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The arbor is one of the important elements of any villa. Design and shapes are diverse. Some choose an arbor in the Scandinavian style, others - in Russian or Japanese. To make an important and integral design for your site, you need to thoroughly familiarize yourself with the basics of the construction of such facilities.

It all depends on how the gazebo will be used: for a summer picnic with shish kebabs or for rest in a hammock, on a soft sofa with cushions. Forms, the size of the structure, too, can be any. Can use canopies, special barriers from wind and rain. There are many variants of design: from a wicker house to a massive structure with the use of brick and metal in its creation. And when the owner of the dacha built the summerhouse himself, it is much more pleasant and interesting.

Arbor in Scandinavian style у бассейна становится примечательной особенностью ландшафтного дизайна.

The cozy structure is an ideal place for relaxing outdoors.

Open-air arbor in Scandinavian style.

The open-air arbor is equipped with a wood-burning fireplace.

Arbor in Scandinavian style выгодно сочетает светлые и темные тона древесины.

An excellent version of the arrangement of the yard of the forest house.

In this article, read:

  • 1 Distinctive features of the Scandinavian gazebo
  • 2 Beginning of construction - the foundation, but before - the project
  • 3 Floor installation and erection of walls
  • 4 How to just make a roof
  • 5 Decoration of a gazebo and plot in Scandinavian style
  • 6 Decoration of the arbor in the Scandinavian style with your own hands. Video
  • 7 Arbor in Scandinavian style

Distinctive features of Scandinavian arbor

The beginning of this style laid by the Finns. When creating their arbors, they always take into account the peculiarities of the harsh climate of the locality in which they live. The foundation is powerful, and the walls are built of solid timber or logs. The roof will not blow away any wind, even the strongest. (Figure 1)

The structure of the log house is a classic option for decorating the yard of a country mansion.

A great example of a gazebo in Scandinavian style.

The Scandinavian version is closed and looks like a small house, but small and elegant. It did not do without a brazier or hearth. The name that the arbor wore, corresponding to its functions, is the "grill house".

The gazebo has windows. The object is hexagonal. Inside, there are shops and a table. Some benches are located along the walls. Scandinavian arbors are simple, but they are massive, to reliably protect the owners of the building from the bad weather during celebrations or holidays.

Wooden arbor in the Scandinavian style.

The wooden gazebo is notable for creative lighting.

Refined arbor for a yard in Scandinavian style.

A refined arbor for the yard is the choice of most modern summer residents.

Of course, this winter variant is good for regions with a cold climate. Use in the south and summer can be a lightweight design. It can be similar in type, but not so cumbersome. For finishing use natural stone and wood. Inside the interior is not less simple. There will not be only a hearth.

Walls can be opened, and spaces similar to windows do not glaze. To make it more convenient to rest and arrange feasts, the building is not set up with benches (like Scandinavians), but with sofas or armchairs.

Do not forget that the gazebo is an ornament of your site. you will not only rest in it, it will always please the eye. From an aesthetic point of view, it should please everyone around you, including you. And to achieve this, it must be properly built.

The arbor is made of metal in accordance with the Scandinavian style.

Arbor-awning made of metal.

The best decor of a gazebo in the Scandinavian style is a sofa with a lot of soft pillows.

The decoration should be cozy, and the atmosphere - home-warm.

The beginning of construction - the foundation, but before - the project

The essence of the construction of any variant of the arbor is the same. When designing the structure, consider the terrain in which it will be located, the place, the dimensions and the materials. The project is better ordered if you do not have the engineering skills. The exact outcome of the case depends on the exact drawing and parameters.

When the project is in your hands, you can start building a foundation. This foundation must be strong, since everything else depends on it. The foundation is the biggest burden. He must hold the walls and the roof, do not glance and do not fall apart.

