with a similar ornament. This layout is often found in the so-called "Khrushchev": bedrooms in apartments of this class often have an elongated rectangular shape, which makes it difficult to develop a spectacular contemporary design.

But the transverse bands smoothen the real proportions of the room, hiding the asymmetry of the walls. To compensate for the optical decrease in the height of the room, stretch ceilings with a glossy surface capable of partially reflecting objects can be used.

Children's design

To enhance the expanding effect of horizontal lines for such a room as a floor covering, it is worth choosing a laminate or a parquet board, which must be laid diagonally.

Wide contrasting strips hide more space than narrow ones. The latter can partly hide defects and uneven walls. Therefore, they are often used to mask niches or hidden doorways.

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Cozy bedroom

Diagonal strip in the interior

Diagonal lines make the interior more dynamic and fresh. Such a picture is relevant for a children's room, as well as for rooms with walls of irregular geometric shapes, for example, on the attic floor.

You can choose wallpaper with a diagonal strip for finishing a separate zone in the room or for using a wall panel from the wallpaper. This technique allows you to concentrate on a specific area, harmoniously selected one-color accessories will look very effective on a similar background.

Diagonal stripes on wallpaper

Diagonal strips organically intertwine in the styles of pop art and modern, which are popular for interior decoration of the kitchen. Bright and juicy lines will be an inspiring "highlight" of the premises, if they are used to decorate the accent wall. For other surfaces and furniture it is necessary to choose a related color scheme that will complement one of the tones of the strips.

Size and design of bands

The width and color design of the bands on the wall play a huge role in the perception of the room. Wide and narrow, laconic and with an interesting ornament, textured or inconspicuous - the final appearance of the decoration depends on the type of drawing, which can be as restrained and solemn, so bold and screaming.

Hallway Wallpaper Blue walls  Black and white wall decor  Light green wallpaper in the room  Coffee shades  Room for a girl

Wide strip

Wide stripes - one of the most modern and stylish options for decorating. Bright contrasting colors will appeal to young and energetic people. Wide lines are easier to perceive by sight, and their combination with a floral print or monochrome surfaces makes it possible to create a spectacular interior.

Thick stripes in calm pastel colors create a soft, peaceful atmosphere and are ideal for decorating a sleeping place, a spacious living room and an adult's room. An elegant combination of beige and warm coffee-brown shades is appropriate in the office.

Wide bands на стенах

The horizontal wide lines conceal more space than the more elegant outlines. Therefore, such a print is appropriate only for large rooms. If you want to cover a small room with striped wallpaper, choose the vertical arrangement of the pattern.

Narrow strip

Finishing materials with a print in a narrow monophonic strip help to embody a discreet and quiet interior, endowed with an atmosphere of tranquility. Such wallpaper perfectly fit into the classic style of decoration of both a country house and a city apartment. Such an ornament can "get lost" in large areas and from a distance look completely monophonic. This feature allows you to achieve interesting visual effects and not overload your eyes.

Narrow stripes on wallpaper Emerald color in the interior  Design of a living room in American style  Modern in the interior of the living room  Gentle shades  Beige wallpaper striped

A thin contrast stripe and lines of bright screaming shades can ripple, so for a balanced design of the room it is worth picking up the appropriate one-color furniture and textile accessories. Against the background of striped walls, the softest headsets of plain shapes will most organically look. An important condition for maintaining harmony in such a room is the lack of small details and minimalism.

Wallpapers with stripes and flowers

Lovely stripes and elegant floral patterns - a business card of the Provence style. Delicate pastel shades of blue and pink are perfect for both bedroom design and for the design of the living room and corridors in the apartment.

Flower-striped ornament allows you to recreate a laid-back romantic atmosphere. Authentic decor and furniture help emphasize the overall concept of the interior:

  • headsets with a patina effect;
  • thematic paintings in vintage frames;
  • porcelain dishes with a vegetable pattern;
  • accessories created by own hands;
  • light curtains made of light air fabrics.

Stripes and flowers Purple tones in the interior  Decor living room  Flower motifs  Kitchen interier  Combined wallpaper

The combination of the color range of wallpaper and upholstered furniture - the guarantee of a harmonious interior. For the decor of furniture, select the appropriate textiles with a related flower print, which will complement the motifs of the drawings on the walls.

Monochrome bands

The wallpaper in a single tone, differing only in the intensity of the hue, is suitable for almost all rooms in the house. With this decoration, the hall, bedroom, and children's room will look reserved and calm, appeasingly affecting the owners of housing. The optimal color solution for this interior will be all shades of green, gray, brown and blue. Combine striped wallpaper can be monophonic: to create a harmonious decoration, you should purchase finishing materials from one collection, which will ideally match in color.

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Monochrome wallpapers Lighting for the living room  Furniture in the tone of wallpaper  Original decor of the children's room  Shebbi-chic in the interior of the living room  Design of a small room

Strips on wallpaper, made within the same color, are perfect for finishing the "active" wall. Such a surface will be allocated in the general form of the interior, but will not pull all the attention to itself, leaving the opportunity to boldly choose non-trivial decor.

Striped wallpaper with a pattern and ornament

The original ornament on striped wallpaper is inherent in the Baroque style. The palace interior is magnificent when embodied in the bedroom, dining room or living room. Elegant monograms, whimsical and ornate lines are effectively combined with narrow and wide stripes. On a similar background, heavy furniture from natural wood looks spectacular, you can decorate it with textiles with a pattern similar to wallpaper.

Ornament on the wall

Harmoniously fit into the interior in the Baroque style and heavy dense curtains, which are optimally suited for the bedroom.

