Oriental style in the interior of an apartment or house +55

Unusual sofa in the living room

Oriental style in the interior has a special magnetism, thanks to which the room is perceived as something fabulous. Fans of this style direction in every way try to convey all the magic of the east in creating a design of their own home. The aesthetics of Asia and Africa have always attracted special attention from European nations. This style is considered a great idea for the design of a country house and apartment.

The style itself is divided into:

  • Arab;
  • Asiatic.

Original tables near the sofa

Each of them has its own characteristics: colors, the use of certain materials and decor elements. The latter help to achieve an interior that would create a unique atmosphere. It is perfect for courageous individuals who like non-standard solutions. This kind allows you to develop individual, nothing like living quarters.

Pillows with patterns on the couch

Arabic style

The room in this style has a large number of subtle details, emphasizing its character and beauty:

  • screaming, juicy colors (mainly red, chocolate, copper, peach, yellow);
  • complete absence of abrupt transitions and strips, ideally flat surfaces;
  • absence of boring components of the general decor;
  • availability of vaulted ceilings and similar door portals;
  • openwork carving;
  • an abundance of various effective textiles (carpets, bright pillows, upholstery, curtains);
  • The presence of an interesting game of sun rays due to the presence of chandeliers with glass details, rhinestones, beads.

Photo within the framework of the sofa

All the details are aimed at developing a pleasant, relaxing environment. For decoration is used expensive furniture, decorated with beautiful carvings. In the East, ceramic items were always valued. The characteristic features of the interior are: chasing, mosaic, bright carpet paths.

Attention. It is important that the room is filled with decorative elements made by hand. Thus, she will receive a unique character and personality.

Suspended light above the table Window with patterns in the bedroom  Candles in the interior of the living room  Lamp on the wall above the couch  Table and chairs opposite the bed  Lamps on bedside tables near the bed

Chinese style

It is distinguished by a minimal amount of things. There is not an abundance of luxury, but there is a lot of furniture. All components form one harmonious space, which provides relaxation. According to the Chinese, the combination of scarlet, white and black symbolizes harmony.

This direction has its own distinctive features:

  • Colour. Red is considered a favorite of his people. It is a symbol of strength and life. Often it is combined with black color. Of particular importance are two other colors: lemon - the color of the ruler and sky-blue - of fame. The famous people of this country use the blue color very carefully. They simply do not want to show their high status. The combination of fiery red, white and coal-black in the representation of the Chinese forms boundless harmony.
  • Floor. A solid surface is a stone tile or parquet. It is important that the color solution of the floor is close to the cherry. It is advisable, if it is a plate made of bamboo. An auxiliary option is carpet type mat.
  • Walls. They can be painted or plastered. Sometimes use paper wallpaper (which is preferable, because they were invented in China). Often the walls are decorated with spectacular paintings - it can be mountains, trees, birds, flowers, sakura. Each such drawing in the representation of the Chinese has a certain symbolic meaning. When choosing wallpaper to decorate a room, you should ask what the chosen drawing means.

Furniture оригинальной формы Painting on the wall in the living room  Sofa and table opposite the TV  Hieroglyphs on the walls of the living room  Shelves on the wall above the bed  Bedroom in the bedroom

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African style

It is built exclusively on ethnic representations. The African interior uses natural materials: wood, ceramics, textiles, sandstone slabs. Here it is customary to emphasize the close relationship with nature, flora and fauna, religion, superstition. In the interior it is customary to use the figures of birds and animals. To create a special atmosphere, all kinds of picturesque fragments of trees, compositions from dry branches, imitation of skins of wild representatives of the African continent in the form of carpets are used. Hence the beginning of the popularity of shaman masks and the decoration of the mansion with primitive weapons.

