How to decorate a mirror with your own hands

Decor of a mirror

Mirror is an indispensable attribute of human life, for several centuries already. It is difficult to imagine an apartment in which it is not - such a room will be strange, lifeless, devoid of familiar comfort. The decor of the mirror adds individuality to any interior, especially if it is made by hand, rather than in a glass factory. Decorate this object in various ways, make out in many styles, more in our master classes on individual techniques made by themselves.

  • decor outside the borders of the mirror - from cardboard, fiberboard, plywood cut out the base of the desired shape, which should be selected more than the decoration itself. Decorative elements are glued along the edge, the base is dried, then a mirror is mounted on it, as if inserted into a frame;
  • decoration of the mirror surface - glue along with ornaments is applied directly to the object itself, which allows you to get an "openwork" design.

Mirror decoration

Industrial decoration of mirror elements is made by methods of etching, krale, engraving, application of colored enamels, lithography, painting, etc.

Shelf on the wall  The box on the chests  Mosaic on the framework  Sink on the book  Lamp on the stand

Options for decorating mirrors

Decor ideas, suitable for different styles, there is a great variety, here are just some of them:

  • for the style of the loft frame for the mirror is made of the remains of laminate, pieces of brick;
  • in the interior of the sea style it is decorated with sea shells, flat pebbles;
  • for the ethnic - the frame is woven from straws, decorated with dry flowers, varnished, dry tubules of reeds;
  • In provence, a linen fabric is used, ropes;
  • Embroidered picture can become a mirror in a classic style;
  • The industrial interior is decorated with colored broken glass, plastic spoons-forks;
  • for the art-mirror, the mirror will perfectly be formed by tubes of colored paper;
  • frame for a mirror in the style of high-tech, mounted from pieces of chrome-plated metal, tubes, bolts.

Decor of a mirror в интерьере в стиле модерн Pot with a flower on the books  White cabinet in the interior  Elephant on the shelf  Shells in a vase  Lamps on the wall

Paper chopsticks or straws

Paper, in one way or another, is in every house. For the decor of mirrors are most often used:

  • glossy magazines - they do not even have to be painted;
  • newspapers;
  • cigarette paper;
  • cardboard trays from eggs;
  • napkins for decoupage.

To make a frame of tubes, they are twisted from the newspaper, making the necessary length, thickness. They are laid out on an unnecessary substrate, painted with acrylic from the can from all sides. After on the mirror, it is better round, behind put glue - silicone is bought necessarily neutral, acid can easily destroy a thin mirror coating. Paper tubes are laid out in the form of the sun, a flower, the day is dried in a horizontal position and a new piece of decor is hung on the wall. For rooms with high humidity, this design is not suitable.

Sometimes, instead of paper tubes, plastic straws are used, rods from handles.

Decor of a mirror трубочками

Plastic spoons

The larger the mirror, the more spoons you will need. They need to cut the scoops, which later become the "petals" of the flower-mirror, if desired, painted in one color or different. Then cut a piece of hardboard, thick cardboard, in the middle is the main decoration object, which should be circled in pencil, a marker - between this line and the edge of the frame, parts are glued in three or four or more rows. The frame is dried, a mirror is glued in the center, after a day it is hung on the wall. This mirror will perfectly fit in the interior of the light bathroom modernist style, romantic bedroom.

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Decor of a mirror пластиковыми ложками

If instead of spoons to use a wide part of the forks, the design will be no less interesting, but prickly. In the same technique, a frame is made of buttons, small compact discs, details of a child's designer.

Knife and spoon  We circle the mirror  Cutting out  We glue the first rows of spoons  Then the remaining series


The rope, the lace is chosen thicker, a real rope is suitable for a large mirror, a small one is a thin but strong twine, a paracord. The base is cut from cardboard, fiberboard, glue is applied on it, a lace is laid behind the turn. Mirror can be glued in the very beginning, then around it to paste a rope. For minimalism use a bright, not too textured rope, for traditional - linen.

Decor of a mirror веревкой

If you use threads, ropes of different colors, you get an "iridescent", striped frame.

Cutting  Fill the ends with glue  We fix to the mirror  We connect with a string  Paste the rows

Of wood

The wooden frame perfectly fits into any modern interior, it can be made from:

  • wooden clothespins;
  • chopsticks for Chinese food, from ice cream;
  • oblique wood saws;
  • reeček, planoček;
  • branches.

