Bedrooms in dark colors

Bedroom design in dark colors

Doubt - is it worth it to decorate the bedroom in dark color? It all depends on your preferences. If you need an interior in which you will easily fall asleep, wake up vigorously and rested - do not be afraid to challenge the dark.

One of the significant advantages of dark colors is their versatility. They perfectly "get along" with any color palettes. Bright, pastel and neutral tones perfectly "get along" with black, graphite, chocolate, dark blue, plum, myrtle. Being near, these colors favorably emphasize the beauty and expressiveness of each other. Dark shades are welcome guests in any interior. Especially they are popular in the styles of art deco, modern, classic, high-tech, neoclassic, loft, pop art. On the anthracite or chocolate wall carved gilded frames, sculptures, mirrors, chrome accessories, bright posters become even more noticeable and brighter.

Floor lamp in the corner  Armchairs by the window  Light carpet on the floor  Wall-papers on the wall  Pendant lamps near the bed

Dark paints on the walls change the geometry of space. Having formed an accent wall in these shades, you can shorten an excessively long room, bring its shape closer to the square. Covering all the walls with deep shades, you can achieve expansion of the space, provided that white, light gray, dairy or pastel furniture and decor are used. A competent combination of dark and light colors can decorate even a small bedroom in Khrushchev.

Bust on the nightstand Multilevel ceiling in the interior  Large windows in the bedroom  Sofa at the wall  Paintings on the wall  White curtains on the window

The design rules for a bedroom in dark color

Choosing the same tone for the design of the bedroom, it is worth following some rules:

  • Wallpaper for walls is better to choose monochrome, so that the patterns do not distract attention from significant details. Ornament will be appropriate only on the accent wall.
  • Furniture and accessories should contrast with the background. Brown or black walls ideally decorate white or dairy furniture, and vice versa - when using dark furniture it is better to choose light finishing materials - at least for the accent wall.
  • Bedding is better to withstand in gentle pastel or neutral light shades. It will become another smear that will make the room easier, more airy and more expressive. Textiles should be combined with other accents of the interior.
  • The dark walls and floor will enliven the white ceiling and stucco decoration - a variety of moldings, buisere panels, columns and fireplaces. Light elements will come to the fore, and the darkened ones will move away, become less noticeable.
  • The bedroom in muted tones should be placed on the sunny side. The room will penetrate enough light, and it will not be too gloomy.
  • The choice of such an interior is fully justified in the premises with large panoramic windows, since additional light here does not hurt.
  • It is necessary to provide different lighting scenarios. Competent placement of a variety of floor lamps, spots and sconces is able to turn a dark room into a masterpiece of design art.
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Bedroom design in dark color

The dark interior will make an incredibly expressive and luxurious accent in the form of a mirror wall made of tile, mosaic or whole canvas. Reflective surfaces catch light rays and saturate the room with them. You can supplement the design with mirror stickers.

Chandeliers over the bedside tables  Paintings on the floor  Laminate in the bedroom  Painting by the bed  TV on the wall


The bedroom, made in dark colors, requires a combination of different lighting options. Combinations of general and accent light will help create a unique atmosphere. For general lighting, spotlights, hanging chandeliers with frosted plafonds are perfect. Such light does not irritate the eyes and evenly spreads through the room. Contrast decoration requires sharp directional lighting. It is in a dark room that this method of highlighting accessories will be particularly appropriate. Illumination of paintings, figurines, unique design creations will allow to achieve their special expressiveness. Organize this kind of lighting can be using the sconce, floor lamp, track systems and table lamps.

Lighting спальни в темных тонах

The lamps themselves can become contrast accents against the background of the main scale. Beautifully stand out in the dark color of the white lampshades. Do not be afraid to overdo it with the backlight. Introduction to the interior of a large number of different light devices only beautifies the space. The LED ribbon enveloping the headboard or built into the ceiling and wall niches looks great. If you place the light sources under the bed, it will feel like it is floating in the air. Such techniques help to lighten dark interior objects to make them weightless. Romantics and even more light will present graceful candles, preferably safe ones - on LEDs.

