Chests of the bedroom - 60 photos in the interior

A chest of drawers, such an ordinary thing in an interior, is not at all a modern invention. The chest of drawers in French means "comfortable". The prototype of the chest was a chest, which was used in the interior for storing things, and could also serve as a place for sitting.


Chests, similar in appearance to modern, first appeared in Italy. Factory commodes began to be produced in the 19th century. Now there is a huge number of different models of chests of drawers for every taste and purse.

The chest of drawers perfectly fits into the interior of any bedroom, the main thing is to choose the model that suits you.


The chest of drawers can be used for its intended purpose, only for storing things, or be more functional - when the work surface serves as a stand for decorative objects, houseplants, or other interior items.

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If your bedroom is a real boudoir, then you should choose a chest of drawers with a mirror, then you will immediately have a dressing table in addition.


If you are planning to put a chest of drawers in a nursery, it is better to choose a model with a large number of compartments and boxes to accustom a child to order. The chest of drawers with a large work surface can also be used as a changing table.


Be sure to pay attention to the material from which the product is made. If before commodes were made exclusively from wood, now you can find models of artificial materials (acrylic, plastic), as well as plywood, veneer, rattan, bamboo, wicker patterns from the vine.


For use in the bedroom, it is better to choose a thing made from natural wood.


The dimensions of your ideal chest should be chosen based on the size of the bedroom. The chest of drawers should not obstruct the room, but a small chest of drawers will be more decorative than functional.


Usually, the width of the chest does not exceed one meter (100 cm), and the height of 120 - 130 cm. In the furniture market, the range of chests is extensive, including non-standard sizes. The number and size of boxes in the chest varies, depending on its functionality and design.


If you want and need, you can find a specialist or a company that manufactures custom-made chests of drawers according to individual sizes.


The design of the chosen dresser certainly should not be beat out from the general concept of the bedroom decor.


For a bedroom in the classical style, a large chest of drawers, made of expensive wood, or veneer, which these expensive breeds imitate. The working surface of the chest of drawers should be extensive, so that you can place the appropriate decor items on it.


Cast knobs and carving are also characteristic for chests of drawers in the classical style.


The chest of drawers in modern style is suitable for a bedroom in the high-tech theme. In this case, too explicit wood texture of the dresser is excluded. Preferably coloring in the colors of the bedroom, the use of glass fragments in the product, metal fittings. Unusual solutions in the design of modern chests will emphasize the desire to live in the future, the owner of high-tech bedrooms.

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Chest-chic chest of drawers, vintage, or Provence decorated with hand-painted, shabby gilding, unusual handles, it is possible to use decoupage in deco techniques.


The bedroom in loft style assumes that all things are not new, with a history, possibly found in the attic or moved from the old house. A chest of drawers for such a room will suit unusual, perhaps even creative. Materials can be used modern, but artificially aged.


Blackened metal, peeling gilding, scrapes, peeling paint - that's what will suit the decor of the chest in the loft bedroom.

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Etkichil in the interior of the bedroom assumes simplicity and naturalness. Therefore, a chest of drawers is better to choose a simple, without decoration and explicit finishes, made of natural materials: wood, rattan, bamboo, vines.


So, when choosing a chest of drawers for a bedroom, follow the style in which the design of the room is made, with the total footage, to choose the optimum size of the chest, as well as the functionality that you need (number of boxes, their size, depth, size of the working surface).

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Photo of unusual chest of drawers in the interior of the bedroom


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