15 stylish color schemes for the living room

We offer 15 stylish color schemes for creating a bold and unexpected interior design. 38 photos of living rooms, decorated in bright colors and their unique combinations!

1. A gentle combination of turquoise and pink

Beautiful shades of turquoise and bright pink color make it possible to create a bold, airy and happy space, suitable for both women and men.

combination-dew-and-virus-in-the-interior dew-and-virus-in-the-interior dew-virus-and-gray-in-the-interior

2. Turquoise, gray and neon yellow

Bright neon-yellow accents are very pleasantly combined with the turquoise color, while the dark gray elements serve as an ideal background for them.

combination-gray-and-neon-in-the-interior combination-gray-virus-and-neon-in-the-interior yellow-virus-and-gray-in-the-interior

3. Black and white classics in a new way

A classic black and white palette gets a refreshing twist when blue is added to it. The muted shades of blue nicely emphasize the contrast between black and white, making it look even bolder.

combination-black-and-white-and-blue-in-the-interior blue-and-black-and-white-in-the-interior black-and-white-living-room-with-blue-sofa

4. The combination of blue and natural green

The combination of light blue and grassy-green shades allows creating in the interior a light, cheerful and fresh atmosphere reminiscent of the sea and the tropics.

combination-blue-and-green-in-the-interior muted-blue-and-green-color-in-the-interior sky-blue-and-grass-green-in-the-interior

5. Dark Blue and Brown

The combination of dark blue with brown shades may seem too dark for your living room, but with the addition of white and beige elements this color scheme can create the necessary coziness and facilitate rest.

combination-blue-and-brown-in-the-interior combination-blue-and-beige-in-the-interior dark blue-and-brown-in-the-interior

6. Luxury mix: gray, gold and blue

Season the rich blue with gold elements and take care of the presence in the interior of warm neutral, for example, gray tones. With such a luxurious color scheme, no room can look boring and ugly!

combination-blue-and-gray-in-the-interior blue-and-gold-in-the-interior

7. Mint and gentle pink

Discover a unique color palette that literally exudes tenderness and comfort. The combination of pastel pink and mint shades is one of the most unusual and inspiring in our selection.

combination-dew-and-mint-in-the-interior mint-and-bright pink-in-the-interior

8. When pink is the main color in the interior

Bright pink color is usually associated with the girl's style, but it can also be used to create a neutral space. The main rule here is to create a neutral general background and add a few other bright elements to it.

bright-dew-color-in-the-interior living-with-dew-shades

9. Combination of pink and cream

The combination of pink with cream shades is very playful and bold, while adding a bright white tone makes it also luxurious.

combination-dew-and-cream-in-the-interior dark-dew-and-cream-in-the-interior

10. Fresh elegance: black and emerald green

A mixture of emerald and black flowers in the living room fascinates us with its elegance!

combination-green-and-black-in-the-interior emerald-and-black-in-the-interior

11. Mandarin and bright blue

Want to create a stylish and luxurious living room with vibrant shades? The best combination, than a mandarin and bright blue color to you for this purpose not to find!

combination-blue-and-tangerine-in-the-interior mandarin-and-blue-accents-in-the-interior tangerine-and-blue-color-in-the-interior

12. Minimalism and bright accents

Yellow, orange and red details are especially interesting in modern interiors, decorated in a minimalist style. Use carpets and paintings as a coordinator, otherwise the neutral background will make these accents look too rich.

bright-color-and-minimalist-in-the-interior bright-colors-in-the-modern-interiors

13. Muted orange and gold

Stylish color scheme with a touch of rural comfort! The combination of such warm colors as orange, brown and gold is easy to create a cozy and welcoming space.

combination-gold-and-orange-in-the-interior Orange-and-gold-color-in-the-interior

14. Citrus mix: lemon and orange

Happy shades of lemon yellow and bright orange are able to cheer up even on the most gloomy day!

combination-yellow-and-brown-in-the-interior citrus-colored-in-living room citrusovye-V-interior-cveta

15. A glamorous combination of black and purple

Black furniture and other elements of the interior instantly get a glamorous look with the addition of luxurious purple accents. Cool gray and white details can serve as an ideal finishing touch for such a scheme.

combination-black-and-purple-in-the-interior Black-and-white-and-violet-interior black-and-white-living-with-purple accent