Empire style in the interior - history and modernity in

Hall with fireplace and harp

Arrived from medieval France, the Empire style in the interior represents an amazing combination of royal celebration and military triumphal magnificence in all its manifestation. In the interior there must be a note of rigor and glitter of gold accessories. The basis of the Empire is majestic columns in the palaces, artistic stucco, round arches, frescoes. A special highlight is the items of military symbols - these are swords, weapons, swords, shields and other attributes of war. To create such an environment of our days, only large rooms are suitable, where you can place voluminous pieces of furniture and medieval accessories. Very rarely such an interior can be seen in urban apartments, as a rule, it is suitable for large country houses, banquet halls and expensive luxury hotel rooms.

Common features of style

  1. The main most distinctive feature of the Empire style is the large area of ​​the premises, as well as their grandiose decoration. Glitter, the greatness of the imperial house smoothly flowed to our days in modern interior decoration. Often, Empire style is used in the design of elite hotel rooms, in the decoration of banquet halls, private country houses.
  2. A catchy composition of accessories, the correct arrangement of furniture, as a rule, is in the center of the room. It is necessary to define the center of the floor and ceiling with a certain bright pattern.
  3. As decoration items are forged candlesticks, intricate vases from porcelain, as well as medieval sculptures that contain the essence of the historical events of that era.
  4. Items of military paraphernalia placed around the perimeter of the walls - swords, swords, shields, armor, and much more.
  5. Huge mirrors on the walls, framed by gilded frames. Their purpose is to visually increase the area of ​​the room, fully reflect the grandiose solemn interior.
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Bedroom with chic furniture

Important! The basis for creating this area of ​​the royal environment is the use of expensive expensive materials, precious wood, expensive fabrics, bronze, gold, crystal and silver. Massive furniture, as well as expensive accessories are always in the center of the room.

A huge mirror over the couch

Color solution for interior design

  1. White is predominant in the Empire style. Its role is to create a festive festive atmosphere. White color form the ceilings and the floor, with the addition of various patterns. Curtains on the windows are also present white, usually for the ceremonial rooms.
  2. Dark red, cherry, wine - red are also used in Empire. Often, such colors are present in furniture, carpets, curtains. Color symbolizes elegance, high status and grandeur of the owner of the house.
  3. The color of gold is present in the interior in many ways, combined with almost all the additional shades. Most often it is used in combination with white, when decorating on walls, mirror frames, gold accessories can also be present in large quantities. This emphasizes the wealth, as well as the power of the master.
  4. Cold blue color is almost always combined with gilding, a tandem used for boudoir, as well as rooms for the reception of guests.
  5. Ivory is used for sleeping rooms, furniture and decor.

Painting over the fireplace opposite the table

Features of the design of walls

In essence, the walls in this style play the role of an inconspicuous background, on which are placed pictures, scenery, mirrors and other attributes. Therefore, patterns and ornaments on the surface must correspond to the decorations and other elements that will be located there further.

Interior with blue walls and furniture

Modern design of the direction of Empire in the interior on the walls allows you to use wallpaper with different texture, and it can also depict the symbolism of wartime. However, wallpaper is the simplest and most expensive option. The original version of the design of walls of Empire style implies decoration with mirrors, stucco molding, patterns with gilded shades, ivory. At the same time, you can create a modern design of Empire style using a variety of patterns and mosaics on a light background. For example, walls can be painted with beige color, and then create symmetrical patterns on them with gilded paint. You can also use overhead columns, arches medieval stucco molding with an emphasis on gilded design. Large mirrors along the perimeter with old portraits and paintings, as well as with artificial attributes of military themes. The main decor of the room is concentrated on a huge chandelier in the center of the ceiling with antique candlesticks or faceted drops of crystal. Of course, with a combination of white and gilded colors.

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A huge picture on the wall in the hall

Ceiling Design

One very important point in the design of the Empire interior is the presence of a room with high ceilings. If the apartment is small, then use this interior will not be appropriate, because the decoration can not reflect this style completely. The highlight of this trend is the royal decoration, grandiosity, and therefore the room should not be small.

