Room design - 80 best photo ideas

Wall-papers on a wall

House index of taste and sense of style of its owner, you can know a person all your life, but once having visited his home radically change the opinion of him. It is not so simple to think of a room design as it seems: you need to view a lot of sites, magazines, photos, be able to combine the ideas you saw and create a harmonious combination. The hardest part is for those who develop the design of a small room: it is very difficult to keep functionality without losing comfort and creating piled-up structures. Each room has its own purpose, its own characteristics, which must be taken into account when choosing interior elements. You can always turn to professional designers, but your own project will look better, less formally. The apartment, which has an individuality, is admired by its owner - the creator of the beautiful design. The rooms, depending on the size and location, are divided according to their intended purpose.

Guitar in bed  TV in front of the sofa  Football motif in the interior  The Swedish wall in the nursery  Mirror cabinet in the room

Living room

The function of the living room in different families and people is often significantly different. This can be a place for joint family pastime, then we make it cozy and comfortable, complemented by a spacious sofa, a fluffy rug, a large round table. Or, the living room can be of a formal nature, in this case minimalism is popular: a sofa, a small table, a large TV set on the wall with an audio system. The notorious "slides" and "walls" have long lost their relevance - the capacity of such structures is small, and the shelves-dust collectors are enough. If you choose a living room for furniture or shelves of dark color, you should choose a high-quality antistatic in advance, otherwise the dust will be visible on it in a few hours. Stylish living room is: pastel colors, bright accents, original colorful objects of the interior (the main thing is not to overload, turning the apartment into a flea market). In the design of the living room, minimalism and accuracy, precise lines and beautiful geometry are relevant.

Built-in ceiling lights Aquarium in the wall  Wooden table and brown sofa  Glass table in the living room  Interesting floor in the living room  Roses on the table by the couch


The modern bedroom is often just a separated bed with a small decor or photo frames above your head. At best, the bedroom creates space in a small room. The situation is caused by the fact that not everyone can afford a cottage, but in a simple apartment, even consisting of more than 4 rooms, space is more useful. Can I do without a bedroom, sleep on the couch? It is possible, but after 5 years of such practice or if you have health problems, you will need a quality bed and an appropriate mattress. Modern folding sofas do not have a very beneficial effect on the quality of sleep and the health of the back. Convenient and stylish option - the combination of the bedroom with a dressing room, which is separated by a translucent glass. In the bedroom, warm colors are relevant, creating a calm, but solid environment. It is popular to decorate the wall from the head of the bed with a different type of wallpaper or texture.

Unusual picture above the bed Purple Bedroom Interior  TV in front of the bed  Mirror in the bedroom  Armchair by the window  Lamps above the bed


Interior design of the kitchen - first of all the design of the kitchen set. Most stylish looks integrated home appliances, so before you start to prepare a sketch kitchen, you need to know the parameters of all appliances: size, power consumption, the recommended distance from it to the wall or other device, the length of the cord, the length of the hose (dishwasher or washing machine).

Furniture made of wood in the kitchen

Important! Before you start planning a kitchen set, you need to know the exact parameters of household appliances and the location of the sockets!

Neglect of this information will complicate the installation of the headset, spoil the appearance of the kitchen. Now more and more refuse from the tiled apron to the kitchen in favor of glass, which is brighter, more effective, more hygienic. Designers tend to support in part, offering aprons made of wood, embossed plastic, or unusual tiles. Glass looks effective when it has the original image, not just "flowers, butterflies, horses." An integral and convenient part of the modern kitchen is a bar counter, but if possible, it is better to take it out with a mini bar to the insulated balcony.

Red furniture in the kitchen Table and chairs in the kitchen  Chandelier over the table  Bright kitchen design  Glass wall in the kitchen  Kitchen counter


The interior of the bathroom is very dependent on its size. In a large room, it is appropriate to place a large bath, shower, use large mirrors to decorate the walls. The design of the small bath will differ in favor of functionality. It is important not to overload the room with elements, do not clutter up space. A stylish bathroom gives preference to pastel colors: olive, beige, shades of gray, white, black and their combination. The voluminous panel on the wall gave way to small decorative inserts. Fine mosaic, ornaments from geometric figures, relief, different levels of walls, stylized wood, brick and stone - the trends of modern style. An important role is played by good lighting, freshly colored lighting. If the size of the bathroom does not allow you to combine a shower and a bath, you can think about limiting the shower room - this will save space and looks presentable.

