Bedroom for a teenager

Table by the window

Adolescence is considered the most difficult stage in the process of becoming a person. Even yesterday's child begins to look for himself, sometimes to challenge the parental authority and to re-evaluate values. At the forefront of communication with their peers. It is in society that the teenager tries to establish himself as a person, and to form the self-consciousness of an adult person. The most complex manifestation of adolescence is youthful maximalism. The child ceases to compromise, divides the world only into black and white without halftones, becomes straightforward and rushes with conclusions. Parents often become his "personal enemies" because of the clash of views of generations, the so-called conflict of fathers and children. The atmosphere of the house is heated, the sense of comfort is lost. It is extremely important that the child's room becomes his "fortress", where he will feel at ease. The design of a bedroom for a teenager should not only organically combine with the design of other rooms of an apartment or house, but also be liked by the inhabitant of this room.

To the girl felt involved in the design process, you can suggest sewing curtains or pillowcases for pillows, a blanket in the style of patchwork. A teenage boy will be interested in making his own rack or chairs with his own hands. The direct participation in the decoration process will help the child to get better in his new room and strengthen the trust between him and his parents. You can not impose your opinion, however correct it may be, when choosing the finishes or lighting features. If a teenager insists on a tasteless decision, he needs to be supported in this. Let him be convinced on business in incorrectness of the judgments and will draw conclusions that parental support will always accompany him.

Zoning the room

In the teenage room, the number of functional zones is still preserved from the nursery. The room should include:

  • Workplace for study.
  • Playground and entertainment.
  • Corner for creativity and hobbies.
  • A sleeping place which can be combined with a platform for passive rest.
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Wooden partition If the dimensions of the room, for example, in Khrushchev leave much to be desired, then some areas close in functionality will have to be compactly integrated into one. Zoning in this case is only conditional or conditionally-actual. You can divide the area with curtains, mobile screens, sliding doors made of frosted glass. Also zoning is conditional using light, color combinations, combinations of different textures of finishing materials, paired decor elements. In spacious rooms, when the bedroom for the child is located in a private house and occupies, for example, the entire attic, it is better to use furniture, false walls, arched vaults or static partitions.

Stylistic direction

Do not be mistaken that only modern, progressive styles are suitable for teenagers. Any direction can be adapted to the taste preferences of a small room tenant. Among the most successful options designers note:

  • Loft. The direction will be appreciated by the young men. Interior, made in loft style, has a touch of chic. The rooms use a sophisticated lighting system, in which decorative light is given special attention. The furniture combines old elements and ultramodern details. High ceilings are decorated with communicative systems. The brickwork on the accent wall will emphasize the modernity of the style. Brown, black, white and gray prevail in the shades. Although loft refers to respectable styles, it will be to the liking of young rebels.

Suspended bed Telescope Brick wall Road signs Colored bed headboard Bob Marley

  • Classic style. It is more suitable for girls. To emphasize the charm of the interior in the color scheme use white and shades of pink, thereby moving away from the canonical brown, which the child may find too boring. Furniture is made of wood, and textiles are dominated by expensive fabrics with luxurious patterns.

Lacy textiles Chest of drawers with a large mirror  Palma for bed  The bed opposite the window Chest near the windowsill  Drawing on the Mirror

  • High tech. A universal style that will appeal to both girls and boys. The abundance of white and gray will make the room lighter and more spacious. Chromed surfaces and glass emphasize the "cold" elegance of the techno-style.

Bright carpet In gray color In a small room Bed in the corner Pictures above the table With access to the street

  • Minimalism. In the decoration only light shades are used, and in the colors of furniture and decor - discreet, contrasting tones. Style is ideal for small rooms, as visually increases them by a couple of meters and creates the illusion of freedom. The direction will appeal to teenagers in that the time for cleaning the premises with a small amount of furniture and things will be reduced to a minimum.

Straight lines Bright pouf Airplane on the ceiling Bed above the table Soft carpet Two beds

  • Provence. Soft, warm, elegant direction suitable for girls. In the Provence use pastel shades, wood, aged pieces of furniture. In the decoration apply wallpaper in a small flower, which is in harmony with the lace and aura.

Metal bed Corner shelf Mirror cabinet Paintings on the wall Shelves around the bed Horns on the wall

  • Scandinavian style. The main concept of the direction is spatial freedom and an abundance of light. Severe northern climate is reflected in the interior: the "snow-covered" finish in white is combined with a rare greens of pine needles and blue shades of ice.

Wallpaper in fine pattern Shelf for books in bed Bed by the window Shelves on the wall  Table with pencil case  Bed with drawers

  • American style. Although the direction is largely similar to the classics, its concept is more democratic. The monochrome upholstery of furniture of light shades is combined with the motley textile of the decor, decorated with geometric patterns. The floor is finished with wood and the walls are conservative plaster. As a decor can act groups of paintings on the walls, classic lamps, mirrors, pads on the bed. For the American style is characterized by the combination of several zones in the same room, so in the teen bedroom it will look appropriate and organic.
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Regiment with awards Folding bed Table near the bed Shelves for the whole wall Red in the interior With a focus on football

  • The Vanguard. The direction is considered a symbol of youth and rebellious spirit. For the avant-garde, the use of non-traditional finishing materials (mainly plastic) is typical, which saves considerable money. In a bright interior the emphasis is on geometry. Triangles, circles, squares are present in the forms of armchairs, coffee tables, decor, textiles and photo wallpaper. A stylish addition to the interior will be groups of fixtures of extraordinary shapes, bright posters, two-color contrasting curtains.