Masks over the sofa in the living room

As for color, it uses exclusively deep shades of coffee, tangerine, coral, beige, yellow. Thanks to natural shades, a pleasant atmosphere is obtained. For the finishing of floors the following materials are used: wood, parquet, artificial stone of sandy shade. The walls can be plastered, then painted. It is allowed to use wallpaper that mimics animal skins. The furniture is simple, without frills. More suitable rattan, bamboo or wooden. In an African dwelling there can not be a lot of soft furniture - this is atypical to this style.

As for accessories, they can be used in unlimited quantities. They create a unique ethnic flavor, which is a visiting card of the African style. Thanks to the use of black furnishings, it is possible to give expressiveness to the home.

African landscape on the wall African idols and masks in the living room  African masks in the office  Unusual vases in the bedroom  Lamps on the bedroom wall  African decor in the living room

Moorish style

It is original, reminiscent of the eastern fairy tale and completely fascinates with its refinement, refinement, luxury. Surprisingly, the style originated not in the vastness of Mauritania. Although in the Middle Ages just so called the Muslim countries on the coast of Africa.

Neostil, invented by the inhabitants of Europe in the second half of the nineteenth century, was called Moorish, because it absorbed the features of Islamic art. He also has medieval features of Egyptian, Indian and Persian artistic images, as well as the specificity of Arab traditions.

Chic interior

This style is different eccentricity, exceptional extravagance. It is characterized by architectural elements in the form of domes. The walls and ceiling are completely covered with a neat, perfectly designed pattern with interlacing geometric shapes and floral elements. In this style, accentuation of corners is noted, giving the interior an expressive appearance.

Part of the Moorish interior is considered to be large and voluminous leather chests with metal corners, as well as low octagonal tables. Still such furniture is involved: ottomans, stools with carved legs, upholstered with strong silk. Items of the arrangement must have bright, flashy colors. It is desirable if the furniture is black. Decor items are wooden pots with ornament, jugs, vases, other vessels with elements of simple figures.

Table with a glass cover near the sofa Four-poster bed  Original chandelier on the ceiling  Picture above the bed  Luxury furniture in the bedroom  Table and cushions on the floor

Features of the design of premises

It has the characteristic features of design, due to which it is difficult to confuse it with another style direction. It is distinguished by:

  • Lushness, luxury, abundance of details.
  • A large number of interesting patterns, complex ornaments, mosaics.
  • Dull, warm lighting.
  • The abundance of textile elements, for the creation of which fabrics such as velvet, satin, organza, silk, brocade are used. You can make textile accessories with your own hands or to order.
  • Trace smooth lines, as well as a complete lack of a clear geometry. For the zoning of the room arched vaults are used.
  • A special kind of room is given by furniture, which can be represented by low sofas with an abundance of soft pillows, beds with a luxurious canopy, screens, ottomans, chests. The furniture is heavy, carved and decorated with semiprecious stones.
  • The color range of eastern interiors is represented by natural muted shades: terracotta, ocher, beige, sky blue, lilac, raspberry, orange, rich green, turquoise, sand. A golden shade is mandatory in the interior, executed in the oriental style. It is presented in abundance in the decor of textile elements.

Sofa and table opposite the TV


Decor Oriental style in the interior is characterized by some features, in particular, by dividing the room into certain areas, each of which is designed to perform certain actions. Most importantly, with which it is recommended to begin the process of registration - division of the room into the main functional areas. If you plan to equip a room of large sizes, then it is conditionally divided into two main zones:

  • recreation;
  • eating.

Painting over the sofa

But if the object has small dimensions, then these two zones need to be combined with each other. The recreation area must necessarily be equipped with a large and soft sofa with many colorful pillows. Before him should place a table for the reception of guests and friends. The reception area should be equipped with an impressive number of ottomans. In its center should put a low table.

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The main requirement for furniture is comfort and convenience. Sofas should have an upholstery of satin or silk. If desired, instead of colorful upholstery, you can throw a satin overcoat on top.

Room with chic interior

Attention. Instead of a table, you can put a flat chest, which is covered with a silk cloth. This move is more preferable for the interior in the oriental style.

