Interior of a village house - 30 design ideas inside

Country style in the interior

As with a single mention of a small house in the village, a neat clean room rises before your eyes and the warmth of a summer day, the aroma of herbs and freshly baked bread is felt, so the country style in the interior should be created from delicious smells, coziness and natural materials.

Interior, sustained in the style of the Siberian village house, also does not look like the situation of a French country house, like rye bread on a baguette: it differs in color, material of manufacture and even form.

Kitchen-dining room with panoramic window

The design of a village house inside can be very diverse, try on any variant from classics to minimalism. It depends only on the desire of the owner. However, if the appearance of the house was originally planned as an analog of a Swiss chalet or a tower, it is most pleasant not to be deceived by the first impression of appearance, but getting to the inner rooms to see all the attributes of the corresponding rural style. The organic combination of the external image and the inner spirit of the house produces a greater effect than the difference.

Large living room combined with a dining room

Rustic flavor

If there is a firm intention to realize the rustic style in your home, try to push away from the fragrance. Close your eyes and imagine what smell you want to feel. What do you associate most with your suburban life, leisurely and full of pleasures? Than, in your opinion, it smells where it's so good that you do not want to leave?

Log house, walls in the bedroom without finishing

If you feel the spicy herbs - use the style of Provence, if the nostrils tickles the aroma of roast and baked potatoes, choose country. Hot pies, honey and autumn apples are a stylistic trend saturated with the spirit of the Central Russian expanses, and the smell is typical for a Siberian log cabin with heavy dark furniture. Rose and sweet peas are the flavor of the village of the English outback, and the smell of canvas and wildflowers is inherent in modern rustic.

Ceiling of wooden beams

Bring in the house the appropriate fragrances can be, using wooden wall covering, starched table linens, flowering houseplants in flower pots, stained in the interior style, decorative details of the kitchen space: a bunch of dried spicy herbs, red pepper, coffee decor.

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Textiles in the interior of the dining room

Aromatic impressions, memories in smells - the strongest, deepest and longest, they are imprinted in the human subconscious. Having felt the long forgotten aroma, which once filled happy days, you will plunge again into the joyful perception of life. Fill this fragrance with your home and every time you return there, you will return to the best place on Earth.

Rustic style kitchen

Living heat of the village hearth

The center of space for family evenings, a living room or a combined kitchen, a dining room and a common room is a hearth. Depending on the national color of the interior of the village house it can be:

  • open fireplace with stone portal;
  • closed fireplace mantel, framed carved wood;
  • bleached Russian oven with cast-iron doors, flaps and projections, where stylized pots or rare items from the "grandmother's" collection will find their place;
  • "Dutch", faced with tiles or glazed tiles;
  • brick hearth with a spit;
  • modern stove in the "antique" style;
  • a small "burzhuyka" with an openwork pattern on the door, a glass window through which you can look at the fire and the top plane, where it is convenient to make coffee in a Turk.
Small Provencal bedroomSmall Provencal bedroom

The sizes of these devices can vary depending on the scale of the house itself and the dimensions of the room where they are located, as well as the intended purpose. Some are used only for aesthetic pleasure, others for heating, and third for cooking national dishes. But each of them stores a living heat - a real fire, which makes country evenings so cozy.

Kitchen-dining room with chairs in covers

Of what is built, and finished

The material for interior walls, organic in the design of the village house, is based on traditional materials used historically in the construction of buildings in different regions.

Living room in the house with a fireplace and access to the terrace

Variants of the Russian style suggest a tree on the walls: log, beam or imitation. Provence - it is always plastered walls, tk. The main material for creating supporting structures is a stone. Wall surfaces can be painted as light, close to limestone or sandstone in tone, and saturated colors. Ocher, shades of brick, light ultramarine, grassy green create a beautiful background, on which decorative elements stand out making the interior of the village house finished.

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Striped mats in the bedroom

Interior details for wall decoration can be created with their own hands: braided rope panels, embroidery, which should be placed in a frame, painted wooden or ceramic objects - all this is available for making by domestic needlewomen. And, in addition, it is interesting for children, passes the basics of skill to the next generations.

