Modern interior items - 6 trends for home decor

Do you want to choose new decor elements for your living room or another room in your house? Then it will be useful for you to look at these fashionable interior items from the latest collections of 2016. Here we have assembled wall decor, vases, table lamps and other small accessories for different rooms that will be especially popular in the next few seasons.

Here they are: 6 best modern themes for decorating a house on 45 photo interiors.

Trend 1: Stylish decor with stone and marble

Whether it's natural natural material or simply imitation of a pattern, white marble always gives the atmosphere refinement and noble chic. We have already got used to see marble finish in kitchen design (for example, table tops) and luxury bathrooms. But today its pattern is also used in the manufacture of small decorative elements for the interior - plates, jewelry stands, caskets, table lamps, etc. There is also a tendency to make crafts for the house with self-adhesive marbled paper.

Stylish interior decoration items 2016 marble

Here are some photos of modern decor with a marble motif:

Modern decor for table decoration Wall clocks as decorative elements for the interior How to make accessories for the interior with your own hands Beautiful interior decoration items in a modern style Mortar, bottles and dishes as decorative objects of kitchen interior

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However, marble is not suitable for every style of decoration of rooms. More versatile and original in design are the table-top elements of Chinese-style stone decor, as well as salt lamps. Agree that they, too, give the home a special atmosphere!

Unusual table decor - stone Stylish stone onyx decor on the photo Small accessories for the interior of the house on tables and chests of drawers Original ideas for decorating a house of stones with your own hands

Trend 2: Interior decor with motifs of waves

It is difficult to imagine something more majestic and alluring than the movement of the sea wave. Decor items with motifs of the waves became popular not only because they remind us of the sea and rest, but also for the ability to bring to the interior dynamics and a sense of calmness.

Modern style interior decor for 2016

This alone is enough to cause admiration. But the interior elements with waves also conquer us with their diversity. They are used in the manufacture of carpets and curtains, paintings, vases, desktop accessories and many others. etc. In addition, the colors of waves can range from light to dark shades of blue and green. Everyone can find their own unique object!

Fashionable items for interior decoration 2016 with a photo Beautiful and fashionable vases for interior decoration in 2016 Stylish home decoration items - pillows with prints Modern paintings and accessories for interior design 2016 Fashionable interior items 2016 - an unusual mirror and other decorBeautiful decor elements for walls and tables in the living room Stunning dishes as accessories and interior items Also read: Decor walls - 30 ideas for decorating the kitchen

Trend 3: Interior items in the Italian Renaissance style

Like marble - it's an eternal classic, which can simply stunningly look in the modern interior. Today, the special interest of designers attracts decorative objects inspired by Italian art and architecture, in particular - elements in the form of ancient columns, ornaments with laurel leaves, tastefully naked figures and modular sets of dishes.

Classic home decor with Italian motifsInteresting classic interior items on the kitchen photo Living room decor elements in classic Italian style The best fashionable home decor ideas in 2016 Stylish decor ideas for a house in a classic styleDecorative elements for kitchen interior in classical style

Trend 4: Original decor elements in the form of hands and gestures

Bold, provocative or impregnated with spiritual connotations, hand gestures are one of the most original types of modern decor. Do you want to emphasize the extraordinary nature of your personality? To surprise the guests? Introduce an element of surprise in interior design? Then you should choose exactly such decor objects, as in the following photos:

Modern interior items in unusual style Beautiful decor for decorating tables and pedestals Interesting accessories for the interior in the style of the loft Original interior items in the design of the living room in the photo Decorative interior items - photos of the best ideas What interior decor items are in fashion today

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Trend 5: Bright Vases and Accessories for the Interior

Never underestimate the power of bright colors. Playful and exciting, they are able to attract the gaze of people to the simplest and uncomplicated in appearance of the interior. Today, special attention deserves dishes and lamps, which are painted in bright colors - on the one hand, and in some gentle pastel shade - on the other.

Bright multicolored decor for home - photoBright decorative interior items - trend 2016 Bright fashionable decor in the interior of the kitchen in the photo Unusual modern decor ideas for home on the photo Bright accessories for interior design of the living room in the house Fashionable interior items 2016 in kitchen design

Trend 6: Playful interior items with animals

Well, who can resist them? Strategically placed interior items with our smaller brothers will instantly bring into the house an atmosphere of fun and mischief, as well as enrich the interior spiritually. Ceramics, glass, metal or wood - the choice of materials and colors is unlimited, so everyone can choose a figure to suit their taste.

Beautiful decor elements with animalsBeautiful interior items for a child's children's room Interesting interior decoration items of the bedroom Pictures and other objects for interior decoration - photo 2016 What interior items in the trend in 2016 - with a photo Wall decor and other accessories for the interior of the hall Stylish interior items for the bathroom 2016

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