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Bedroom 6 sq m design

Luxurious and spacious rooms give unlimited possibilities for design. As they say, the case for small: the idea of ​​the owner of the apartment and an amount of money to implement it. It is much more difficult when the room is so tiny that it is problematic to squeeze even the most necessary furniture into it. And I want to design it no less stylish and creative than a large room. The theme of today's article is a bedroom of 6 square meters. m .: design and its features.

Strangely enough, but the miniature bedroom of 2 x 3 m has its advantages. Not all people like huge rooms. A minimum of furniture, muted lighting, skillfully chosen decor - all this makes a dream healthy, and relaxation - complete. Despite the fact that there are many design and decoration options, there are a few secrets that need to be adhered to when planning:

  • Use predominantly light, muted colors;
  • Rational use of each square centimeter of usable area;
  • Use of the sleeping area as the main interior accent;
  • The use of hanging shelves and shelving in place of the usual bedside tables;
  • Curtains of fine textiles instead of thick curtains;
  • Rational arrangement of lighting devices;
  • Use of various design techniques for the design of a single interior.

The layout of the bedroom is 6 sq. M. m. Bedroom 6 Sq. in the apartment  A wide bed in the bedroom 6 sq. M. m.  Small bedroom  Bedroom in gray tones  Gray walls in a small bedroom

Style Selection

Six square meters is enough to cover the interior in a certain style. Compliance with style requirements allows you to get a real masterpiece, not just a beautifully furnished room. It is the style that makes the interior complete and complete.

Of course, not all styles are suitable for a tiny room. About such areas as art deco, loft, modern or baroque will have to be forgotten, since they require expensive materials and fanciful, often large-sized, furniture. Quite another matter - minimalism, classic, ethno-and eco-style, Japanese or Provence. Compact, compact furniture, a restrained set of colors and a careful selection of decorative items will suit you.

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Simple bedroom interior Small bedroom in the attic  Folding bed in a small bedroom  Beautiful decor in the bedroom 6 sq. M. m.  Yellow textiles in the bedroom  Bedroom in minimalist style

Let's consider the possible solutions in more detail:

Modern style directionsCharacteristic features: furniture with strict geometry, neutral color scheme. The floor, ceiling and walls are decorated with monophonic materials. The absence of decorative elements compensates for the shiny accessories, mirrors and metal parts. It is possible to use in the interior of indoor plants, ornaments made of ceramics, wall lamps.
ClassicThis style will never lose its relevance. The nobility of lines and colors, grace, the absence of even a hint of vulgarity - these are its main features. Delicate shades of pink, beige, sand and salad create the impression of spaciousness, which is so lacking in a tight room.
ProvenceThe embodiment of French elegance and good taste. The color scheme here is the most delicate. The Provencal interior is dominated by creamy, white, soft blue and yellow colors. Furniture - exquisitely-strict, light textile with small plant motifs.
"In the old rhythms"The interior, stylized in the old days, with crystal, stucco, ornaments from ceramics and silver, gives the impression of aristocracy, luxury and wealth. At registration use such versions of textiles, as an atlas, jacquard or velvet. But, since the bedroom is very small, it is important not to overdo it with the decor. There is a risk of demonstrating "philistinism in the nobility", almost according to Moliere.
Scandinavian styleThis is the dominance of cold, radiant tones, reminiscent of winter snow. To help the white - the shades of gray and blue. The furniture is simple, compact. Scandinavian design is appropriate racks, - just what you need for a miniature room. The use of furniture with combined functions is welcomed.

Creative bedroom 6 sq. M. m.

Color palette

For a small bedroom you can use a classic design technique that works, as they say, one hundred percent. Dark colors visually narrow the space, and light, on the contrary, expand. Therefore, the use of a neutral color scheme for a bedroom of 6 square meters. meters is fully justified. It can be light wallpaper or painting walls in neutral tones. In this case, it does not mean a pretty podnadoevshem "beige interior."

Cozy bedroom 6 sq. M. m.

Here are some useful tips that will help to blossom the interior of a miniature room:

  • The neutral color palette is by no means limited to the color of ivory and shades of beige. Beautiful look gentle, a little blurry shades of blue and pink. It is important to remember that if the window faces the north side, the warm colors are ideal. The cold palette looks better in a room with a window to the south;
  • Bright, saturated colors - not for a small room. They can only be used as accents for one wall or part of it;
  • Universal design novelty of this year for large and small bedrooms - wallpaper with patterns "blue on white", under Delft painting or Gzhel;
  • If you decide to paint the walls in a win-win-white color, use bright accents. This can be a decorative cushion sapphire hue, a multi-colored "rustic" rug near the bed or lampshade lamp lamp emerald shade.
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Bedroom in dark colors Youth decor of a small bedroom  Purple in the bedroom  Simple bedroom decor  Bedroom in Art Nouveau style  Small room 6 sq. M. m.