From tools and materials you will need:

  1. Pillars (wood, metal).
  2. Shovel.
  3. Hammer, level.
  4. Roulette.
  5. Solution.
  6. Armature.

The quality of the materials for the base of the arbor must be high. Even lightweight construction requires the construction of a foundation. The site needs to be cleared and marked. We take a shovel in hand and start acting. It is necessary to remove the top layer of the soil. You know exactly what form the building will have, so you can outline the outlines of the object. Quadrangular construction is much easier to make than hexagonal. It is necessary to make measurements and dig in the pegs at the corners, which along the perimeter should be covered with tape or rope. Checking the results of the level, it is necessary to dig holes for the posts. If the soil on your site is not too unstable and does not give mobility to the structure, the piles in the ground are digged to a depth of 60-80 cm. In other cases, especially if the soil freezes in winter, it is better to hedge and make the depth of the pits over 120 cm. Piles will assume The main load and affect its correct and uniform distribution.

A small but comfortable space is suitable for outdoor recreation.

Unusual performance of a gazebo in Scandinavian style.

Light beige wood is masterly combined with natural stone.

The brazier inside the gazebo is a nice addition.

The arbor in a Scandinavian style is modern.

A log house made of log house is a convenient place for family or friendly gatherings in nature.

Apply foundation tape, but they are not as reliable as columnar, even if poured with concrete. Take care of the waterproofing. Concrete blocks or wooden poles also need to be waterproofed. To do this, you can use:

  1. Bitumen.
  2. Waterproofing materials.

After you have dug up and concreted the piles (they can be built and made of bricks), the top is made of the foundation of the tree (Figure 2). It can look like this (Figure 3). In the second case, the bottom is concreted. First, it is covered with a stone (suitable and reinforced concrete impregnations), and above - a solution of concrete.

The foundation is made of wood.

The foundation is made of wood.

The foundation is made of wood with a concreted bottom.

The foundation is made of wood.

If you decide to make a foundation in the form of a small elevation on the surface, you need to dig a ditch (Fig. 4), overlay it with boards or iron fittings and concrete or pour cement. Before that, you can put stones, unsuitable bricks on the bottom. After the concrete has solidified (it will take 3 days), remove the boards and get the foundation.

Exalted foundation of concrete.

Exalted foundation of concrete.

Laying the floor and erecting walls

The floor is made of wood. It will take:

  1. Cant.
  2. Board.
  3. Nails.
  4. A hammer.
  5. Drill.
  6. Level.
  7. Saw.

On the perimeter lay a dry beam, which is attached to the exposed reinforcement of concrete. Drill holes in the tree and put on the armature, bend the rods. The boards, which will become floor, are fastened to the timber. But preliminarily on top of the concrete floor you need to pour a mixture of sand and sawdust. You can use only sawdust.

Before the construction of walls it is important to build the frame of the future gazebo. Vertical supports are attached to the corners at the corners from the bottom. We make partitions between the angular columns. You can build walls from logs (Figure 5). Depending on what you are planning to do your gazebo, we "wall" the walls with boards, leaving openings for improvised windows.

The walls of the arbor in the Scandinavian style.

The walls of the arbor are made of logs.

Arbor in the modern interpretation of the Scandinavian style.

The glass walls of the arbor allow you to contemplate nature with maximum comfort.

How to just make a roof

Roof there are a lot of types and types:

  1. Single-skinned, many pitched.
  2. In the form of a tent.
  3. By type of dome.
  4. Reminiscent of the sphere.

The roof is mounted separately, and then it is erected on the frame of the gazebo. If the arbor is square, a quadrangular base is made according to the size of the building (Figure 6). The rafters are fastened, the base is strengthened. Already in this form, the roof can be erected on your pergola and secured, after - the boards. You can also cover the frame with metal sheets to protect it from rain.

The construction of a roof for a gazebo in Scandinavian style.

The construction of a roof for a gazebo in Scandinavian style.

Pay attention to the peculiarities of the climate in your region. If there is snow in winter, then the roof slopes should be made at an acute angle. The board during construction should be chosen from light wood varieties. Well, if you impregnate it with water-repellent solutions. For better sound insulation, a plastic or ondulin roof covering is suitable. The base can be veneered with plywood, and the top can be covered with metal roofing. So the noise with rain will be less. Of the materials that have proven themselves in the construction of the roof, slate will do.