Rural style kitchen

Aromas that should be felt as soon as you cross the threshold - the smell of a submerged stove, mown grass, sun-warmed air, melting pitch are reflected in the design of a rural interior design project. Based on direct associations, a common color gamut is built. Shades of natural wood, earth, moss - it's a win-win option in any kind of rural style.

Kitchen in a foreign rustic styleKitchen in an old overseas house

In addition to the basic color solutions for walls, flooring, ceiling finish, you need to determine the palette of three-dimensional objects, which are the central accents. The use of all the interior components in one color scheme is possible, but too monotonous. Groups of upholstered furniture or large buffets, chests of drawers, kitchen set will play well in contrast to the general tone. The rule of opposites "light on the dark, dark on the light" has not let anyone down.

Bedroom with fireplace

Housekeeping in the house

Country textiles

A special charm and cosiness at home with a rural flavor is attached to its textile decoration. Different types of products made of fabric and soft materials (curtains, decorative pillows, removable furniture covers, carpet tracks, and blankets) are used in different variants of rustic design.

Cushions in the bedroom

English rural cottageHouse in country styleRussian hut
Upholstery fabrics with small flowers

Lacy knitted napkins on head restraints and back of sofas

Lace or thin cotton curtains

Light thin material (cambric, muslin) or dense tissue in a cage or with plant motives for curtains

The curtains are decorated with picks

Canvas fabrics for decorative pillows

Lace overlooks on the beds

Embroidery with cords, bright woolen threads, smooth and cross

Home-made mats

Bedroom in the attic of the house

Removable fabric covers - a convenient way to diversify the decor of the house for each season, fill the home atmosphere with a new mood.

Light curtains in the kitchen

Most samples of textile design, if desired, can be made by hand. The profile hobby (sewing, embroidering, painting on fabric, knitting in different techniques, lacework) is a great opportunity to decorate the house in its own way, to emphasize its individuality.

Ceiling trimmed with beams

Where the old is interwoven with the novel

A modern type of village style today is the modern rustic, where some intimacy and benevolence of rural coziness manifests itself only in small things, acting on a reserved neutral background.

Bedroom with fireplace and cozy window sill

Characteristic features of this style:

  • use of furniture from solid wood;
  • furniture upholstery, curtain textiles of natural colors and materials;
  • emphasizing the naturalness and natural character of the interior through the details of the decoration.

Sliding wooden door

The main thing is not the slightest coldness, rigor, because any country style is, first of all, warmth and comfort.

Living room with wooden furniture

It is not necessary to decorate the wall with wall-paper "Birch Forest" with a view to greater closeness to nature - this is the day before yesterday in design. Much more effective will look a stand for umbrellas from a whole birch logs or with his own sanded, and then polished churbak.

Antique iron beds in the guest room

An interesting detail of the decor of the modernized rustic style can be vases from a set or solid tree of simple shapes and large volume. Against the background of neutral walls, a silky rounded tree looks especially advantageous, and the fruit laid out in vases will serve as bright interior accents.

The second light above the kitchen

The use of simple glass forms (glasses, plates) while serving the table, but deep contrasting colors will make the modern rustic more emotional, add energy to the measured harmony of life.

Tables from hemp

Tableware for a rustic interior

Each style of the village interior is matched with certain materials, from which daily or decorative dishes are made. Light ceramics and brushed copper dominate in the Provence, clay products in the Russian style, patterned faience adds charm to the home atmosphere of the English direction.

Oven in the interior of the kitchen

Tableware with a rustic color emphasizes simplicity and home relaxed mood, brings a bit of fun, causes a smile and a desire to hold a mug with warm milk longer. White plates with painted flowers, birds, leaves, merry pot-bellied jars decorated with bright ornaments, cans for spices with images of folklore scenes - the choice of objects that can decorate the room, where the whole family gathers at a large table, is huge. It will be appropriate to design "jokes" - cups in the form of half of fruits or stylized pets.

Tableware for the rustic style

Bar table

Saturating the rustic interior with details, you can not "go too far." Each stroke is a new note in the atmosphere, where everything breathes a home fairy tale, everyone understands each other, laughter sounds, and spiritual conversations do not stop.