Designers are not advised to experiment with contrasting colors. The correct solution is to choose several shades that harmonize well with each other. It is important that there is no sharp border between the color of the floor and the ceiling. For example, with a white ceiling, light brown floors and sand-colored wallpaper are perfectly combined.

Decoration of walls, floor and ceiling

The use of texture coatings on walls and ceiling - not the most correct decision. The best option is wallpaper without relief or decorative plaster. As a floor covering it is possible to use a laminate, a parquet, a linoleum or a thin smooth carpet without a pile. Ceilings are painted with water-based paint. If the height of the room allows, you can use a stretch construction for finishing.

The layout of a small matrimonial bedroom Bed in the bedroom 6 sq. M. m.  White textiles in the bedroom  Brown walls in the bedroom  Bord walls in a small bedroom  Bedroom in baroque style


Massive and bulky products in a small room look alien. Compactness, convenience and brevity - these are the three basic requirements for the situation. With this approach, the room will not seem cluttered.

Selecting a bed

If the bedroom is tiny, for example, 6 square. m., then the main thing - the placement of the main piece of furniture - beds. Best option is without legs. At the same time, the construction seems not so cumbersome, but the room looks visually higher. Beautifully decorated headboard helps to focus on the bed. A wonderful design solution is a wall, accented with wallpaper of another shade or texture. If it is a child, a bunk bed can save space. Another design trick for a miniature bedroom is a special podium on which a sleeping place is placed. This is also an opportunity to save money on buying a bed. The podium can be equipped with drawers that are at the same level as the wardrobe. Finally, it's fashionable. The premise with a podium looks non-standard and modern. Using it, you can zonate space.

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A bed in a small bedroom A wide bed by the window in the bedroom  Bedroom 6 Sq. in a private house  Beige Bedroom Decor  Gray bedroom 6 sq. M. m.  Bright lighting in the bedroom

And for the shelf there is a place

So, the bed was squeezed. All other nuances of furniture depend on the configuration of the room, the presence of windows, etc. For example, if the room has a rectangular shape, then it is desirable to place the cabinet at the exit along the wall. If the bedroom is square, then to place the cabinet, in all probability, will not work. An exit in a similar situation is the use of drawers under the bed. Of course, they have less capacity than a full-fledged wardrobe, and you can not hang clothes, but you can place bedding and things for seasonal use there. A successful solution for a tiny room is a closet built into the wall.

Rack in a small bedroom

If it is made with mirrored doors, then the room will appear visually more spacious. Excellent, if, in addition to the bed, managed to squeeze tiny bedside tables. If there is simply nowhere to place them, small shelves above the bed will help. Open racks almost do not "eat" precious space, differing at the same time with roominess and functionality. Looks great corner compact shelving. A shelf-console perfectly replaces the dressing table.

Light bedroom 6 sq. M. m. Vintage Bedroom Interior  Small bedroom in the apartment  White bedroom 6 sq. M. m.  Beige Bedroom Decor  Modern decor of a small bedroom


Heavy, large, richly decorated chandeliers are not suitable for a small bedroom. A small modest model of low-key design will be much more appropriate. For a room with stretch ceilings, spotlights are suitable. Their location is arbitrary. The sources of additional lighting are floor lamps, table lamps or wall-mounted appliances.

Choice of details - textiles, paintings and other small things

From the heavy curtains will have to be abandoned. For a small bedroom with access to the balcony or without a perfect fit Roman or roller blinds or ordinary curtains of light translucent material. You can decorate the interior and accessories, but they should not be too much. It can be a beautiful picture, a photo, a flower vase or a house plant. Suitable in a small bedroom and such types of textiles, as decorative pillows, stylish bedspreads.

Large bed in the bedroom The twin bedroom in the attic  Bedroom in dark colors 6 кв. м.  Checkered wallpaper in the bedroom 6 sq. M. m.  Small bedroom in the house  Bed by the window in a small bedroom


If desired, you can create a comfortable and stylish interior, even on a tiny square. We hope that the advice of a professional designer will help you find the best style solution. A little imagination and creativity, and a magnificent bedroom design in 6M2 you are provided.