If the clothespins can simply be pinned around the perimeter of the thin mirror, then other options will require a little more time, effort. When there is access to woodworking machines, tools, the profile necessary for a beautiful design is cut from the solid log itself. Wooden bars, slats are bought in a store where everything is available for repair. In the same place, sometimes services are provided for sawing timber - you can ask that the planks are cut at an angle of a certain length. At home, they will remain stapled together, painted, painted by hand, complemented with carvings. For a curly frame of wood, you need a jigsaw.

For eco-style, a piece of plywood, cardboard, larger than the mirror itself, which is pasted into the middle, is cut out. Around, on the basis, glued pieces of wood, pegs, sticks, large chips, thin spilts of twigs, driftwood - a mirror is obtained as if drowned in a frame. If the decoration object is small, then it can be glued to a large wood saw, lacquered - it is better to have a bark. When ice cream sticks are used for decoration, they should be previously varnished, painted, painted.

Decor of a mirror деревом

The carved wooden frame is suitable for Baroque style, decorated with driftwood - oriental, ethnic - decoration of thin twigs intertwined with each other, wooden clothespins with folk patterns.

We circle the mirror на фанере  Cutting out основание  Cooking spills  We glue the spili  We apply glue for a mirror


Shellfish brought from the sea, the "shell" of snails used in the preparation of certain dishes, can become an original element of the decor. Most often they are used to decorate the mirrors of the sea style - then it is hung on the background of photo wallpapers depicting the sea dawn, sunset. The shells, painted with bright colors, will fit well into the futuristic interior, modern. Place such a frame most often in the bathroom, in the nursery.

If the sea, river, lake shells have lost their color, they are soaked in a usual bleach, then washed, dried, greased with sunflower oil, varnished. Next, we take a mirror that has a frame or on a plywood, wooden base. Shells are glued symmetrically, in raznoboy - first large, then, between them, smaller. The frame is dried and varnished.

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Decor of a mirror ракушками

In addition to shells, many use pearls, beads, beads, beautiful pebbles.

We prepare the base  Apply glue  We fasten small seashells  Then large seashells  Leave to dry

Mosaic, broken dishes

Do not rush to throw out the broken dishes, especially if "during life" she was beautiful - the pieces are easy to apply as an ornament.

Usually used:

  • broken colored glass, crystal;
  • splinters of mirrors;
  • pieces of aluminum foil;
  • clay, porcelain shards;
  • broken ceramic tiles.

Decor of a mirror мозаикой

With special equipment, the glass is cut into pieces of any desired shape. Decorations are glued to the previously prepared surface according to the required pattern, the voids between the parts are filled with any grout, decorated with pebbles, sequins, mother of pearl.

For eco-style use clay crocks, provans - earthenware, high-tech hallway decorate with fragments of audio CDs.

Gray sofa in the interior

With gold leaf

An artificially aged frame is the best decor of the living room, bedroom of an expensive classical interior, grandiose baroque and gothic styles.

Variants of the "old" design:

  • gilding;
  • bronzing;
  • silvering;
  • patination.

Decor of a mirror сусальным золотом

The design of the frame with gold leaf allows creating a unique, luxurious object. Susal is the finest gold film that is glued to the surface of the object for decorative purposes. It is available in the form of squares with a side of 91.5 mm, but there are different thicknesses. To decorate the furnishings the finest is used - with a ligature weight of 1-2 gr.

The color of gold leaf is:

  • white - contains palladium, silver;
  • lemon - has a large percentage of silver;
  • green - an alloy of silver and gold;
  • yellow - contains 75% of gold, silver, copper;
  • orange - alloy of copper with silver;
  • red - has a lot of copper in the composition;
  • clean - almost one hundred percent.

The material is sold in notepads, packs, rolls, transferred by tissue paper. Gold is produced in the form of a powder, which must be planted, combining with the tinsel.

Table opposite the sofa

From materials, tools you will need:

  • wooden frame - best carved, according to the size of the mirror;
  • gold plates;
  • glue - mezdrovy, on an oil, alcohol basis;
  • paint for the background - if the coating is not solid gold.

Initially, the paint is applied to the frame, dried, neatly pasted with gold sheets, polished so that there are no seams, in the middle fix the mirror.

If you need to significantly save, instead of gold sheets use potal - thin foil that looks like gold, but without precious metals in the composition.

Книги на комода

Decor on a mirror

This decoration is applied in the form of a painting directly on the mirror surface, a variety of stickers on it. You can decorate the door of the closet in the dressing room, oval, rectangular in the corridor, the lobby, the plasterboard partition, decorated with mirrors.

