Wall clock - 58 models from antiquity to modern times

Ubiquitous control over the course of time is an integral part of our life. The instruments that count him out surround us literally everywhere: they are wall, floor, wristwatch clocks located in mobile phones, microwave ovens. For modern interiors the fashion dictates its own rules, where the watch becomes a significant decorative element, complementing this or that style. Our review will help you to orient yourself, what are the interior wall clocks, and photos will show their diversity. Read the article and get inspired for the rework.

Wall clock in the interior: what to look for when choosing

Quite often, the wall clock in the interior serves not so much for the demonstration of time, as a decorative element that accentuates attention. The choice of the model must be done, certainly, at the end of the repair, since it must correspond to the style. For example, for modern minimalism, wooden clock wall retro patterns are not appropriate. Another important factor is the size. Now big designs are fashionable, but, at the same time, they can "steal" space in a small room. Try to maximally free from the wall decor, where they are supposed to be placed. Do not save on cheap models, because the wall clock for the house should last as long as possible, without undergoing constant repairs.

wall clock, photo 1wall clock large, photo 2wall clock with large numbers, photo 3

Decorative Wall Clock: Ways to Decorate

As we have already noticed from the photographs of our article, the wall clock is a complement to the interior and, often, they are decorated using gilding, crystal, glass, other materials. Considering the huge assortment of these products on the market, you can buy a ready-made model with an appropriate decoration for the interior, or add the necessary elements yourself.

How to decorate a wall clock with your own hands

It often happens that when making repairs in an apartment, the stylistic orientation completely changes. At the same time, many subjects cease to correspond to the new concept. Hours this also applies. When throwing a sorry - wall clock with their own hands can be significantly updated, using, for example, the technique of decoupage (see step by step instruction). Choose an original napkin, the pattern of which will match the interior, cover it with a dial. The decor of the wall clock is independently executed taking into account the style, as well as the functional purpose of the room. Pay attention to the kitchen clock of our catalog, decorated with plastic spoons and forks, coffee beans, wine stoppers. Applying different techniques with simple materials, it is not difficult to make a wall clock with your own hands (for example, using old records or photo frames), the dial is also made up by knitting, and the numbers by buttons.

decor of wall clock, photo 4wall clock decor, photo 5decor of wall clock, photo 6wall clock in the interior, photo 7wall clock in the interior, photo 8decorative wall clock, photo 9decorative wall clock, photo 10wall clock by own hands, photo 11wall clock by own hands, photo 12wall clock by own hands, photo 13wall clock, photo 14

Wall clock original for the living room: photo examples

The living room, the last years, it is customary to decorate with light neutral tones, freeing, and often, thereby increasing space. The wall clock unusual original will be here at the right time, introducing variety and attracting the attention of guests. It can be large, but "light" designs or compact models that contrast brightly with the color palette. A variety of original wall clock for the living room is often equipped with a silent mechanism, there is no ticking sound, without discomfort. They are wooden, plastic, metal, corresponding to the chosen style direction.

wall clock original for the living room, photo 15wall clock original for the living room, photo 16original wall clock, photo 17original wall clock, photo 18

Watch the kitchen on the wall: examples of interesting options

The specifics of the room, where the process of preparation and consumption of food takes place, leaves an imprint on the surrounding objects, and, without exception, a wall clock. The photos of the article show some interesting interesting samples, for example, a frying pan or an electric mixer. If the room is decorated with strict stylistics, such as a spacious loft, the model of the watch must match the color palette and dimensions. They are often placed over the work surface, where the hostess will be comfortable watching the progress of time.

clock in the kitchen wall, photo 19clock in the kitchen wall, photo 20clock in the kitchen wall, photo 21clock in the kitchen, photo 22wall clock, photo 23

Which are better wall clocks in the interior of the children's room

In the design of the baby's room, of course, there is no place for rigor. The child is interested in when surrounded by colorful interior items. Wall clock "pictures" depicting the characters of cartoons, fairy tales, sun, flowers, little animals - this is just what the kid likes. Often the chad room is decorated with a certain theme, for example, the sea style depicted in the photo assumes an original wall clock compass that successfully complements the interior.

wall clock picture, photo 24wall clock pictures, photo 25wall clock pictures, photo 26wall clock pictures, photo 27wall clock in the room, photo 28wall clock in the room, photo 29wall clock in the room, photo 30