Bright interior of the room

Wall, floor, ceiling decoration

For interior design, you need to use contrasting colors or, conversely, soft pastels. The culture of the East combines the traditions of some countries. They are united by the use of natural raw materials: iron, wood, bamboo.

Usually the walls are trimmed in minimalist style. It is characterized by the following shades: sand, cream, cherry, red, brick. For all directions, the use of natural finishing materials is characteristic.

Red sofa in the living room

The flooring can be made of stone or wood. The universal color of the ceiling is white, but the use of a shade of walls is allowed.

The Asian direction is characterized by contrasting decoration when using beams of dark wood, which form a rectangular lattice with sufficiently large cells.

Table and sofas in front of the TV

Arabic style нуждается в плавных формах, а также изысканной росписи. Потолок можно сделать многоуровневым (натяжным или подвесным). Отлично подчеркивает интерьер искусная резьба или накладки с ее имитацией.

Walls are recommended to be painted with an appropriate coloring composition or wallpapered with gold ornaments. You can use monochrome wallpaper of orange, peach, gold, terracotta, wine or brick shade. If you like carpets, then you can decorate them with walls of the interior.

White sofas in a red room


All directions in this style are inherent only in natural furniture. Usually, wood of different breeds is used for its production. The decoration is carving or incrustation with semiprecious stones.

Привычная мягкая мебель используется только в арабском, марокканском и индийском направлениях. А вот остальные стили отлично обходятся без нее. Там задействуют только небольшие пуфики и миниатюрные диванчики. Furnitureной отделке придается большое значение: эффектная обивка из натурального шелка, бархата, парчи, аккуратная вышивка, восточные орнаменты.

Chair in the form of a hippo at the table

Furniture в восточном стиле всегда отличается массивностью, натуральностью и красотой. Здесь недопустимо использование пластика или дешевой обивки: настоящее дерево и натуральные ткани — вот основные особенности такой эффектной мебели.

Wood furniture necessarily must have its own natural shade - it is preferable that it be dark. The most important rule in creating an interior in the oriental style is the use of low furniture. It is also desirable that it was not enough. Space - another feature of this style direction.

Lamps on the bedside tables in the bedroom

Decor and Accessories

The right oriental interior is one that contains an abundance of different themed accessories. There should not be random things that act as interior elements. Do not forget that portraits and sculptures are not peculiar to the oriental style. But the abundance of ornaments is welcomed here, and they can be depicted on everything. Effective patterns can decorate tablecloths, carpets, walls, furnishings.

Hookah on the table next to the sofas

The basic rule is that all ornaments on objects must have one style. Only in this way will it be possible to create the right oriental interiors. Particular attention should be paid to carpets made of natural threads, which are valued in the East. If you choose them correctly, you can use several in one room: to decorate the floor and walls.

Among the popular accessories for the room can be identified various lace fixtures, luxurious chandeliers, hookah, silver and porcelain cutlery. They will only complement the overall design of the room. Traditional for the dishes in this style is floral ornament. You can also use special bamboo accessories for the room. An important place in oriental design is textiles: lush curtains, rich curtains, expensive tablecloths.

Table in front of the couch

Features of the design of rooms

Any room, designed on the basis of one of the oriental style styles, should provide comfort. And the functionality and the latest technologies are completely out of place here.

Eastern room - a relative concept, generalized, because the culture of the same name is quite diverse. Motives in the interior can be elements of several eastern countries: Morocco, India, China, Japan.

Original tables next to the sofa

The main features that characterize this style are:

  • smooth shapes of furnishings;
  • archway corridor;
  • ceiling with dome arches;
  • ornaments in the form of flowers, fruits and berries on dishes, furniture, wallpaper, textiles;
  • finishing with gold, silver, semiprecious stones;
  • the presence of shiny and radiant surfaces;
  • a lot of small parts;
  • saturated colors;
  • luxury in every detail;
  • use of natural wood.
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Yellow sofa in a room with blue walls


Interior in the oriental style needs such components:

  • light weightless fabrics;
  • textile;
  • stocky furniture made of rounded wood;
  • variegated colors.