Of materials, tools most often used:

  • paints on glass;
  • various stencils;
  • pebbles, beads;
  • beads, sequins;
  • textile, polymer lace;
  • thin, thick brushes.

For a minimalist style, modern, you should use a mirror without a frame.

Mirror with patterns

Transparent stones

In the "stone" decor should adhere to certain conditions:

  • Do not place them too close together;
  • It is recommended to use pebbles of different size, color;
  • You can spread them on pre-made stencils;
  • glue not only along the very edge, but also locally in one or all corners.

The decoration, entirely made up of the same transparent stones, is suitable for a minimalist style. In combination with plastic flowers, plants - a room of romantic style, buttons, beads - for eclecticism, avant-garde. Glue is used transparent, it should be applied very carefully, carefully removing excess. Usually used special - to work with glass, rhinestones.

Such pebbles are often sold in stores - by the piece, by whole sets.

Decor of a mirror прозрачными камнями

Painting Decoration

The painting is made up by wall mirrors, glass doors, dressing table. In the presence of certain artistic skills, the surface is easily painted with wonderful patterns, with the help of acrylic paints, brushes of various thicknesses.

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Most popular topics:

  • New Year's patterns - as in the winter on the windows;
  • fantastic birds, animals;
  • undersea world;
  • dot, "kudrinskaya" painting;
  • geometric figures;
  • floral ornaments.

Painting on the Mirror

For the mirror in the children's style Provence used light colors. In the classic bedroom of a teenage girl, the surface is decorated with flowers of pastel tones, industrial kitchen - figures of steel flowers. The hand-painted of such a plan will take at least an hour.

Другой способ – окраска баллончиками с красителем через специальные трафаретки. На эту роль прекрасно сгодятся перфорированные napkins for decoupage. Салфетки выбираются прорезиненные – чтобы их легко было снимать. Они просто выкладываются на поверхность, а сверху наносится краска-спрей, после следует просушить несколько часов.

When performing a fine hand-painted, designers recommend using a special contour for working with glass.

Flower and leaves on glass


The most "home" interior is obtained when using the design of mirror surfaces with beads. Often it is combined with pictures, sofa cushions, embroidered beads, glass beads. For a traditional, neoclassical bedroom, this is one of the best solutions.

Beads, beads are ideally chosen glass - that well let light, not too cluttered up a surface. The color scheme should fit well into the interior of the room, without creating dissonance with it. You can glue on a transparent silicone sealant, separating the surface to be decorated with scotch tape. Single volume elements can be used, made by stringing beads on wire, line, thread.

Decor of a mirror бисером

Popular topics:

  • sea ​​waves of turquoise-white shades;
  • African, Old Russian ornaments;
  • butterflies, dragonflies;
  • geometric abstractions.

Looks great accents from large transparent beads, against a background of smaller details.

Beads on the frame

Mirror frame from the ceiling skirting with your own hands

Materials will require:

  • furniture plywood;
  • scissors, sharp knife;
  • ruler, pencil, gon;
  • clay "Titan", PVA;
  • acrylic dye;
  • clothesline or twine;
  • tissue sponge.

Step-by-step the frame is done like this:

  • in the base make slots, where a strong cord is inserted to suspend the structure;
  • a mirror is glued on the plywood;
  • cut the ceiling skirting, carefully working out the corners;
  • their ends are smeared with glue "Titan", tightly pressed against each other;
  • a special primer is applied on the plinth, and when it dries out - acrylic paint;
  • further individual fragments are decorated with gold, silver, bronze paint;
  • from the remains of a rope, a lace is laid out a floral ornament, which is supplemented by contour, dotted painting, sequins, rhinestones;
  • The frame is glued to the base, dried - after a day the construction is fixed to the wall.

Mirror with a frame from a skirting board

As additional elements are used any improvised materials, suitable for stylistics. Also used are sandricks, corner pieces, rosettes (they are cut into several parts), fragments of ceiling ornaments, moldings, etc.

If possible, the pattern in the corners of the frame should be well chosen - so it will be much more beautiful.

Orchid by the shell


The interior design, decorated with mirrors, looks spacious, alive - any room is filled with light, it becomes bigger. The creative design of large and small mirrored surfaces can become a kind of highlight of any room, delighting the hosts for a single year. When there are several mirrors in the room, they are all made in a similar manner, a color scheme suitable for this particular space. Many ideas of self-decorating an old mirror with improvised means are able to make even a child, under the supervision of adults or with their help.