To complement the surface of walls with stripes and elegant ornaments can be using a monochrome curb, the color of which will not conflict with the color of the wallpaper. As finishing materials it is necessary to choose the non-woven and fabric wallpaper based on silk: these types of finishing will complement the room with a halo of respectability and aristocracy.

Patterns on the wallpaper in the bedroom

Textured stripes on wallpaper

The textured surface of the wallpaper allows you to hide the small defects of the wall. Textured strips endow it with volume and effectively look in a modern and minimalist design. Similar wallpaper on a non-woven or vinyl base is ideal for finishing the accent wall.

Choose such wallpaper is best in monochrome colors or classic contrasting shades. But the last kind of color solution is better to combine with monophonic wallpaper from one collection.

Brick wallcoverings Combined decor  Striped tricolor wallpaper  Stylish interior  Blue walls  The combination of purple and mustard

In such an interior lighting plays a special role. The abundance of point light fixtures with controlled intensity of light will allow to add to the design even more dynamics and will emphasize the unusual texture of the surface.

Add a spectacular design will allow a leather set or furniture on low legs.

Brilliant strips on wallpaper

Wallpapers with stripes with a metallized effect look in the interior especially solemnly. Small or wide lines should alternate with a background of neutral color. Shade is assisted by lighting fixtures and accessories with shiny details.

It is not necessary to select wallpaper with stripes in metallic style. There are finishing materials on which shiny elements glow only at a certain angle and emit different texture from the metal, for example, velvet.

Glossy walls Shiny wallpaper  Puddles in the bedroom decor  Bright wall in the living room  Decor living room  Children's room

Light wallpaper with shiny stripes are optimally suited for small rooms, visually increasing the limited space. Analogues in dark colors are indispensable for finishing the active wall in the bedroom and for spacious rooms with plenty of natural light.

Color solution for interior with wallpaper in stripes

Striped interior looks spectacular in many color combinations. But some of them do not lose their relevance for years and look modern regardless of the era:

  1. White wallpaper in a shallow dark strip is ideal for small rooms, and for spacious rooms, which add even more space. Calm design is suitable for sale in the bedroom, living room and children's room.
  2. Gray monochrome and gray-white striped wallpaper serves as a balanced background for bright decor and unusual furniture.
  3. Like gray, all shades of beige counterbalance other bright colors. In combination with white sand tones look neutral and harmoniously fit into the bedroom furniture.
  4. Black and white striped wallpaper is a symbol of rigor and restraint. Such an interior should be diluted with bright accents, for example, a red banquet for the bedroom, a turquoise carpet or a juicy panel of photo wallpapers.
  5. Red or maroon stripes on the wallpaper are appropriate on the accent wall and most spectacularly look in combination with white.
  6. Orange and bright shades of sunny yellow fits perfectly into the interior of modern cuisine. You can combine a cheerful tone with bands of black and white.
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Striped wallpaper on the walls of different rooms

Strips are appropriate for the design of the interior design of each room in the apartment. For each zone there are recommendations, adhering to which you can create a unique decoration:

  1. The hallway and corridors usually suffer from a lack of natural light. It can be filled with striped wallpaper, combining white with olive, pistachio, golden-beige or light green shades.
  2. For the kitchen, two-color stripes of different widths are located, located vertically, or wide strips of neutral colors.
  3. When decorating the living room, there are really wide possibilities: the stripes in this part of the apartment are relevant in many styles and are almost not tied to the color scheme.
  4. The choice of colors for the bedroom is pursued by the creation of a calm atmosphere. Selecting the shades of striped wallpaper, look at the finishing materials in a monochrome palette, pastel tones of pink, green, beige, blue and brown shades.
  5. In the nursery you can make an active wall, decorated with wallpaper in multi-colored stripes, containing several bright shades. On such a wall it is appropriate to place a sports or gaming complex. Juicy colors will stimulate the child to active activity.
  6. The bathroom is usually finished with moisture-resistant wallpaper. Good characteristics are vinyl and non-woven wallpaper, whose stripes can have an effective metallized gloss or an interesting texture.

Living room in beige tones Light room  Ties in a zigzag style  Simple wallpaper in the living room  Design renovation in the bedroom  Scandinavian style

Stripes and various interior styles

A strip in the interior can be organically entered into many current trends, used in the design of a city apartment or a country house. Conservatives will like the combination of striped wallpaper with the basic ideas of the classic style and restrained English motives. Pomposity and respectability of the Baroque can also be supplemented with elegant verticals on the walls, which are combined with non-trivial monograms.

The band next to the delicate flowers will become a harmonious part of the retro-style decoration and design, executed in the Provencal manner. And for the playful modernist style, bright pin-ups and pop art trends, striped prints of straight and zigzag shapes are relevant. Sea style - a hostage of white and blue stripes, which look organically on the walls. Supplement these wallpapers can be themed decor. Such an interior will be a great idea for a child's room of a boy who adores everything connected with the sea and pirates.

Studio apartment

With what effectively to combine a strip in design

The easiest way to effectively combine stylish striped wallpaper - combine them with monophonic finishing materials, the color of which coincides with one of the shades of stripes. The most organically look interiors, wallpapers in which are selected within the limits of one collection of the manufacturer.

Print to peas - another option to complement the striped interior. Such an ornament looks lovely in retro interiors and complements the design of rooms made in the style of the 50-60's.

The size of the peas should be commensurate with the width of the stripes on the wallpaper.

Textiles for striped wallpaper

Flower and plant motifs also perfectly match the striped walls. But one of the ornaments should be predominant, therefore one of the patterns must be less bright and saturated than the second one.

Wallpaper with stripes of different widths effectively complement the design, focusing on large surfaces and profitable shading of other interior details. Such finishing materials can completely change the perception of the room, filigree by reshaping its proportions. Experiment with colors and shapes, creating a bold and recognizable design of the apartment.