New year's garland - 20 ideas

Christmas garland on the window

Garlands are beautiful, original and festive, it's no surprise that they are a traditional decoration for the New Year. They can be simple and complex, monophonic or multicolored, made of paper, cones, fir branches, sweets and other improvised materials. The article describes more than 20 variants on the topic: New Year's garland with their own hands, each is accompanied by detailed instructions.

The form  Paper  Pencil  Clothespin  Fur-trees on a string

Carved herringbone

This version is somewhat similar to the previous one on execution and idea, only here the Christmas trees are radically different due to the original design. It will take:

  • colored or patterned paper;
  • rope;
  • scissors;
  • ruler;
  • pencil.

Paper и scissors

On the back side of the sheet, draw an isosceles triangle. They can be the same size or different. Do not make too high or narrow details. If the width of the base is 10 cm, then the sides should be no more than 12-13 cm. Next, you need to make lines on the tree-notches in several levels. The intervals between them should be the same. The first notch (the place of the future notch) is a line parallel to the base, which does not reach about 0.5 cm from the sides. After stepping upwards, draw two notches opposite to each other parallel to the previous one, from the left and right edges. Naturally they should not converge in the middle. The next notch repeats the first and so on. Cut the details along the drawn lines. At the top, make a hole in the hole through which the Christmas trees will be put on the cord.

Fur-trees on a string


There are a lot of ways to make garlands with snowflakes. Only one of the following is described below. For work you will need:

  • dense cardboard in different colors;
  • scissors, punch;
  • fishing line or rope.

The form снежинок

Draw the snowflakes on the back of the cardboard on the chosen template. The optimum size of the element is 10-12 cm in diameter. Do holes with scissors or a punch: one on opposite beams and two in the middle. Cut out snowflakes on a string or a thin rope through the holes, alternating colors. Very interesting looks a red and white garland. If you want to make patterned snowflakes, cut them out of thin paper or napkins. Then put on a flat surface and grease with glue water (a glass of water 2 tablespoons of PVA). After drying, the parts will keep the shape as starched.

Garland of Snowflakes

Christmas tree of paper machetes for cupcakes

Garland is a rope, on which are fixed small three-tier Christmas trees from colored molds. Making them is very simple. It will take:

  • Molds for cupcakes (in a multiple of 3);
  • Glue or stapler;
  • Color cardboard;
  • Hemp rope.

Molds and threads

One fold the fold, four times, this will be one tier. Three, folded in a triangle, mold the molds together, forming a herringbone. You can use a paper clip or glue gun. The top of the Christmas tree decorate with small stars of colored cardboard. Using the same clips or glue gun, attach the Christmas trees to the twine.

Advice! Try to combine several garlands on one garland, for example differently made Christmas trees and snowflakes.

Garland of cake molds

From a paper spiral

This decoration is made very easy, but it looks unusual and interesting. A spiral garland can be placed on a chandelier, a window or on a ceiling, in any place where it will hang freely. For work you will need:

  • dense cardboard;
  • scissors;
  • small Christmas balls;
  • ribbons;
  • glue.
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From the cardboard cut a large circle, draw a snail inside it and cut it with scissors along the contour. Ribbons are needed to attach the balls to the carton snail at equal distances with the help of glue or stapler. Put one ribbon on top, making an eyelet, for which the garland will be hung.

Garland of spiral

Scissors and Beads  Paper и бусы  Beads on paper  Garland with beads 

Volumetric garland of colored paper

Not so long ago, these garlands were very popular and met in almost every apartment. Today they are replaced by a more interesting decor. Nevertheless, this option deserves attention. To make the decoration you will need:

  • colored paper
  • scissors
  • a stapler.

Sheet of paper make a square shape. Fold the sheet in half forming an isosceles triangle and then fold it in half again, you will get a versatile triangle. On the fold line, make cuts without cutting to the edge of 0.5 cm. Make the same incisions on the opposite side and unfold the paper again into a square. For a garland there must be a pair of details. Two squares of the same color join together, gluing together the corners. A few pairs of stitched squares, glue together through the middle. When all the parts are connected, stretch them. It turns out a three-dimensional, pretty decoration.

Volumetric garland

Color chain

Very simple decoration, which is known to many since the school. For production you will need:

  • colored paper;
  • scissors;
  • PVA glue.

Strips of paper

Cut the paper in thin, uniform strips 0.5-1 cm wide, 6-10 cm long. From these bands, glue the rings together, connecting them together. Be sure to alternate colors. Decorate the chain can be paper flags or flashlights.

Garland colored chain

The easiest to make paper garland

This option is completely uncomplicated, but at the same time very cute. It is a curved paper strip. Most often, these garlands are fixed on the ceiling or on the wall, they hang like serpentine. For work you will need:

  • colored paper;
  • a stapler;
  • scissors.
Scissors and glue  The process of making garlands  Scissors and garland

Cut the stripes of colored paper with a width of 10-15 cm. On each side, make incisions with a step of about 2 cm, not cutting to the end 1-2 cm. Turn the strip and between the already finished incisions, do the same only on the other side, also not reaching the edge. It turns out the procurement of a garland in the form of a tape cut with scissors on both sides. The resulting strip is stretched. If you need a longer tape, connect several elements. The decoration looks nice when several long ribbons of different colors are prepared.

