Children's room in khrushchev - examples of design (20

Design of children's room in Khrushchev

Children's room in Khrushchev has minimal dimensions, however it is quite possible to decorate the interior with maximum comfort. This place should serve as a sleeping area for the child and a play corner, harmoniously combining the presence of a closet and a bed. In the room you need to allocate a zone for games. The use of competent zoning will help to achieve this. The design of the children's room in Khrushchevka is made taking into account the correct distribution of space. Kids should play and practice with ease. Planning is obliged to guarantee the comfort of sleep, study and games, to give the opportunity to receive guests.

  • sleep zone;
  • playing area;
  • guest area;
  • zone of study and study.

The list can be supplemented, taking into account the hobbies and hobbies of the girl (create an area for practicing art, music).

  1. Children's room for two children

Bright children's room for children of different sexes in Khrushchev

Providing each child with a cozy place to sleep, classes and games, you can count on their friendly cohabitation. For two girls, they combine sleeping places, installing a bunk bed. Spending time together, children become stronger friends. Choosing such a distribution of the area, sometimes you need to give girls a separate space for hobbies.

Children's room in Khrushchev with two bunk beds and a Swedish wall

If you install one large desk, you can save space, and children will be given the opportunity to study together, making this process a game.

Choice of materials

Before beginning the repair of the nursery you need to decide on the color solution of the interior. It is recommended to decorate these rooms in light tones. The children's room for the girl is decorated with warm tones (pink, lilac, beige, golden). Design projects for children's rooms for boys are made using blue, green, blue flowers. The use of aggressive shades is not welcome.

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Children's room for a boy in the form of a football field When decorating walls apply classic paper wallpaper and non-woven or vinyl coatings. Paper wallpaper gives the surface "breathe" and is considered preferable. The walls of the nursery can be painted with water-based paint. The main rule in the selection of materials is compliance with sanitary, hygienic and environmental standards.

If the environmental issue is paramount, it is recommended that the floor be wooden.

Design a children's project

In children's toddlers spend most of the time: engaged, learn, grow. To make the lessons fun, it is necessary to choose the design of the room, which corresponds to the hobbies of the kids. Most designers specializing in interior design of Khrushchev, advise to resort to the following tricks:

  • The sleeping area must be equipped with maximum comfort and safety. The bed is slightly more than your child's height. Kids like a bed like a racing car (boys) or a carriage (girls).
  • High-quality lighting of the working area. It should be placed near the window, from which additional natural light will emanate.
  • A chest for storing toys must become an obligatory addition.
  • Most of the area of ​​the room is allocated to the playing area. It is installed transforming furniture, compact pedestals, cabinets.

Children's room with working areas for schoolchildren in Khrushchev

The playing zone should be decorated. Perfect stickers with self-stickers with cartoon characters or drawings painted with a stencil are great. Babies like it. The floor can be covered with carpet made from natural fibers. It is easy to wash and it consists entirely of natural ingredients.

Children's room in Khrushchevka for the future footballer Adolescent children must keep pace with the times. The style of their room needs to be selected based on this. Here you can use hi-tech, minimalism, eco-style, rarely classic. At this age they need a secluded nook. The girl will need a large mirror and a capacious cupboard. Child's design means furniture made of safe materials. When it is selected, variants with sliding surfaces and sharp corners are excluded. Use of natural materials is recommended. Required addition to the interior should be your child's favorite toys.

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At selection of furniture capacities and functionality are considered. These parameters are actual in the conditions of the limited space peculiar to the Khrushchevs. Often you can find rooms of a long form. The furniture of such children should be practical and not take up much space. So the space under the playing area is saved. It is difficult to make a full-time workplace, but it is possible. Often, the window space is left empty, referring to the cold that comes from it. The old window should be dismantled and replaced with reinforced plastic. In a pinch, good insulation will save. The classic arrangement of furniture in the corners is no longer relevant. Priority is the maximum space saving.

Children's room for boys with a corner bunk bed and a working place Often resort to the following tricks:

  • Mobile type of desk. Essentially, you can save space by installing the training space directly on the windowsill. The worktop can be made folding by attaching it to a cabinet or wall.
  • Chest for storing toys. Having freed up space, you can form a place for active games.
  • Use of wall shelves and consoles. A lot of space saving is achieved by refusal from the thumbs. Install a bed with boxes for storing things, toys.
  • High cabinets up to the ceiling can save a lot of space. They are suitable for placing things, bulky toys.
  • Use of a loft bed. The upper tier is equipped for the sleeping area, the lower one for the working space.

Selection of lighting devices

The abundance of sunlight positively influences the development of the child, being a natural source of vitamin D. For this, it is necessary to establish a workspace near the window. The light must fall to the left. Space is equipped with a fair amount of lighting equipment. Place their location should be chosen carefully. The writing desk is equipped with a lamp, the place near the bed is illuminated with a night lamp.

Bright children's room in Khrushchev with nightlight in the form of a leaf

The game zone must be equipped with enough light for a comfortable pastime. Do not use excessively bright light sources. They can negatively affect the nervous system of the child. When creating a project of a children's room, professionals advise using fluorescent or halogen lamps, the light of which is pleasant. Chandeliers, from time to time glare, are often replaced with ceiling lights. Functionality of the child will add side lamps, located along the perimeter.

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Children's room in Khrushchev for a boy with a sports zone During repair, attention must be paid to the wiring. Apartments-Khrushchev "famous" for obsolete communications. Before installing lighting equipment, you should update the wiring, secure the space. Rosettes need to be hidden. Children love to taste everything, so light sources are required from environmentally friendly materials. The wires must be closed.

Visual increase of the room

When creating a project for the interior of a nursery, it is necessary to take into account the comfort for the child himself. It is necessary to get rid of the decorative elements. No crystal vases and ornaments. The basis is simplicity and functionality. Here are the main tricks, designed to help visually expand the room:

  • the color solution of the walls and floor should be light (especially appropriate in a long room);
  • the finishing of the ceiling with a drawing with vertical lines will visually lift it;
  • wallpaper of white color visually expand the room;
  • The use of decorative lighting and recessed luminaires will give room volume;
  • The use of a bookcase as a partition (this is practical if there are two children living in the room).

Bright children's room in Khrushchevka for your beloved child

Each detail of the nursery space in the Khrushchevka should be combined with the design. To the child willingly returned to the room, it must be done in harmony with the chosen style.