Chic interior спальни

The main attribute of the bedroom is a large four-poster bed. The windows should be decorated with thick curtains of expensive fabrics with ropes, tassels and fringe. The bedroom must have an impressive number of accessories: carpets, lamps, paintings.

Another feature of this interior is the unusual head of the bed. Preferably, if it is forged, upholstered in velvet. As for the form, it is precisely the lancet head of the bed that looks more harmonious. It is important to pick up beautiful textiles for her and pillows.

Bed in the center of the room

Living Room Design

Luxury living rooms - a special kind of design that the Slavic people do not understand. To create it, the following bright colors are used:

  • all shades of red are cold and warm;
  • sand, caramel, honey, golden shades;
  • brown, brick, terracotta colors;
  • orange, peach, coral;
  • colors of raspberry, fuchsia, lilac;
  • emerald, turquoise, blue.

Semicircular sofa with cushions in the living room

The walls of such a living room will be much more effective if you trim them with silk. These unusual wallpaper will make the interior more cozy. Another option for decorating walls is painting them in a pleasant shade. Painting surfaces with any red tone gives the living room a truly Chinese style.

You can decorate the interior of the living room with puffs, low stools, a carved coffee table, hanging cabinets with the appropriate painting, shelves.

Curtains on the ceiling of the living room

Design kitchens

Creating a kitchen design, you should use several directions. The main design features of this room are:

  • a combination of warm colors;
  • bright accents;
  • use of natural materials;
  • low furniture;
  • abundance of textile elements;
  • dishes for tea ceremonies.

Decorative plates on the kitchen wall

Here it will be appropriate to look silk wallpaper, mosaic for the apron, cork panels. The ceiling, as in the living room and bedroom, you should trim elegant vaults, arches, wooden grilles.

To give the kitchen an oriental style follows with the help of windows. It will be appropriate to look special surfaces of frosted glass with Arabian motifs. It is allowed to install curtains made of bamboo, blinds.

Walls and floors can be finished with natural stone, ceramic tiles and marble. With the help of these materials, you can not only trim the walls and floor, but also the countertop.

Beautiful furniture in the kitchen

Bathroom Options

The decoration of this room makes it possible to use all the souvenirs brought from the travels. They can decorate the interior as well as the living room. This room is better to break into the main zones first, using partitions, screens, niches, arches, columns.

The main features of this room are saturated shades, the presence of natural stone, colored glass, embossing, forging.

Tile with patterns in the bathroom

Such an interior must necessarily be filled with the atmosphere of relaxation. As for plumbing, the washstand is better to choose a classic, in the shape of a bowl, and the bath is of a beautiful round shape. It is advisable, if the washbasin is made of copper, and all pipes, taps, visible communications will be painted in golden color. This will preserve the atmosphere of the East, without a hint of modernity. The bath itself can be placed in a special rounded niche in the floor.

Bath with glass

Balcony decoration

For people who are fans of the East, it is the balcony that can become the first place for experiments. Naturally, this place can not be decorated with boxes of vegetables. It should be a rest area with wicker chairs, a glass table and a garland on the wall. All free space should be filled with flowerpots.

Table and cushions on the floor балкона

It is very important that there is good thermal insulation. The bright colors present must be balanced with dark ones. It is preferable to use combinations of chocolate color with a golden hue, and burgundy - with a shade of lilac.

Bed on the balcony

For curtains perfectly fit organza, combining two contrasting colors. A deep shade can shine through a translucent, lighter tone. The finishing touch of this interior will be bright, seductive scents of the East: grapefruit, peach, sandalwood, lemon, lemon balm. They will emphasize the beauty of the interior and help to relax after a hard day.