Spotlights on the ceiling in the bedroom

  1. The ceiling can be domed or rectangular, but a large area.
  2. The main color of the ceiling is white, with gilded or beige patterns.
  3. Antique paintings on the surface symbolize the historical events of the corresponding era. Nowadays it can be just an intricate ornament.
  4. Decorations with stucco or medallions, frescoes, different historical inscriptions.
  5. Volumetric chandeliers with antique candlesticks with the presence of decorative elements from crystal.

It should be noted that several chandeliers on the ceiling are placed on the ceiling, the largest one is always in the middle of the ceiling, forming the center of the room.

Ceiling with patterns and lighting

The royal floor in modern design

For laying the floor in modern times, high-quality parquet, marble tiles with various patterns and mosaics are used. Most often, the parquet is made of valuable wood species, stronger and more attractive for appearance. To create shades and drawings on the floor, use parquet boards of different colors, and there must always be symmetry. As a rule, the pattern starts from the center of the floor and reaches the corners of the room. Bedrooms, as well as living rooms on the floors, cover handmade carpets, necessarily with an ornament or pattern. Most often use blue, dark red, as well as beige carpeting. Slightly less use of white with gold ornaments covering, but such options are suitable for a festive setting, and daily life requires more practical design. Beautifully enough, the marble tile looks exquisitely, fascinating with its brilliance the variety of patterns. They use it for solemn halls, banquet rooms, palaces of marriage and other similar premises. For a private house, when creating an Empire style, a warm wooden parquet is more suitable.

Floor with patterns


In the aspect of choosing furniture, there are several trends of fashion, introduced into the design of the Empire from different countries of Greece and Rome. On the one hand, the furniture has ceremonial lines, massive shapes and details, on the other side it is decorated with stucco, floral ornaments and other drawings. At the same time, furniture sets of Empire style have the following basic elements:

  1. All furniture, its elements are made of wood of massive valuable breeds. As an upholstery use only expensive natural materials.
  2. The furniture case is decorated with stucco, various figures, floral ornaments with the addition of gold color and bronze.
  3. To create an interior throughout the house, furniture is made from only one type of wood so that it does not differ in appearance.
  4. The absence of small forms, as well as details. All furniture is massive and majestic in appearance. The chairs are always with high backs.
  5. Strict style is combined with a floral ornament, artistic execution, decorated with carvings.

Attention! The choice of furniture should be based on accentuation of magnificent festive decoration. Massive shapes, polished surfaces, carving and upholstery from expensive fabrics are a prerequisite for creating a royal style in the interior.

In this aspect of design design, a combination of different artistic trends, brought from different countries, can be especially traced.

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Lamps on the bedside tables in the bedroom

Exquisite decoration elements

Decor is the final stage of the Empire interior, but at the same time creates a unique atmosphere of the spirit of celebration, royal sophistication, and luxury. Among the main bright elements of the scenery are the following:

  1. Epochal paintings on the walls with an expensive frame;
  2. Exquisite porcelain dishes in cabinets behind glass doors;
  3. Massive mirrors in gold-plated or bronze frames;
  4. Bronze or wooden watch with gold plated inserts;
  5. Ancient bronze candlesticks, boxes with gilding, trunks with ornaments;
  6. Items of military paraphernalia - swords, swords, shields, armor and ancient weapons.

All together, the decorative elements must convey the spirit of historical events that occurred during the reign of Napoleon.

Pictures and figurines in the living room

Nowadays, the interior of Empire style has significantly expanded, and also changed, became more modern, refined. Of course time does not stand still, new materials appear, a variety of decorations and decoration materials. Modern designers add their zest to the development of projects. Today in the interior of the royal pomposity you can see even the skins of dead animals, instead of carpets. However, the essence of this direction remained the same - the use of natural expensive materials to create an imperial sophistication and a strict military celebration. The color scale, the volume of ornaments on the floor and ceiling, military elements, large mirrors are also an integral part of the Napoleonic style. For those who want to create such an interior at home, it is worthwhile to think over everything. And it is better to consult with good designers who will be able to recreate an era of grand triumph in your house, combining it with royal sophistication.

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