Lamp of unusual shape  Shelf with bed  Drawers under the bed  Bright curtains  Motivating inscriptions  Table by the window

It also works well with teenage marine style rooms and eco direction. In the second case, parents can gently teach the child to appreciate nature and take care of his health, surrounded exclusively by natural materials.

Color spectrum

In the color palette, you should choose the golden mean. The basis is better to use neutral, calm shades: white, gray, peach, blue, yellow. The choice of accented tones can be entrusted to a teenager. Their roles can be green, purple, blue, lilac, coral, red, cherry, mint, mustard. Teenagers like brightness. Conservative parents may not always understand such taste preferences, but the choice of combining concept remains for them. Optimum variant is considered a trio from a combination of a light background, close to it in spirit of a shade and bright, contrasting tones in a decor.

Turquoise elements

Materials and methods of finishing

In the decoration of walls it is better to give preference to the traditional option - wallpaper. The shade and character of the picture are discussed together with the child.

If there is a conflict of tastes, the main covering can be chosen by parents, and the decoration of the accent wall with photo-images with the original image is left to the adolescent.

Closet near the tableThe ceiling can be made gypsum cardboard or stretch, it will fit any stylistic direction. In the first case, such a design move will create a complex lighting system. Do not recommend the use of a frame structure, plastered with plasterboard in rooms with low ceilings. The floor covering is chosen in accordance with the stylistic decision. For the Provence, classics, avant-garde parquet is suitable. The Scandinavian, American and modern styles use laminate. If a teenager is fond of sports or too active, then it is possible to lay the floor with carpet, which will soften the blows and help avoid conflicts with neighbors from below.

Choosing furniture

For small rooms, the furniture kit must be chosen, relying on ergonomics and multifunctionality. The standard elements for a teen bedroom are a bed, a wardrobe, an armchair or chair and a desk. The size of the storage system will depend on the wealth of the child's wardrobe. If there are a lot of things, it is better to buy a built-in closet made to order. Its design will save space, but at the same time will give the opportunity to equip this wardrobe in the room. The workplace can be combined with a bedroom, if you purchase a special kit. In it, the bed is located on the second tier, and the table and chair are placed under it. The original option will be paired racks with books and textbooks installed on both sides of the bed. Cupboard above the bed

Decor and Textiles

Decoration of a teenage bedroom includes the selection of plafonds for lighting fixtures, chandeliers, curtains, pads, carpets and paintings, photographs. In order to take care of the child's health, textiles should be chosen natural: cotton, linen, silk, cotton. Synthetics will quickly deteriorate. If a teenager is fond of music, then guitars or a drum set can also become part of the decor. Young scientists will enjoy a large slate. By the way, it can be placed on the accent wall at the head of the bed. Geographic map of the world will help in learning and become a unique decoration of the room. If a teenager is fond of classical literature, then the wall is decorated with an old version with "charred" edges and scuffs. Future entomologists like the option of placing on the wall of their collection of dried insects, placed in a frame. Decor can be neatly combined with the hobby of the child, which will only stimulate him to new discoveries in his favorite pastime.

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Map on the wall

Bedroom for a boy teenager

Boys always have specific hobbies. The most popular are:

  • Warfare.
  • Sports activities.
  • Computer games.
  • "Male" sciences (physics, chemistry).
  • Ship business.
  • Cinema and music.

Computer table and wardrobe For a good rest, a young boy needs to be given a separate zone, where he can calmly do what he likes. If parents listen to the interests of the child, help in the implementation of tasks, then the difficult period of growing up will not be so violent.

Bedroom for a teenage girl

For the girl it is necessary to create a luxurious wardrobe. A set of dresses, trousers, blouses and skirts is best placed in the dressing room. The young fashionista will like a separate room, intended only for clothes. Among the standard hobbies for girls are:

  • Needlework (embroidery, knitting, sewing).
  • Cooking.
  • Music and cinema.
  • Design.
  • Drawing or sculpture.
  • Soap making, candle making.
  • Creating dolls.
  • Sports (yoga, fitness, pilates).

In the teenage room of the girl there should be a separate corner for this hobby. For small rooms, a compact workshop, hidden in a fake cabinet, will become a salvation.

Chest of drawers with mirror

Do not forget about the dressing table or a small chest of drawers with a mirror and chair, since any girl (even the smallest) always cares about her appearance.

Bedroom for two teenagers

If in a children's room pairs of sets of beds and workplaces are placed, then in the room where two teenagers live, the identity principle no longer works. Each child should have a personal space where he will pursue his hobby. If the room is small, the sleeping place is made in the form of a bunk bed, and two workplaces are combined into one long table. The cabinet can be conditionally divided by a partition between the shelves. If a girl and a young man live in the room, then it will have to be zoned. The optimum option will be a wall of frosted glass, a cabinet or a rack with books. To preserve the unity of the composition, each zone is designed thematically, but within the same style.

Bunk bed


Properly selected design of the teen room can make a big contribution to the relationship between the child and the parents. If you listen to the opinion of the child and allow him to make his own choices, he will feel that his interests and tastes are respected and treated already as an adult. If a teenager is comfortable and comfortable at home, then the period of personal development will be more smooth. He will not seek adventures on the street or in dubious companies, when his own world awaits in his room, where one can safely pursue a hobby, learn, or just relax with friends who are not ashamed to bring on a visit.