Leather panels on the wall  Silvery furniture in the bedroom  Red table in a dark interior  Working table in the interior  Mirror in the headboard

Texture and texture of finishing materials

To the walls of the room did not look like a solid dark spot you can play not only with color, but also with texture. The combination of heterogeneous surfaces allows you to make the finish original and expressive. Usually for the decoration of walls use smooth monophonic materials - wallpaper or paint. Separate zones - for example - a part of the wall above the headboard and other significant areas are highlighted with textural materials. For this, decorative plaster, soft panels, wallpaper with volumetric pattern, clinker tile, artificial stone will do.

Black wallpapers in the bedroom  Table between chairs  Brick wall in the interior  Vase on the nightstand  Mirror above the table

A certain section of the wall can be selected using coatings with an expressive print. Today, in the wallpaper catalogs, you can choose collections of monophonic canvases and products with a decorative pattern. Accent options will look stunning on the background of the basic coatings. Even more effective are the wallpaper with a photoprint - images of the night megacities, forest thickets, hypertrophied colors in the interior of the dark bedroom look incredibly spectacular and realistic.

Chandelier and lamps of the same design in the interior

The floor, like the walls, is made in dark color, using laminate, parquet board, vinyl tile for this. Furniture merges with the coating and it seems not so heavy. The ceiling is better to paint in white or choose light stretch fabrics. White surface is advantageously decorated with an ornament, made in the same shade as the walls. Just do not need to occupy the entire surface. It is enough to decorate the site around the chandelier or in the corner. Expansion of the space and saturation of its light will contribute to a set of mirror or chrome-plated ceiling structures.

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Telescope at the window  Bedroom with balcony  A niche in the headboard  The palm in the corner  Table with a vase by the bed

Contrast solutions

Use in the interior of the opposite shades makes it original and modern. Combined in such combinations, the colors emphasize the dignity of each other. Black and white, muted moss and cherry, red and black, graphite and yellow, dark blue and pink look together incredibly stylish. The absence of smooth transitions can be corrected by introducing a third color into the composition, using patterns and ornaments. Achromatic interior looks too strict. Relive it with a calm or bright color accent of burgundy, red, blue, blueberry, carrot, turquoise, salad or yellow. The composition of two saturated tones can be softened using neutral colors - beige, milky, white.

Contrasting Bedroom Design Interior in black and white  Backlit bed  Red curtains on the window  Yellow accents in the gray interior  Seat on the window

Accessories and decor

Dark walls - a luxurious "frame" for contrasting or neutral decor. The best place to place photo frames, posters, pictures - the wall above the bed. They can be fixed on the surface, placed on a shelf or in a decorative niche with lighting. Here, white candles, statuettes, caskets, books will look great. You can decorate the wall with a light inscription or a mirror decoration in the form of butterflies, sun or clock. In modern interiors you can not do without chrome elements. A highlight may be a septum made of large glass beads that will reflect light and visually zonate space. Dark bedrooms do not tolerate a lot of randomly set accessories. The appearance of each element of the decor should be carefully planned. It is necessary to determine the style of the object, to think over the arrangement, to organize its lighting.

Décor in the bedroom in dark colors Skin on the floor  Starry sky on the ceiling  Panel on the headboard  Bed at the septum  Yellow armchairs in the interior

Choosing furniture

Queen of the bedroom - bed. It is the starting point in the interior. From what it will depend on the choice of the rest of the decoration. It is not necessary to darken the dark walls with a light headboard. The bed can be black or brown, and an accent that will allow it to stand out against the background and unite with other elements of design will be textiles - light or contrast. Cabinets are selected in accordance with the finish of the room. On the dark walls, white furniture, dairy or ivory, cherry, light wood look spectacular. Dressing table, chest of drawers and armchair can be executed in the same shades.

Furniture in the bedroom in dark colors

Dark surfaces absorb light like a sponge. To fix this, you need to enter as many glossy parts as possible into the interior. Lacquered furniture reflects the light well, looks stylish and expensive. Subject to competent lighting and skillful combination with other shades, it will not overload the interior. The choice of coverings depends on what space we want to get. Gloss, glass, leather surfaces and built-in mirrors will make the interior dynamic and luxurious. Suede or velvet upholstery, matte facades fill the room with warmth and comfort.