Correctly the design of the roof in the Scandinavian style.

Correctly design the roof of the arbor.

A modern arbor in the Scandinavian style.

Modern building on the outskirts of the Moscow businessman.

Decoration of a gazebo and plot in Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style requires painting the arbor. The color is white or bluish. They symbolize the cold climate of this region. You can paint parts of the building or apply 2 colors at once. Often the owners and do not leave it as it is. Decorate with flowers and decorate with stone or wooden tiles. (Figure 7)

The best decoration for a gazebo in the Scandinavian style is a wood-burning fireplace made of brick or natural stone.

The best decoration for a gazebo is a wood-burning fireplace made of brick or natural stone.

In general, the style is characterized by simplicity and a combination of natural elements.

The site is buried in greenery, the colors become brighter. As the country's climate is severe, more rainbow combinations are required in the design. It is fashionable to cover the foundation of the arbor with large asymmetric boulders.

Elements that are typical for style:

  1. The layout is open type.
  2. Live hedges instead of fences made of wood.
  3. A lot of flower beds and flower beds in all parts of the garden.
  4. Decorating flowers with small architectural forms (including gazebos).
  5. Furniture in the garden under the trees, near the gazebos.
  6. Artificial reservoirs.
  7. In any part of the garden are massive stones.

The combination of stone and wood is a priority in the design of gazebos and the Scandinavian style garden. Modern arbours are mostly open. Decorate them with flowers and have flower beds around them. Brazier can be put nearby or nearby.

Arbor in the Scandinavian style can be decorated with fresh flowers.

Fresh greenery makes the atmosphere of the building romantic and measured.

As a thematic decor, blue and white pillows are chosen.

Sofas in the arbor in the Scandinavian style are made in the form of a wooden podium.

Arrange in the open pergola clay pots in the old style. Greetings and utensils of clay and wood. It's fashionable to place figurines of wood, wheels from the cart everywhere. They can decorate both the site and the place near the gazebo. The furniture in the arbor is wooden. Chairs can be weaved or purchased ready.

You can decorate the arbor by weaving. Inside, wicker partitions are allowed in the form of screens. Baskets of vines and figurines are placed in the garden. Is there no way to make a pond? Put a large tub of water in the thickets of greenery or next to the flower bed.

Much depends also on what place you have chosen to build a small cozy house. If he is in a secluded corner, where there are a lot of greenery and trees around, make it bright. Orange or even red is welcome.

The construction of a gazebo in Scandinavian style. The main thing is to choose the right decor elements.

The design of the arbor can be the simplest and uncomplicated. The main thing is to choose the right decor elements.

For the design of the gazebo in the Scandinavian style, glass stained glass is used, which in combination with daylight sunlight make the space in the gazebo cozy and comfortable.

For the design of the gazebo, glass stained-glass windows are used, mostly warm shades, which, in combination with daylight sunshine, make the space in the gazebo cozy and comfortable.

If the house stands in the middle of the site, you can perform it in a more restrained version. Take into account the use of the house in winter or only in summer. When the summer variant prevails, it is possible to make the arbor open so that it will not have walls. Fill the foundation, make a wooden vertical frame at 4 corners and mount a roof on it. It will protect you from the sun's rays in the summer. But the place for such a structure is desirable to choose a shady, and not in an open area.

Whatever option you choose, it all depends on your imagination. To decorate the gazebo, choose improvised means, make your own figures or pots, plant flowers around, and do not expose pots along the edges of the structure. If your skill allows, you can lay out the floor tiles, and the frame of wood to varnish.

Arbor in Scandinavian style из деревянного сруба с темно-вишневой крышей.

Arbor in a wooden frame with a dark cherry roof.

The combination of light and dark wood always looks noble and exquisite.

The intricate design of the gazebo in Scandinavian style.

Landscape design of a garden plot in Scandinavian style.

Landscape design of the garden plot.

Decoration of a gazebo in Scandinavian style with your own hands. Video

Arbor in Scandinavian style