Shower and toilet Mosaic in the bathroom  Shower and bath  Shelves and a mirror on the wall  Lilac Bathroom Interior  Unusual Bathroom Design


The size and design of the interior of the children's room depends on the age of the children, their number, if there are more than 2 of them, the differences in age and gender. If children are small and same-sex, after a short period of time each of them will need a personal space, their workplace. Workstations should be placed in different sides of the room or, if a long table is provided along the window, then at a sufficient distance from each other. Every year the child needs more and more personal space, and this must also be envisaged in the design of the nursery. Do not openly do "children's room", glue wallpaper with toon and forcing all the frames with locomotives - in a couple of years the "adult" child will not want to live in a room "for kids". To save space, designers resort to tricks: a bunk bed, pull-out beds, podiums with pull-out beds. All this will make room for exercises, active games or a sporting corner.

Interesting ceiling Bed by the window  Carpet by the bed  Bright children's design  Pink and white nursery  Stairs in the nursery

Entrance hall

Stylish hallway - a minimum of cabinets, a maximum of functionality. It does not mean that you need to abandon the built-in furniture - it is quite appropriate, if the area allows, but if the hallway is small, it is better to confine yourself to the basic elements: shoe cabinet / shoe store, coat hanger, hatspun, ottoman, mirror, small decor elements. Inappropriately look personal photos in the hallway and corridor, if you want to decorate the walls, more suitable paintings or panels. Traditionally, the furniture in the living room is chosen in a dark color, but white or dairy will look more impressive and will not require too much care. Small details such as a plate for small things and keys, an umbrella stand, a handbag hanger, a vase will give comfort and individuality. The color of the walls in the corridor is better to make it light because of the insufficient illumination of this part of the apartment.

Luxurious living room White banquet and black mat  A bench and a lantern in the hallway  Paintings on the wall  Mirror in the hallway  Original lighting on the ceiling


The workplace is one thing, but a full-fledged cabinet, quite another. In most cases, the office assumes adherence to the office style, but for creative people there can be a more comfortable room with bright colors scattered on the floor by armchairs with bags and intricate interior elements. The classical cabinet should create a working environment, set the tone for the work, be suitable for business negotiations. The room for work should not resemble a museum - it must be stylish: elements of natural materials, combinations of dark and light colors, interactive or simple board. On the walls irrelevant look great personal photos, it is better to use modern painting. Racks, cabinets - an essential part of the workflow. Do not overly decorate the office, it is, first of all, a place where it should be comfortable to work.

Unusual clock on the wall Aquarium in the office  Furniture made of wood in the office  White interior cabinet  City landscape on the wall  Fireplace in the office

In size and shape

Traditionally, the rooms vary in size, shape and function. In size: large, medium, small. In form: rectangular, square, L-shaped, round, quadrangular, polyhedron. The most common are square and rectangular. Of particular interest are non-traditional rooms. The first impression is that it will complicate the creation of a design project, in fact, the features of the structure of the room themselves prompt what and where it is better to arrange. With an abundance of corners - we hide them with built-in closets, shelves, leveling the space, achieving the correct geometry of the room. In the design of the trapezoid room, we follow the same rules, or emphasize the features of the room and build up furniture so that the trapezium can clearly be traced in the center. A quadrangular room with irregular angles, other than 90 degrees, requires adjustments to furniture and wallpaper with an abstract volumetric pattern. We do not hide inappropriate walls, but underline - we select with other wallpaper or texture.

Car on the wall

Design of a small room

When designing a small room, you need to learn how to save space, without compromising the overall style. You can use hanging shelves, a window sill stylized as a workplace. Furniture-transformer, for example, a wardrobe that transforms into a bed - will significantly save space. If a small room is L-shaped, it may be zoned to a resting place in its back, and the work area is closer to the door. When you separate the working area and the bed does not work out, different colored cushions will help out, forming a cozy sofa from the bed. It would be appropriate to use a podium or a loft bed. The design of a very small living room is much more complicated than a large one, but with the right approach it is possible to get a unique stylish part of the apartment. Visually increase the space in several ways:

  • decoration of the wall with wallpaper with a volumetric pattern or other texture and type of wallpaper;
  • advantage of light shades with elements of bright or dark color;
  • high-quality lighting;
  • in a rectangular room using traditional curtains, closing the window, in the square - blinds or roller blinds.