Battery under the window  White bed in a dark bedroom  Tree on the ceiling  Interior with chocolate curtains  Yellow shelf near the wall

Dark Walls

When we are going to decorate the bedroom in dark colors, we inevitably come across a question - what color is better for walls. Consider different options of deep shades that can become your favorites.

The walls of the bedroom can be made:

  • dark brown - the color of coffee or bitter chocolate is soothing, helps to relax, quickly fall asleep. In combination with beige or peach fills the room with comfort and warmth;
  • dark blue - sapphire or midnight blue - deep noble colors that evoke thoughts of the sea. They serve as a luxurious backdrop for white furniture and accessories. A calm atmosphere can be created using dark blue in combinations of similar shades - sky blue, cornflower blue;
  • dark green - muted shades are ideal for a bedroom, because they cause drowsiness. They can be advantageously shaded by the color of ivory, milky, beige or contrasting shades - terracotta, wine, ruby;
  • dark gray - graphite, anthracite tone look great in modern metal interiors as a background for lilac, coral, blue or light yellow accents;
  • black - the competent use of this color allows you to create a calm and cozy atmosphere. The whole secret is in spectacular accessories that stand out against the background of black walls. The traditional combination of black and white will make the rich red color even more expressive. With a brown combination will turn gloomy. Any bright cold shades will give elegance and restraint;
  • dark red - a luxurious option, which, unlike bright colors of the same color, does not cause a surge of energy. Pomegranate, mahogany, the color of the burgundy rose opposite give peace. Walls in such shades look incredibly expensive. These colors blend well with gray, brown, dark green, light pink, tender blue, peach.
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Dark Walls в спальне Ceiling fan  Photo with a white frame in a dark interior  The book on the table  TV on the mast  Work table on the windowsill

Bedroom design with dark ceiling

Many believe that dark colors in this case are not appropriate. Allegedly, they bring the ceiling closer, "eat" the height of the rooms and make the room uncomfortable and gloomy. In fact, the ceiling decorated in this way is lost against a background of white baguette, chandelier and lamps. Especially, this effect is noticeable when using glossy options. Due to their reflective properties, the visual boundary between the interior space and the coating is erased, and the ceiling becomes simply bottomless. The dark top, complemented by accessories and textiles in similar colors, looks spectacular against the background of light walls. Attention is shifted to the ceiling, and it acts as the main accent of the interior.

Bedroom design with dark ceiling Lockers on the wall  Photos on shelves  Study on the balcony  Chest of drawers near the wall  Fireplace in the interior

How to make a bedroom with a dark floor

Dark colors make the floor incredibly stylish and expensive. On its background, light furniture excels, and the dark one seems light and refined. The floor can serve as a continuation of the dark walls. In another case - to contrast sharply with them, supporting the ceiling or being a self-sufficient element of the interior. It is well trimmed with white skirting boards and doors. The brown floor is decorated with beige elements or made with it in one color. When the platbands and door leaves flow into the floor covering, a feeling of unity is created. This combination will be the highlight of any style, depending on the chosen shade and material. Parquet, tiles for wood, granite, granular floors will give luxury to any room. Filling surfaces have a good reflective ability, which gives them an attractive gloss and depth. They perfectly look fluffy carpets in light or bright colors, or mats with contrasting ornament.

Bedroom with dark floor

Let's talk about the practicality of this option. Dark floors are rather unremarkable, but they are clearly visible dust, and chipped. Therefore, they require daily careful care and accuracy.

Armchair in the corner  Wooden furniture in the interior  Pictures in the bedroom  The combination of blue walls and brown curtains  Interior in Scandinavian style


The possibilities of decorating a bedroom in a dark color are almost unlimited. But correctly calculate the balance and correctly plan such an interior is not so simple. Use our advice and implement in your life, extraordinary, bold decisions. Experiment and do not pay attention to stereotypes.