Bedroom design in lilac tones - a selection of successful

Modular picture above the bed

The design project for future repairs in the bedroom begins with the choice of a color solution. The main color, occupying the main place in the room, should meet the taste preferences of the owner and help create a proper atmosphere in the sleeping room. It is important to achieve a relaxing, soothing effect, exclude irritating and aggressive paints, so that a person feels comfortable and surrounded by home comfort.

Roses on the bedroom wall

It is recommended to choose a lilac tone for those who have low self-esteem or indecisive character. According to the research, such an environment promotes confidence and self-love.

An overabundance of lilac can disrupt harmony, develop vanity and tire. Especially be careful with deep, saturated palettes and do not confuse with purple.

Elegant Bedroom Interior The original lamp on the bedside table near the bed  Bedroom with lavender interior  Beautiful ceiling in the bedroom  Photo within the frame above the bed  Modular painting on the lilac wall of the bedroom

The color of the lilac in the interior

In coloring, the lilac refers to a complex combination that absorbs warm red and cold blue, so there are many shades, each of which is perceived in different ways. Preferring a wayward tone, be sure to consider the following features of working with it:

  • It is not recommended to make a single-colored room, it is better to choose the combined variants, which will be neatly and harmoniously combined with each other. Try to avoid the saturated purple and dark blue companion colors.
  • Do not get too carried away by mixing a lot of bright colors. For lilac, another bright color is appropriate, the rest of the paint choose neutral or universal.
  • Initially, determine what kind of room you want - cold or warm. This will affect the further choice of combinations of colors, as well as create the desired effect in the room. In a cool room, gentle lilacs will add warm warm notes. The southern rooms can be cooled, if we take as a basis color, close to the violet.
  • Any tone of lilac will be more appropriate in spacious bedroom-living rooms. In a small room, you should pick up pale palettes, or make lilacs decorative accents, since the saturated visually compresses the space.
  • It is better, if in other premises of the apartment this shade will be used too, to keep the overall interior design. To do this, you can apply lilacs in the hall, in the kitchen, or in a bath.
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Guided by these principles, you can safely decorate the interior. It will be comfortable, because the color can soothe and promote relaxation. It is not for nothing that he is chosen in oriental meditations for carrying out procedures. Particularly successful is the tone for organizing a children's bedroom for a teenage girl, which you can be sure of if you look at the photos of completed projects.

Black and lilac wallpaper in the bedroom Bedroom with lavender interior  Patterns on the ceiling and wall of the bedroom  Original lighting in the bedroom  TV on the wall opposite the bed  Beautiful bed headboard


To design the bedroom in lilac tones looked modern, elegant and presentable, attention should be paid to choosing the right furniture. It should emphasize the style direction of the classics or the present, to harmonize with the texture of the material with the finishing of walls, ceiling, flooring.

Shelves on the wall above the bed

If there is a large percentage of violet in the finish, the furniture should not clutter the space and not stand out as a dark spot in the composition. It is better to fit into the setting of a minimal set of furniture white or light tone. To balance the combination, a suitable textile is used. For example, on a white wide bed you can lay a soft white-violet plaid or put bright pillows.

If the main element is selected in the dark material, the surrounding finish should not merge with it. The white ceiling and light walls are ideal for this purpose. Add warmth to the room will help soft chairs and ottomans. For classics, you can include an antique beige chest of drawers, but in a modern style fit wardrobes with glossy surfaces and mirrors.

Light furniture in the bedroom with lilac walls Baldachin above the bed  Elegant bedside tables by the bed  Lilac ceiling with lighting in the bedroom  Table and chairs in the bedroom  Built-in lamps in the bedroom ceiling

Choose wallpaper

Fashionable interior of a delicate bedroom can be created at the expense of wallpaper of a violet tone. To select the material, you should analyze the size of the room and the degree of illumination by day and evening light. Naturally, in a small room only light versions with a light, air pattern can prevail, otherwise a compressed, uncomfortable atmosphere will be created.

As an additional pattern on the wallpaper, you can choose floral ornaments, or geometric shapes. Patterns can be a contrasting background of the material, or create a soft, smooth composition with it.

Patterned wallpaper in the bedroom

Admirers of oriental design can choose wallpaper with appropriate motifs, with a variety of curls and beautiful images. This option will create the illusion of a fairy tale. Wallpapers for the classic in design can be monophonic or with strict geometry. A vertical strip on wallpaper of various widths in a gray-lilac scale is suitable for such an interior. This, in addition, visually add length to the walls with a low ceiling.

Golden and shiny blotches look rich and chic, but they will require expensive furnishings, finishing the gilt legs of the bed and table, golden accessories.

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Pictures on the shelf above the bed The mirror on the rooftops  Pictures at the head of the bed  Lilac wallpaper in the bedroom with a chic interior  Pendant lamp above the bed  Poppies on the wallpaper in the bedroom

Photo Wall Mural

A great way to make a spectacular bedroom interior is to use wallpaper. Modern printing on the material is of high quality, so the images can look stunningly realistic. Separate attention is deserved by 3-D wall-papers, which wash off the edges of space and make the room visually deeper.

Lilac on the bedroom wall

Photo walls should preferably focus on one of the walls, they are often glued to the head of the bed, or on the central wall, depending on the layout of the room. You can not cover the whole wall, but use the image in the form of an elegant panel on the wall. This decoration serves as a bright decorating cover.

The motifs of photo wallpapers can be diverse, the main thing is to observe the compatibility of the composition and color balance of the composition. The room is well suited to natural, spectacular landscapes that show sunsets, dawns, open spaces. Perfectly fit living vegetation, voluminous bouquets of young orchids. For the hi-tech style, you can find abstract compositions with complex geometry. There are many options, you can even choose any print and make wallpaper on request with the desired picture.

