10 ways to use pastel tones in the interior

In new interior design projects, you can often notice pastel colors. Warm and refreshing at the same time, these shades make the houses and apartments look especially cozy and friendly, regardless of the style of decoration. In this article we will consider 10 original ways of applying pastel tones in the interior with 40 fresh photos!

Beautiful pastel colors in interiors (photo)

Over the years, pastel colors have been used for design in the styles of Provence, Country, Retro and Vintage. Initially, they were used for an exceptionally "calming" effect - for example, the interiors of children's rooms were often used as pastels. But today, designers have learned to apply them cleverly for a creative and bright modern design. Below you will learn how to correctly use pastel colors in the interior and get 12 unique color schemes for their combination!

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Method 1. Sofa of pastel color

Were you going to update upholstery upholstery? Or buy a new sofa? Then give preference to the fabric of pastel tones - this is one of the main trends of recent years and the easiest way to bring the tenderness of pastels into your home.

The following photos show how such a piece of furniture can look in the traditional and modern design of the room. A calm blue, pink or beige tone is ideal for this, because will look neutral enough to please you for many years.

Pastel colors in the interior - photo of the living room Design of the living room and pastel colors - a photo of a private house Modern furniture pastel colors - photo in the interior

Method 2. Bright interior in pastel colors

Light pastel colors, as well as a combination of light shades with pastels, will make your home fresh and spiritual, but not at all sugary. Pay attention to the stylish modern combination of white with pastel green or blue - amazing ease!

provans-interier-in-pastel-tones pastel-color-in-the-bedroomscandinavsky-dizayn-in-pastel-tonah

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Method 3. Spectacular contrast for modern design

Are you a fan of modern interior design? Then choose a bold combination of pastel colors with deep dark tones - gray, black, brown or the like. This contrast looks very original and does not deprive the house of comfort.

pastel-tone-in-the-hall modern-design-interior-loft-pastel Modern-design-with-pastel-shades

Method 4. Pastel tones + geometry

Another interesting way to apply pastel shades in a modern interior! Geometric patterns and shapes are a leading trend in recent years. Their sharpness combined with the softness of pastel tones also creates animating contrast, ideal for modern space.

Geometry-and-pastel-shades-in-design interior-bath-in-the-pastel-tones

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Method 5. Wallpapers of pastel tones

The choice of pastel tones as the basis for the interior is a bold step, as it requires careful study of the rest of the room. The rule "nothing too" will help you here. Pick an additional shade to the main one so that the interior with pastel wallpaper does not look oversaturated.

grassloch-wallpaper-pastel-shade wallpaper-green-pastel-color Provence-bedroom-in-the-pastel-tones

Method 6. Pastel shades of green

Pastel shades of green, especially mint and olive colors, have a special magic to transform the dwelling. In the design of houses and apartments they are recommended to combine with white, beige and brown tones, and if you want to make brightness - with beautiful floral hues.

interior-living room-in-pastel-tones green-pastel-color-in-bedroomdizayn-kitchen-in-pastel-tonah

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Method 7. Traditional interior styles in pastel colors

If you plan to repair your house and want to make a design in some traditional style, then this point is for you! Use a combination of 3 or more pastel shades to give the interior the charm of a classic country house. For example, a delicate palette of beige / pink / blue or beige / pink / green is perfect for this.

luxurious-interior-in-pastel-tonestradicyonnyy-dizayn-in-pastel-tonahGreen-and-pink-pastel-color-in-living room

More bright pastel shades of pink, blue and green can be used for interior decoration in the styles of Provence, retro and vintage.

mint-and-pastel-tone-in-the-kitchenspring-pastel-tone-in-design-homeretro-gostinaya-in-pastel-tonah stylish-design-interior-in-pastel-tones

Method 8. Pastel colors as decor

For a strictly and neutrally designed interior, there is nothing better than decor of pastel tones. Cushions, paintings, flowers in vases and other pastel details can look amazingly impressive on a quiet background.


Way 9. Beach and tropical style

Love the sun and the tropics? Pastel yellow, blue and green colors are ideal for interior design in the style of a house by the sea. Caution: if you look at the next photo of the interiors for a long time, you can hear the sound of the surf.

interior-home-in-pastel-tonah pastel-color-in-design-apartments bright-interior-in-pastel-tones

Method 10. Pastel shades and luxury-effect

Pastel colors symbolize warmth, softness and comfort - qualities that are necessary for luxurious design of rooms in the style of luxury. However, for the full effect, they lack the gloss that can be added with glossy surfaces, mirrors, shiny fabrics, metal details and chic lights.

dizayn-sleeping-in-pastel-tonah pastelnye-tona-na-kuhne modern-kitchen-in-pastel-tones light-apartment-in-the-pastel-tones green-pastel-color-in-the-kitchen

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Stylish combination of pastel colors in the interior (12 schemes)

At the end of this article we offer you 12 stylish color schemes that show how varied a combination of pastel colors can be in the interior. TELL IT COMMENTS: which color scheme did you like most?

classic-combination-pastel pattern-combination-pastel beautiful-pastel-colorssaturated pastel shades combination-pastel-tonesgentle-combination-pastel-tone