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Wall clock office

Offices are often drawn up rather strictly and concisely, so the office wall clock has a laconic, low-key appearance. They are installed in the rooms of negotiations, meeting rooms, rest rooms, so that employees at lunchtime do not forget that the working day continues. The head office can have a richer elite model of the clock, emphasizing the high status.

wall clock office, photo 31wall clock office, photo 32

Designer wall clock: photo

A beautiful decoration to any room will be a designer wall clock. They are always the most unexpected creative objects that involuntarily stop their eyes, for example, a wall clock with large letters, various abstract forms. Of course, their cost is much higher than those that are produced massively, but it is fully justified by its uniqueness and longevity. The most durable materials and mechanisms are used here.

designer wall clock, photo 33designer wall clock, photo 34designer wall clock, photo 35wall clock photo, photo 36wall clock photo, photo 37

Antique Wall Clock

The first mention of the antique wall clock dates back to the end of the XVI century. It is impossible to imagine how many historical events survived the models that have survived to the present day, from where their high cost comes from.

Первые конструкции были маятниковыми — точность их показаний зависела от длины, а также веса маятника. Особой точностью отличались изделия немецкой компании Frederich Maute Schwenningen. Antique Wall Clock приобретают, как правило, со специальных аукционов. При покупке «с рук» стоит проверить их подлинность у специалиста.

vintage wall clock, photo 38vintage wall clock, photo 39

Antique Wall Clock: Care Rules

Such watches look great in libraries, living rooms, giving respectability to the interior. At the same time, they require careful care, because for many years they erase graceful patterns, curlicues, various decorations, which is often difficult to revive. Antique wall clocks should be stored at room temperature, be insulated from moisture and dirt. They perfectly complement such styles as classical, retro, provence.

antique wall clock, photo 40Antique Wall Clock, photo 41Antique Wall Clock, Picture 42

Modern wall clock

Usual round dials are inferior to modern multifunctional models with original design. For example, modular paintings - wall clocks, photos of which are in front of you. Now they are at the peak of popularity, but, there are Chinese counterfeits, sometimes disappointing, because the pictures quickly fade. There are a lot of other models, which have unique forms of bodies, creating a whole decorative ensemble on the wall, for example, a domino clock.

modern wall clock, photo 43modern wall clock, photo 44

Wall clock 3d

Three-dimensionality is now very popular. Along with voluminous photo wallpapers, you can find wall clock 3d, the figures of which, in a three-dimensional image, seem to float in the air. They, as a rule, differ solid sizes, thus, absolutely not heaping up space of a room. All parts are mounted with a self-adhesive film - this is an excellent opportunity to arrange them, as it will be convenient, showing their creative abilities. Thus you can decorate any wall, the wall clock is attached to any kind of wallpaper, metal, glass, wooden, painted surfaces.

wall clock 3d, photo 45wall clock 3d, photo 46

Clock "21 century" wall

Inexpensive, but quite interesting options are the "21st century" clock on the wall. Due to the variety of pictures, they will become an ornament of the interior of any room. In addition, it is possible to supplement the design with your photo. The watch has a transparent glass-plastic case, smooth movement of the mechanism.

clock 21 century wall, photo 47

Design of wall clocks: style features

As mentioned earlier, the wall clock is the object of the interior, which must match the appearance of the style of the room. In the original classical living room of a private house, watches can take an honorable place above the fireplace, often they are decorated with gilding.

design of wall clock, photo 48design of wall clock, photo 49

The eco-style certainly implies the presence of natural elements, so the wall clock in the room is made with the use of wood, or they are painted on them by nature.

design of wall clock, photo 50 Provence accepts delicate details, including delicate floral prints, light design with scuffs.

design of wall clock, photo 51design of wall clock, photo 52

Entered in recent years in fashion loft style, successfully complement the massive wall clock (see photo in the article) of unpainted iron.

design of wall clock, photo 53design of a wall clock, photo 54

Modern minimalism, as well as high-tech is a laconic originality, white plastic, metal, mirror surfaces. As a rule, watches of these styles are endowed with additional functions.

design of wall clocks, photo 55wall clock for home, photo 56wall clock for home, photo 57wall clock for home, photo 58

Concluding our review, we can say that for a modern interior, the wall clock is not only a time clock, but a kind of design step that can brightly emphasize the stylistic direction, taking on the role of the main accent of design.