Bedroom design in green colors

Bedroom interior in green colors

The bedroom is one of the most important places in the house. The decoration of this room should maximize relaxation, rest, and first of all - night and daytime sleep. Comfortable bed, soft bed linen, sufficient soundproofing of the room will help to fall asleep and sleep well, but color design is also important.

Bedroom in green colors

Here is the list of the most popular of them:

  • light green;
  • white-green;
  • ambrosia;
  • pale lime;
  • khaki;
  • yellow-green;
  • cabbage leaves;
  • opal;
  • color absinthe;
  • a spring bouquet;
  • palm;
  • turquoise;
  • lime sherbet;
  • dusty jade;
  • forest shadows;
  • frosted glass;
  • juniper;
  • dark-spruce;
  • deep forest;
  • dark candied fruit;
  • malachite;
  • bronze fog;
  • tortoiseshell and others.

Stylish bedroom in green colors Bedroom interior in green colors  Interior of a green bedroom  Unusual interior of a green bedroom  Design of a green bedroom  Design of a white-green bedroom

Most of the above described shades are suitable for sleeping - they slow down the pulse, promote relaxation, in the room of such colors you want to lie down or sleep. But contrasting combinations with red or white can on the contrary, invigorate, annoy. Therefore, in the design of interiors predominantly quiet tone combinations are used.

Bedroom design in olive

Which styles are best for using green

The bedroom in an ecological style may well be completely green. It recreates the atmosphere of a tropical forest, a pine forest, a flowering garden. The walls look great with wallpaper with widescreen images of the above landscapes. Indispensable attributes of this design are large plants in flowerpots. They are located everywhere - on the windowsills, covered with linen napkins, in floor vases, boxes, hanging wall pots. "In the subject" will have a huge aquarium with exotic fish and an abundance of algae. On the floor you can put a fluffy carpet with a long "grassy" pile - it will imitate a real lawn.

Beautiful bedroom in green tones Beautiful bedroom in green and white colors  Stylish bedroom in green and white colors  Bedroom in green, beige and burgundy tones  Teen bedroom in green tones  The combination of colors in the interior of the green bedroom

Classic style will also have to the place. Smoke-green heavy curtains with lambrequins, vintage carved furniture, marble countertops, stucco molding with silvering or bronzing. On the floor - oak veneer, on the walls - brown-green wallpaper with a small floral pattern.

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Expressionism in the design of the room looks original, exotic. The colors here are pale, blurry, no sharp contrasts. The focus is on natural tones, and the brightness is given with neon lights. The abundance of plastic and mirrors, matte surfaces and paintings of Expressionist artists within, light and elegant accessories are welcomed.

Shades of green in the design of the bedroom

Vanguard for a bedroom is acceptable, but it should be borne in mind that the shades used for it unnecessarily excite the nervous system. Because the colors are mostly quiet, and the stylistics are maintained with the help of original shapes of objects, LED lighting in the right places. Yellow-green textiles, light walls, a small number of bright prints looks very good.

The following styles are also acceptable:

  • art-deco;
  • romantic;
  • Provence;
  • nautical;
  • Oriental;
  • colonial;
  • minimalism.

Striped green bedroom  Interior of the bedroom with a large window in green tones  Bedroom interior in green and beige tones  Unusual bedroom design in green tones  Shades of green and yellow in the design of the bedroom  The combination of colors of the interior of the green bedroom

Successful combination of colors

Green is used with contrasting colors, such as purple, burgundy, black, white. Different shades of this range are well combined in a monochrome room. Wooden furniture in the green interior looks very harmonious, friendly - this is the most natural color combination. In the room, which is made in pastel colors, the greens will become a bright accent - this is an intricate floral pattern on the wallpaper, curtains, bedspreads. The green-white interior is the most gentle, it will fit even for the child's bedroom.

The combination of green with other colors in the interior of the bedroom

Many designers do not like green and black combinations, considering them gloomy, moody. In fact, such an interior can also be made beautiful, cozy, "diluted" with a small amount of pastel shades, the right lighting. In combination with blue, this color will create an atmosphere of pleasant appeasement, and yellow notes will lift the mood, helping to tune in to a positive mood. Green-red design for the bedroom is strongly discouraged, as it often gives an unnecessarily exciting effect.

The combination of green and black in the interior of the bedroom The combination of green and yellow in the interior of the bedroom  The combination of green and beige in the interior of the bedroom  The combination of green and white in the interior of the bedroom  The combination of green and brown in the interior of the bedroom  Combination of green with yellow and turquoise in the interior of the bedroom

Such combinations are also recommended:

  • lime with graphite, peach, salmon;
  • emerald with burgundy, tin, bronze;
  • mint with yellow, gray, wood;
  • lime with olive, sand, lavender;
  • olive with lilac, tender pink, cream;
  • bright green with khaki, mustard, purple.

Interior of a spacious bedroom in green colors

Ideas and tips

The main recommendations of interior specialists are:

  • использовать для спальни максимально светлые тона – травянистый, морской волны, фисташковый, светло-light green;
  • it is better not to use neon colors - such an interior "strains" the nervous system, it is difficult to fall asleep in such a room;
  • it is preferable to make only one tone prevailing - the rest will be additions;
  • In this room, matte surfaces should predominate - the gloss creates an excessive shine.

When using certain combinations in the sleeping area, one should be guided by one's own feelings - the same colors have a diametrically opposite effect on different people.