Photo Wall Mural в спальне с сиреневым интерьером Pendant lamps in the lilac interior of the bedroom  Beautiful wallpaper in the head of the bed  Photo Wall Mural с цветами в интерьере спальни  Beautiful Bedroom Interior  Beautiful wall-papers on a bedroom wall

Purple curtains and textiles

Finishing, but important elements in the organization of carefully thought-out interior, are curtains and textiles. Improperly selected design of the window opening can lead to bad taste and spoil the impression of design. A win-win option will be curtains of light, unsaturated lavender, or violet tint. Of the materials suitable for dense, natural fabrics without large contrasting patterns and patterns.

If the walls of the room are sustained in a neutral light tone, for decorative textiles you can choose bold, bright solutions. A wide bed is covered with a veil of deep purple, echoing patterns with curtains or a carpet near the foot. It will be interesting to look at pillows, contrasting with each other, for example, white or pale gray - lilac, which simultaneously emphasize the presence of these palettes in the interior.

Dark curtains in the bedroom

For minimalism, do not get too involved in details, it will be enough pairs of bright accents that attract attention.

Purple curtains in the white interior of the bedroom Ceiling fan in the bedroom  Violets on the bedroom wall  Bed with a lilac canopy  Beautiful Bedroom Interior  Bedroom with an unusual design

Harmonious combination of violet with other colors

The decisive importance for creating a unique, colorful design depends on the correct combination of colors. Determine which color will take the prevailing place in the room, and which will become a companion and emphasize the dignity. Consider for the bedroom successful duets, which are popular in the projects of specialists:

  • With white, a gentle combination is created that is relevant for a small room. The white tone will emphasize the complex lilac, reveal tenderness and romanticism. This interaction contributes to comfort and coziness, relaxation before bed. Basic can also become a white tone.
  • With gray and beige, you can perform a balanced combination. Such a design will not be too catchy, balanced, will testify to the excellent taste of the owner. As accents, you can choose lilac curtains, blankets, highlight one of the walls of the room with bright wallpaper.
  • With the brown will create a tremendous harmony, because this tone muffles the riot of colors. In this case, you can choose a brown floor covering, add furniture from natural dark wood, put a neat little table with a smooth surface texture.
  • With red it turns out a passionate, rich combination. More suitable for fans of bright, flashy colors. The balance of red need to think carefully, carefully observing the proportions. You can buy scarlet bedside lamps, or lay a carpet with scarlet patterns on the floor.
  • With a golden one, you can make a truly royal design that will look gorgeous in a classic bedroom. It is possible to emphasize golden notes with the help of golden lamps, satin pillows, and a smooth blanket. It is advisable to include in the setting golden legs of the bed, bedside table, gilded ornaments.
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Light green walls and purple textiles in the bedroom

Lilac bedroom in different styles

Lilac colors will fit successfully into traditional and modern design solutions and practically do not limit the imagination and wishes of the owner. For a particular chosen style, you should adhere to a certain range of shades, take into account the design and organization features. Also, each of the styles is characterized by a degree of saturation of the lilac. An influencing factor is the overall interior of the apartment or house, it is important to create rooms in the same solutions. Next, consider the popular options and their features in more detail.

Picture above the bed Interesting bedroom design  Original headboard with backlight  Beautiful ceiling lighting in the bedroom  Niche with shelves in the wall near the bed  Paintings on the Purple Bedroom Wall


Classic предполагает уютную, спокойную обстановку, не утяжеленную яркими деталями и новшествами. Уместна будет дорогая мебель из натуральной древесины, с резными элементами. Потолок лучше сделать белоснежным или светло-бежевым, приветствуется наличие лепнины. Стены желательно отделать светлыми материалами. В традиционном стиле выгоднее комбинировать с коричневым, либо золотистым. Позолотой можно покрыть ножки массивной кровати или изголовье. В качестве декора поставить золотистые подсвечники, блестящие светильники, бра.

Lilac bedroom in classic style Mirror and lamps on the bedroom wall  Lamps on bedside tables near the bed  Violet wallpaper in the bedroom  Panel with backlight on the bedroom wall  Bedroom with chic interior


Modern стиль не ограничивает полет фантазии и включает смелые, оригинальные интерпретации фиолетового. Для хай-тека характерны четкие линии и правильная геометрия, дополненная металлическими деталями. Насыщенные краски могут перекликаться с черным, белым, красным тоном, главное, не допустить смешения глубоких тонов в одно сплошное пятно. Следует правильно продумать освещение, чтобы раскрыть чувственность и магию цвета. В современном дизайне удачны будут глянцевые поверхности, а декор следует подбирать минимальный.

Purple bedroom in a modern style Patterns in the interior of the bedroom  Lamps at the bed  Room with bedroom and living room areas  Original chandeliers in the interior of the bedroom  Built-in lamps on the walls and ceiling of the bedroom


Provence можно организовать для просторного помещения, так как придется учитывать множество декора и мелких деталей. Романтичный деревенский дизайн создают с помощью светлых тонов лавандового, бледно – фиалкового. Оттенки должны напоминать выгоревшие под жарким солнцем полевые травы и быть максимально приглушенными. Стены можно обклеить светло – сиреневыми обоями с вертикальными полосками, либо некрупным узором. Потолок делать белым, пол покрыть натуральными материалами.

Lilac bedroom in Provence style Chandelier and lamps with the same design in the bedroom  Sconce above the bed  Stucco on the ceiling of the bedroom  Lilac wall in the bedroom  TV in front of the bed in the bedroom interior