Shelves above the sofa Shelves with books on the walls  Table and chair by the window  Salad-white interior Shelves with books over the table  Pictures above the sofa

Design of the middle room

The design of a medium-sized room gives many opportunities and options. In this topic, it is more appropriate to talk about how to make a part of an apartment stylish. We use either bright wallpaper and quiet pastel furniture, or we make neutral walls and give vent to fantasy in decorating the room. The second option is a win-win and does not require special knowledge and skills. The average square room can be divided into two rectangular sectors, it is appropriate to look built-in cabinets with a large pattern, voluminous panels or paintings on the walls, drawings glowing in the dark paint. In the interior of the middle room can resort to not only the use of shelves, but also hanging cabinets. Prefer to expand the bathroom to the size of the middle room and organize a real home beauty salon. This bathroom will be very stylish and spectacular.

White furniture in the room Flowers on the wall  Decorative fireplace in the living room  Different watches on the wall  Ceiling with built-in lights  Shelves in the nursery

Large room design

When creating a large room design, you can use two options. The first option is minimalism. If the large living room room, it would be appropriate to have a huge sofa, a massive armchair table. Minor details are lost in this space and will look inappropriate. If part of the apartment is very large, it will be reasonable to divide it into several interconnected zones. This can be a living room separated from the bar by a bar counter, or zoning by interests: decorative partitions separating the TV viewing area, from a hammock, sports complex or play area. Zones are best emphasized with different types of textures or color combinations. A large room is suitable for organizing a large living room and two smaller sectors: for cooking and for eating. Large areas should be well lit, so the outer wall is made entirely glass.

Sofa with cushions in front of the TV Gray design of the living room  TV in front of the bed  Decor for brick walls  Orange furniture in a gray room  Painting over the sofa

Rectangular Rooms

A rectangular room requires adjustment and visual expansion of the space. This effect is achieved with the help of long voluminous curtains, their waves remove excess length, concealing disproportionality. Empty walls are filled with square panels, correcting the height. Division into zones is an effective solution for rectangular shape: from the window side we make the working area, and closer to the entrance to the bedroom. If a large room is supposed to be a living room, then the part far from the entrance is equipped as a working area or a bedroom. When zoning is not necessary to clearly distinguish the zone - a color or a partition, it is enough to leave a small free space or allocate one of the areas with a rug, and visually this part of the apartment will be divided. Racks in the back of the room, podiums, a combination of different types of wall and floor coverings will help visualize the length, make it more cozy.

Shelf with illumination on the wall Shelves on the wall  Purple interior  White and blue design  Modular picture over the sofa  Sofa and table opposite the fireplace

Square Rooms

With the design of square rooms is more difficult than with the rectangular, especially if it is small in size. A large square can be zoned into 3 parts: a bedroom, a sitting area, a working space. The square part of the apartment is more suitable for the interior of the living room, it will be appropriate to its minimalism. If the design is necessary for a very small square - you will have to prioritize and do the necessary: ​​a sofa, small interior details, a TV set on the wall. The square kitchen loses rectangular - the useful area for the kitchen set is lost and the excess is acquired in the center of the room. The square room is ideal for cabinet design: strict lines, the ability to create perfect proportions will be welcome. Wall panels and paintings must be chosen rectangular, lengthening and visualizing the space.

Bright design of the living room

Room styles

Choosing the style of the room you need to follow it impeccably. Misling one style with another, we risk getting bad taste. Modern styles offer a solution for every budget and taste. With a limited budget, you can make a stunning design in a loft style or minimalism. The general tendency of preferences in an interior of a combination of light tones and bright elements is traced. The individuality of the room is given not by the chosen style, but by the elaborate details of the interior. Style depends on the purpose of the room.

Важно! Room styles в одной квартире должны быть близки или одинаковы!