Emerald in the bedroom design

Furniture selection

Furnishing for a green bedroom is always preferable from natural wood - oak, ash, pine, etc. It should be comfortable, functional, mostly matt.

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An example set for this room looks like this:

  • bed - double, single, one and a half, preferably with an orthopedic mattress;
  • тумбочка - одна или две;
  • dresser for linen - bed and bed;
  • wardrobe - rectangular or angular;
  • dressing table or dressing table;
  • bookshelf.

Interior of a small bedroom in green colors Interior of a green bedroom в классическом стиле  Interior of a green bedroom в стиле модерн  Simple bedroom interior in green and beige tones  Elegant bedroom interior in green and brown tones  Elegant bedroom interior in green and white colors

Woven rattan, bamboo furniture is very suitable for decoration in eco-style. If the furniture is painted in green, then the walls, floor, ceiling are preferred light - tender-lilac, pale-green, white. When there is a dressing table in the room, a mirror can be placed above it - this is especially true for small bedrooms. The built-in wardrobe with a full-length mirror also visually expands the small space. If the bedroom is small, then instead of a bed you get a folding sofa or a two-tiered structure.

Most modern manufacturers offer furniture for the bedroom immediately sets, different price categories and from all sorts of materials.

Bedroom interior in green colors с подсветкой Bedroom for newlyweds in green and white colors  Brown, beige and green in the interior of the bedroom  Brown and green in the interior of the bedroom  Elements of decor for a green bedroom  Green bedroom in a marine style

Curtains and not only - choose textiles

Draperies for the bedroom are given special attention - it should be warm, soft, cozy. Curtains are preferable dense - to fall asleep better in total darkness, especially it is important, when early lightens and late darkens. The color of the curtains is preferred contrasting with the shades of the walls - with emerald, light green, olive white, cream, lilac looks good. For a modern and minimalism red or black curtains, wood-brown - to ecological, bluish-turquoise - sea will approach.

Bedroom in green colors с фотообоями Green bedroom in classic style  Green shades in the design of a small bedroom  Bedroom in green color  Green curtains in the bedroom  Shades of brown and green in the interior of the bedroom

Solid carpets made of natural materials on the floor and wall simulate moss or spring grass. Striped pillows, cloaks on the armchair can also be combined with curtains in a cage or strip. Bedding is better to choose darker, without contrasting drawings, but the cover is recommended on the contrary with fantasy patterns.

Bedroom interior light green color

Decoration Materials

Wall materials can be wallpapers, colored plasters, various paints, plastic wall panels in combination with other materials. Style Provence, oriental fabric fabric upholstery for the walls. For a small bedroom should choose the most light shades - pale-pear, green apple, moss and fern. Large bedrooms with windows facing south are suitable for cool colors - emerald, menthol, gray-green. If you paint different walls with different colors of green scale, it will be very beautiful and original.

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Interior of the bedroom in green and light beige tones Malachite in bedroom design  Art Nouveau in the green bedroom  Bedroom in white and green colors  Bedroom in beige-green colors  Bedroom design in beige green colors

On the floor, the tiles look like malachite tones, and natural stone is not recommended - it is very cold. Swamp color laminates, wooden parquet, floorboard suitable for classical style. The ceiling is preferred light, tension, with light ceiling cornices, built-in light sources. One-level and smooth visually make the cot close up.

Professionally executed art painting of walls will decorate any interior. If you want, you can easily do it yourself.

Unusual bedroom design in beige green colors Unusual bedroom design in pink and green tones  Unusual bedroom design in green and white colors  Mirror cabinet in the bedroom  Green and brown bedroom  Olive-beige bedroom


There should be several sources of light:

  • common top light;
  • a small wall lamp or sconce directly above the bed;
  • lighting cabinets or dressing room;
  • for a children's bedroom - figured nochnichok.

Lighting в спальне зеленого цвета

Regardless of the style chosen, the lighting should be warm, muted, diffused. Volumetric crystal or metal chandeliers are suitable for classical interiors, but they will only clutter a small room. If the room is planned only to sleep, then it will be quite dull light, for fans to read before going to bed useful bright lamp above the bed or placed on the bedside table. For eco-style light woven plafonds, classical - from a frosted glass will approach.

Accessories in the bedroom are green Accessories in the bedroom in green tones  Accessories in the bedroom in green and beige tones  Bright green bedroom  Cozy bedroom in green colors  Bedroom with green wallpaper

Elements of decor and accessories

Modular paintings with images of landscapes and abstractions will noticeably transform even the most modest interior. In the bedroom of a child or a young girl as accessories there are soft toys, dolls, fantasy pillows. Soft ottomans of different shades, wooden figurines, living plants in clay pots, floor lamps with greenish-beige shades of textile materials will help to supplement, revitalize the space, give it a complete finish. Prints, 3D stickers, ceiling rosettes and stucco should not "weight", but only diversify the arrangement of the room.

Green bedroom with round bed Green bedroom in minimalism style  Bright bedroom of green color  Light bedroom in gray-green tones  Green in the bedroom design  Bedroom for a teenager in green tones

Bedroom in green colors will help to relax, sleep well, to be vigorous and collected the next day - a person spends here more than a third of his life. This design is quite versatile, a huge number of interesting color combinations will allow everyone to choose for themselves a unique design. Esotericists believe that green color in the room increases immunity, gives vitality to all those present. Professional design solutions will help you determine the most harmonious colors, acceptable stylistics, decorative elements.