How to fill a small apartment in 33 square meters. m volume

Interior of a small studio apartment

Today, miniature studio apartments are very popular. However, their small area is often an obstacle to the proper and functional organization of space.

We suggest visitors of the site about small interiors to get acquainted with the basic techniques of competent visual expansion of space in such premises on a concrete example.

Dining area in studio apartment

The apartment has an area of ​​only 33 square meters and is located in the building of the former research institute, which has a corridor system for organizing premises.

Based on modern western trends, the designer skillfully uses the typical features of the old building to form a unique interior of the apartment.

The most suitable direction in it is the unconventional style of the loft, which emphasizes the industrial appearance and atmosphere of the building itself.

A small bedroom behind the glass

In the central spacious room are compactly placed all the items necessary for life. Here, the dining room and kitchen area were formed, as well as a comfortable sofa for rest.

Dining and kitchen areas

A metal partition with transparent glass facades fulfills the function of the original wall between the living room and the bedroom. This reception perfectly divides the space into functional areas, forming a separate isolated sleeping place.

Brick wall in the living room Brick wall in the living room

At the head of the bed is a blank wall separating the room from the hallway. The total area of ​​the sleeping area is quite a bit larger than the size of the bed. There are only small parietal corridors on both sides for passage.

Wooden wall in the bedroom Decorative items in the bedroom

Loft style is characterized by industrial motives, brutal elements, rough textures, as well as the availability of open communication systems. In the example considered, the interior stylistics is literally emphasized by wall brickwork.

In the design studio used a classic red brick of the times of advice. In combination with the partition, it fills the space characteristic for that era of the spirit of constructivism.

The adjacent wall is sewed with plasterboard. It has a flat surface and a corny white color. The wall at the head of the bed consists of processed wooden boards. Its brutal gray color perfectly complements the style of the room far from tradition.

Interior of a small living room

The original black slate path conditionally separates the living room and kitchen area. Its appearance and texture, it perfectly complements the unique environment of space.

Dining area in the living room Serving of a dinner table

One of the walls of the living room from floor to ceiling is a kitchen set with built-in appliances. Its facade is made of teak wood, the warm tones of which slightly soften the abrupt factory interior and create a cozy home atmosphere in the room.

Dining room and kitchen area Suspended light above the dining table Interior of a small bathroom Dry branch on the wall in the bathroom The layout of a small studio apartment