Vintage style in the interior - the embodiment (20 photos)

Vintage style in the interior

To equip the vintage interior of the house with their own hands is not an easy matter and requires certain knowledge. The term "vintage" was first applied in winemaking, they were called wines with a long period of aging. Later with this term began to personify the interior, created with the participation of things from previous generations, looking original and original. In the things should be read the fashion trends of a certain era.

Antiques are understood as a certain value of cultural heritage, while vintage is an uncomplicated object of interior, very simple and expensive to the heart, allowing to decorate a house without special financial costs.

Elements of decor for creating a vintage interior

Intending to repair the apartment, you should focus on the principles that are typical for the style of vintage in the interior. To embody the design idea for creating a warm country atmosphere with a cozy vintage, you must adhere to the following postulates:

  1. Design should be unique furnishings with a touch of wear, while here it is appropriate as the original things of the 20-30s. the last century, and stylized furniture items for them.
  2. Creating a background by pasting wallpaper or painting walls select pastel colors of materials. On the wallpaper can be seen a small picture. For example, some manufacturers have entire collections that are ideal for creating "antique" interiors.
  3. A set of accessories must also be borrowed from ancestors. The main condition is that candlesticks, caskets, vases, and utensils should have a good condition.

Vestibule of the house in vintage style

Texture of materials

Such a combination of materials such as wood and wrought iron, ceramics and copper elements perfectly fit into the vintage country decor. And each of these materials perfectly combined with finishing fabrics. Such materials are not difficult to make old, but there are no such old things that could have repelled the historical spirit of a particular era. Creating a special atmosphere, you can enter into it special items with a long history that will bring in the decor of the house a highlight and a special chic. If the vintage is combined with the country style, then the best accessory in the interior design will be flowers. Here we can talk about seasonal flower arrangements in vases, bouquets of field flowers. Flowers such as roses should be present here in the first place. Wicker baskets or ceramic vases perfectly replace the capacity for dried flowers. Good looking fruit-fruit decor with insects. Each element should be distinguished by its simplicity, and all together they have a romantic appearance with slight negligence.

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Vintage interior items will complement the apartment

Select wallpaper

As noted above, a well-created background is the basis of design in the vintage style. Preferred varieties of wall cladding:

  1. Lacquer coating in pastel;
  2. Glued wallpaper.

Wallpapers suitable for recreating the style, can be considered three options:

  • contrasting with the drawings, plus a finishing with stripes;
  • wallpaper with the presence of a patterned ornament (interwoven branches of plants, floral motifs), looking from the walls as if they were somewhat burnt out under the influence of sunlight;
  • canvases on the Japanese model, where pictures of birds or pinkish floral ornaments are seen with abundance.

Living room in vintage style

In the modern interior design, the vintage style dictates its rules for decorating walls - glued wallpaper can not be looked defiantly, rivet the eyes of the visitors of the room. On the contrary, the elements of furniture, along with individual accessories, appropriate for the style of interest, should be catchy.

Accessories and decor elements of vintage style


Decorating the house from the inside in the style of vintage country, the main emphasis is on furnishing. The interior of the country is not alien to those things that are the inhabitants of pantries and closets. Buffet, mirror dressing table, chest or box, dining table, screens and other similar things will be very handy. A suitable decor can be carved lining of wood or brass.

Kitchen design in vintage style

Decorating the interior, you need to try not to allow "museum", when all the furniture is selected in the spirit of before last time. It is important not so much to recreate a single style, how much to make an interior, from which a sense of comfort and warmth emanated. It does not take much effort, because the style is multifaceted. Applying vintage interior items, both from the attic, and from the commission shop, and newly made, but with the addition of signs of deterioration, the interior will look somewhat chaotic. Harmonious arrangement of furniture elements will eliminate this nuance.

Living room with fireplace in vintage style

Floor and ceiling design options

Planning a vintage style in the interior, experienced designers give the surface finish an important value. Do not remain without a close examination and the issue of facing the ceiling and floor.

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When making a floor with a ceiling for vintage, it is forbidden to use synthetic materials, also made of plastic. The environment does not prohibit the use of modern textures in the design, but subject to their deliberate aging.

Decoration of the bedroom wall with a tree

For floors, you can choose a laminate, but the best option here is the plank floor. Despite the fact that the board has a whole set of advantages, when decorating a status interior, this option is not entirely suitable. Then the palm tree is given to the ordinary parquet. If only both materials looked older than their real age, that is, as if they had once been exploited. Although in fact the material uses a new one.

For the ceiling in the country style, there are several options for coatings - whitewash, paint or wallpaper. They are well combined with a molded frame, on which are visible cracks, small chips or irregularities.

Finishing the ceiling with beams in a vintage interior

Game shades

Choosing a textile decor, it is important to remember that the vintage design does not accept too bright, nor too dark shades. The principle of color design is one - the creation of air and light space. With an understanding of this principle, textile textiles are also selected to match the wallpaper, floor and ceiling. In order to avoid merging the shades with each other, it is necessary to adhere to the rules for composing color variations.

Using colors and shades in a vintage interior

The style of vintage is characterized by a restrained gamut of color palette. When decorating the interior is selected color design in a light version (shades from white and light pink, to bluish, lilac and greenish, combined with gray color). It is not excluded the inclusion of brownish shades in the design. However, a combination of contrasting colors is not welcome here. Compositional it looks like this: one additional color solution is added to several base colors in a small amount (mostly related colors), and the design should not be visually distinguished.

Interior items for creating a vintage house style

Vintage style with your own hands

Furniture in the design of the country is usually made of wood, can be trimmed with silk, cotton or damask plush. At the same time, the sofa and armchairs have small and compact dimensions. The optimal solution here is the decorative tables and large chairs. If we are talking about arranging the vintage decor of the living room with our own hands, then the best solution is to place a huge glass table with a luxurious large sofa.

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Bathroom in vintage style

Suitable here and decorative items such as carpets, wallpaper, paintings, curtains, antique accessories, musical instruments, whipped pillows, watches. All of them are selected for country design with a touch of modernity, hinting at a comfortable and comfortable lifestyle. The color spectrum prevails - pink, white, purple, yellow.

Even small at first glance, small things can fill the hall with a completely different atmosphere: a quilt, an old fan, a black and white photo with frames, a chest of drawers with wood, handles in industrial style.

Living room with fireplace in vintage style

Kitchen and bedroom decor

The ideal zone of the house of concentration of antiques is the kitchen. Here there will be a worthy place silverware, pottery from ceramics, a kettle from stainless steel. From household appliances, old coffee grinders will fit here, their complement will be a set of sieves, linen napkins, lace tablecloths. The presence of such items in the interior of the country will provide the atmosphere with a special charm, will give the room some zest.

Vintage Living Room Decor

If there is an intention to combine in the interior several related styles (for example, country, vintage, retro, etc.), including in this design symbiosis modern specially aged things, you need to start with the details. From such as night tables, coffee table, chest of drawers, inherited from the great-grandmother. In the bedroom you can put a plasma TV in a niche in a vintage design.

Modern beds can fit into the interior in the country style. After all, it is almost impossible to find well-preserved furniture now. Excellent decor for the bed - cushions with covers showing burnt patterns on textiles.