Garland on the wall

Volumetric garland with fringe of corrugated paper

This decoration is more like a fluffy colored rain. For creativity you will need:

  • a roll of corrugated paper;
  • scissors;
  • sewing machine.
Paper  Scissors  Garland

Целый рулон разрежьте на несколько небольших рулончиков шириной 5-10 см, в зависимости от требуемой ширины готового изделия. Раскатайте их, получатся длинные ленты. Несколько лент сложите вместе и прошейте посередине на швейной машинке. На краях сделайте множество мелких насечек с помощью обычных или фигурных scissors. Главное в этой работе не задеть середину. Затем расправьте бахрому, стараясь не сильно ее растягивать. Получится воздушное пушистое украшение. При изготовлении гирлянды можно соединять ленты разного цвета, тогда она получится более яркой.

Volumetric garland с бахромой

Garland on a finished pattern

Very interesting are garlands in the form of a round dance, which is introduced by Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, Snowman, Christmas tree and other New Year's characters. Heroes can be performed independently in the form of applications. The main thing is that their handles are set aside, for the possibility of fastening the parts. If you do not want to bother with the manufacture, find ready-made pictures on the Internet, print them out on a color printer and cut them out. Connect the parts better with a thin wire or special rivets, so that they remain mobile.

Snowman  Santa Claus  Herringbone  Penguin  Ready garland

Garlands of natural materials

Of cones, dried oranges and pieces of felt

To make such a garland is very simple, only it is necessary in advance to collect the cones and prepare slices of orange. Citrus is cut into thin slices and dried in the open air or in the oven. Garlands of this type are usually collected on a hemp rope. For work you will need:

  • dried oranges;
  • fir cones;
  • rope;
  • felt;
  • hot glue;
  • any other natural decor (cinnamon sticks, bay leaves, mistletoe, coniferous twigs, acorns, etc.).
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This garland can be done in two ways. First: cut off the long rope, the length, which should be the decoration and tie a lot of knots on it. At each glue the decorative element. The second option looks more interesting and voluminous. For each decorative element, cut off short ropes of different lengths and attach details to the main cord.

Felt is needed in order to cut figurines. They can be flat or bulky. In the second case, it is necessary to cut out two identical parts and sew them together, filling them with cotton or other soft material.

This garland is perfectly complemented by stars from the vine, painted in golden color or fir twigs. The finished product can be covered in places with golden or silver paint, artificial snow.

Scissors и материалы  Cones  Hearts  Ready garland  Garland из шишек

From coniferous branches and cones

A wonderful "live" garland can decorate anything you like inside and outside the house. It looks really chic and festive, and it's not difficult to make it. It will take:

  • fir branches;
  • cones;
  • wire;
  • Christmas decorations (bows made of wide ribbon or burlap, beads, figures from orange peels and other decorations will also suit);
  • corrugated plumbing pipe (used as the basis for such a fairly heavy garland, it is flexible and durable).

Spruce branches cut and fasten to a pipe with a wire, as if you twist a wreath. In the course of the set, add cones and other decor. Already ready garland decorate with artificial snow.

Garland из шишек Hoses  Threads  Bow  Hose in hands  Branches Hose and branches  Branches и бант  Basket with cones  Cones на столе  Wire and cones Cones в руках  Branches и шишки  Cones с декоративным снегом  Ready garland  Garland из шишек

Garlands of sweets

From sweets: 3 options

Many decorate the candy tree, but also from sweets can be done wonderfully in a garland. Before work, it is advisable to eat well, so as not to eat half of the details.

You can fasten sweets in one of three ways:

  • Tails of sweets are fastened together with a stapler or thin short wires. To make the decoration look harmonious, it is better to use sweets of the same size, but of different colors.
  • The second method is the separate binding of sweets with a rope, cut into small pieces. Connect the sweets tie in turns so that there is a piece of rope between the tails of the wrapper.
  • The third method is the most time consuming, but it also looks much more interesting. For a garland, prepare one long piece of rope that length, which should be a ready-made decoration. The rope must be thick enough to support the weight of all the sweets. With thinner ropes or ribbons of different lengths, each candy is individually tied to the main cord. In this case, the more diverse the candy, the better.

Garland из конфет Scissors и конфеты  Leska  Candy in hand  Ready garland  Fastening of sweets

With edible bulbs

This is without a doubt the original decoration is very easy. For work you will need:

  • конфетки m&m’s или подобные (можно взять изюм в шоколаде, но тогда гирлянда получится не такой яркой);
  • jelly sweets (it is most convenient to use jelly worms);
  • knife;
  • line or thread with a needle;
  • lighter.

