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The chandelier plays a huge role in creating a comfortable interior of the room, in which it will be pleasant to stay during the rest. However, to choose beautiful, suitable for the style of interior lighting is very simple.


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  • Which chandeliers are suitable for a bedroom
  • Chandelier for a bedroom of modern design
  • Lighting Set
  • Features of lighting in the bedroom
  • Chandeliers for a small bedroom
  • Photos of the best ideas for bedroom chandeliers

Which chandeliers are suitable for a bedroom

When choosing a bedroom lighting it is important to take into account the dimensions of the room, for this you need to find out the total area of ​​the room, as well as the height of the walls. These are the main criteria by which you can choose a chandelier. For example, you might like a crystal chandelier, but it is not suitable for a small room with a low ceiling.

In a small room it is better to choose an ornate lamp. The original appearance of such a chandelier in the interior of the bedroom will look stylish.


Low ceilings of the room will not crush if chandelier plafonds look up. Also you need to pay attention to the style of the interior of the room and the color range of the bedroom. In addition, when choosing a chandelier, it is important to consider the elements of decor and textiles in the bedroom.

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Chandelier for a bedroom of modern design

It is quite difficult to choose a lighting device in the already created interior in a modern style. To date, the most popular modern chandeliers in the bedroom, the range of which is amazing.


Among them there are lamps for rooms of any size, these can be wall lamps and suspended chandeliers in the bedroom, they come in different shapes and sizes.


Modern chandeliers are distinguished by simple shapes, traditional materials such as crystal, glass, bronze, plastic, wood and chrome-plated metal.

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Lighting Set

For the bedroom, designers recommend buying more than one chandelier, and a set of lamps, which will have a ceiling chandelier and a wall sconce. And you can choose a kit, for any style of interior, starting from the classical, ending with modern.


An excellent option will be a chandelier in the bedroom of the design development, a unique device will give the originality of the room in English or classical style.


Recently, chandeliers have appeared, lighting of which can be controlled from the console, this lamp is ideal for the bedroom, allowing you to mute or turn off the light without getting out of bed.


Features of lighting in the bedroom

A bedroom is a room that has its own characteristics, because it is a place of rest and sleep. Accordingly, lighting in such a room should be chosen with great care, so as not to cause discomfort.

bedroom 1

The optimal solution for the bedroom will be to install the lamps on the bedside table or dressing table as additional lighting, and it will be better if they have matt plafonds.

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The dimmed light of night lamps will not irritate the eyes and allow you to relax in the most comfortable surroundings. In addition, such lighting will give the room a romantic feel, as in a photo of a chandelier in the bedroom, where on the bedside tables are graceful lamps.


Also, choosing a bedroom chandelier, you should pay attention to the fact that she has the ability to adjust the light supply so that if you need to dim the light or increase the lighting.


Chandeliers for a small bedroom

Choosing a chandelier for a small bedroom you need to adhere to certain rules. So the lighting of a small room will depend on the height of the walls, the area of ​​the room, the number and size of the windows. In the event that the room is well lit by natural light, a chandelier with a lot of plafonds or several tiers of lamps will not be needed.


A large chandelier is not suitable for a small room, the more it is not necessary to choose a massive lamp. It should also be taken into account that a low-lying chandelier visually reduces space, making the room look cluttered.

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Too small lamps in a small bedroom will look ridiculous, so the best solution can be a chandelier in the bedroom of a medium-sized ceiling with frosted plafonds. It will also look good in the bedroom white ceiling lamp.


In addition to the size of the bedroom area is no less important and the style of the interior of the room. In the bedroom in the style of minimalism, the wall lamp with a crystal ceiling lamp will not fit. In a classic-style bedroom, you should not hang a plastic chandelier.


Ideal for a bedroom are textile chandeliers, which make the bedroom more delicate and refined. In such a cozy bedroom will be comfortable to rest.


Photos of the best ideas for bedroom chandeliers


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bedroom 2

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