Для кухни часто используют прованс, скандинавский стиль, редко минимализм. Для гостиной актуален лофт, хай-тек, авангард. Bedroom может быть выполнена в эко-стиле или хай-теке. Делая выбор стиля комнаты нужно учитывать общею стилистику квартиры или дома. Различают следующие виды дизайна интерьера комнат:

  • High tech. Characterized by the predominance of black and red in the interior and bright red, turquoise accents. It is distinguished by underlined minimalism and severity of lines.
  • The Vanguard. It manifests itself in an abundance of bright details and interior items when decorating the floor and walls in pastel colors. Reflected in broken lines, asymmetry, light abstractionism.
  • Eco-style. The name speaks for itself - the abundance of plants, natural materials, the lack of plastic windows and synthetic carpets.
  • Scandinavian style. Characterized by the predominance of white, shades of brown and gray colors, woodwork and imitation of bricks.
  • Loft. A subtle combination of simplicity and minimal repair with designer things from unnecessary unusual old things. In the style we can see: a panel made of "aged" boards, an open fireplace in the form of a bowl. The direction was supposed to be a solution in the interior of attic rooms, but now the execution of this style is more solid and expensive.
  • Minimalism. The style of this direction can afford the owner of an impressive cottage. Having allocated a significant area for a bed or sofa located in the center, you can create a unique design, but to the detriment of the functionality.
  • Provence. This style creates a doll interior, popular with the design of the kitchen. Stylized elements of antiquity, vintage wallpaper, dishes on the shelves, artificially aged materials - a reflection of the refined style of Provence.

Glass table by the couch

Ceiling decoration - types of ceilings

The ceiling is an appreciable part of the room, it's hard not to pay attention to it, so it should be perfect. There are not many options for the ceiling, and if the wiring runs on the ceiling, then there are only two of them: gypsum plasterboard or tension. You can combine these two options or make a mirror ceiling. At present, the stretch ceiling and gypsum board can be of any color or with photo printing. Stretch ceiling can differ in texture: matte or glossy. Matt is used in large rooms, glossy in the bathtub and toilet. The leveled ceiling can be simply painted - looks good, solid, but not always durable. Decoration of the ceiling in the room involves maintaining the overall style of the room, and in color combination. The white ceiling looks safe, but quite ordinary, modern notes can be made with interesting lamps with original ornaments or lighting.

Ceiling with light

Wall decoration - types of materials and wallpaper

The choice of material for the walls of the apartment depends on the room: in the corridor we choose a more dense wear-resistant texture. In the bedroom and the living room, we prefer more gentle materials. This type of finishing as painting can be applied to the corridor or rooms with a low temperature regime: pantry, porch, cellar. Wallpapers amaze with a variety of species and colors. Often the wallpaper goes in two styles at once: monochrome and with a pattern on the same background. Paper - an economical option, in style and quality is not inferior to expensive wallpaper. Flizelinovye wallpaper is simple in applying on the walls - only the wall is smeared, which allows you to paste the wallpaper quickly and smoothly. Vinyl wallpaper is known for its durability and good performance. Glass mosaic, tiles, decorative plaster, stone, decorative panels - will create a unique style.

Photo on the wall above the couch

Flooring - types of floor coverings

A popular coating for the floor is linoleum - durable, unpretentious to use, easy to repair. In second place in popularity - laminate, considered natural, requires a perfectly flat floor when laying and observing the distance to the wall. If the angle swings in one place, it is more likely that when the humidity of the room changes the floor rises, it will have to be dismantled and filed. Ceramic tiles are durable, require professional installation and fireproof, suitable for bath, toilet and islet in the working area of ​​the kitchen. The disadvantage is a cold surface in the absence of floor heating. Cork flooring - natural, wear-resistant, suitable for bedroom. Polyvinylchloride - fireproof quality coating, will last up to 30 years, has an exquisite relief. The stone covering is durable, but heavy and cold. The filling floor looks spectacular - it provides ample performance possibilities. Paintings on the wall в гостиной

Design of curtains

Шторы – неотъемлемая часть дизайна комнаты, приходится ограничивать жалюзи или рулонными шторами, но трудно устоять перед количеством полноценных стильных штор. Классические шторы часто используются, но свое место в квартирах и домах находят такие шторы, как римские: отличаются воздушностью, нежными оттенками, горизонтальными складками. Австрийские шторы отличают наличие шнурков для их подъёма и преобладание в оформлении дорогих блестящих тканей: батист, шёлк. Лондонские шторы – отражают шикарный английский стиль: изящные волны напоминают римский стиль, отличаются большими затратами материалов и видом сборки. Design of a small room не исключает наличия штор: их можно выбрать необходимой длинны и цвета. Популярны шторы с фотопечатью – такой элемент интерьера позволит скорректировать визуальное восприятие размера комнаты.