Garland из конфет

Конфетки m&m’s в данном случае будут играть роль самой лампочки, а мармеладки, разрезанные на небольшие кусочки, будут цоколем. Подготовьте детали. Для каждого драже отрежьте небольшие желейные цилиндры. С одной стороны, с помощью зажигалки, немного расплавьте желейку и горячим краем прикрепите к «лампочке». Когда необходимое количество деталей будет готово, нанижите их на нитку через желейный «цоколь». Нитка не должны быть слишком толстой, иначе желе разорвется.

Garland из m&m's

From popcorn and breakfast

Edible garland will look great on the green branches of spruce. For production you will need:

  • thread or line with a needle;
  • popcorn;
  • dry breakfast in the form of colorful circles.


String on the thread popcorn, alternating it with ringlets of dry breakfast. It is not necessary to follow some sequence, the elements can be strung in a chaotic order.

Garland из попкорна

Garlands of other materials


A very interesting variant of a vertical garland that looks like a real snowfall. Such decoration can decorate the window or chandelier over the festive table. To make a snowfall you need:

  • white thread with a needle;
  • round polystyrene or cotton wool.
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On a long string, drip crumbs of foam. The more there are such strings, the more spectacular the "snowfall" will look. Well, if the balls are of different sizes. You can replace the foam with plain cotton wool. Rip the cotton into small pieces and roll the balls. To the snowball does not fall on the thread, glue it to the usual PVA.

Garland «снежок» 

From macaroni

In recent years, became very popular Christmas toys from figured pasta. They are easy to make by hand, and painted in golden or silver, they look like expensive decor. Examples of making various snowflakes on the Internet can be found a lot, and if you do a few and attach them to pasta beads, you will get a wonderful garland. The thread on which the ornaments will be fastened must be strong enough.

Snowflake from pasta

Make a small loop and string the pasta on the rope until the "beads" are the required length. Complete the garland with beads, ribbons, bows and of course macaroni snowflakes.

Christmas-tree toy of macaroni Christmas decoration of pasta  Snowflakes from pasta  Herringbone из макарон  Snowflakes  Christmas wreath of pasta Garland из макарон  Garland с елочным шаром  Golden garland  Silver and bronze pasta on a garland  Multicolored garland of pasta

From pompoms

Soft warm garlands of pompoms can decorate anything you like, starting with a Christmas tree and ending with a window. To work, you need a few skeins of colored yarn or a couple of bored sweaters.

Pompons do in any convenient way. The easiest and fastest option is on the fingers. Wrap threads on two or three fingers of a hand, then, without removing from fingers, tie a loop in the middle, having divided into two equal parts. Leave a dressing long. Later, it will connect the individual elements. Cut the loops around the edges. The more thread is wound, the furry pom-pom will be. Pom-poms can be of different size and color. The basis can serve as a tourniquet or pigtail from the same thread, from which the pompons were made.

Garland на ветке The scheme  Pom-poms  Scissors  A lot of pompons  Garland из помпонов

Of brushes

Garlands with tassels traditionally decorate birthdays and weddings, but there is no doubt that it can be a wonderful decor of the New Year's interior. Brushes can be made from corrugated paper, special paper in silence or conventional napkins. It will take:

  • napkins;
  • scissors;
  • cord or tape for the base.

Garland из кисточек  Scissors  Paper  Brushes  Threads  Ready garland

To make brushes, you need to prepare rectangular parts. Place the napkin in one layer and cut it in half. Obtain the resulting rectangle twice. On the opposite side of the fold, make small incisions. Spread the napkin again. The result should be a rectangle with fringes on both sides. The middle remained intact. Starting from the long edge, twist the workpiece with a tube, and then twist the middle with a bundle and fold it in half. As a result, you should get a loop with a fluffy tail. Finished brushes string on the prepared tape. So that they do not slip, during the stringing, fix each knot.

Garland на елке Garland над столом  Table with a garland  Garland из кисточек на стене  Seven of Brushes  Fireplace with a garland

Of felt

Those who are engaged in handmade, for sure, there are remnants of felt, from which you can sew a beautiful bright garland. It will give the individuality of the situation. In addition, it's very simple. For work you will need:

  • colorful felt (can be replaced with any other fairly dense fabric);
  • scissors;
  • Templates (it can be anything of a round shape: caps, caps, bottles, cups, glasses);
  • sewing machine or thread with a needle.

Garland из фетра Materials  Scissors  the cloth  Needle  Sewing Manufacturing process  Ready ball  Lanyard and balls  Ready garland  Garland на елке

The workpiece for the garland is a set of circles cut from the felt. It is advisable to make them different in color and size. Those who wish can add asterisks, hearts, rhombs and other forms of the same material to the garland.

Now in turn, stitch all the mugs in the center with a sewing machine. All parts must join a single seam. On the typewriter it is easier and faster, but a manual version is also suitable. The length of the garland is adjusted as desired. At the ends it is advisable to leave the thread or sew the eyelet so that the decoration can be fastened.

To produce a beautiful garland for the new year will be able to anyone who has a desire and some free time. Pay attention, to do these things you do not need to be an artist, designer or professional decorator. Many of the presented "recipes" are perfect for classes with children. And finally: do not necessarily strictly follow the rules, connect fantasy and do not be afraid to experiment.