Decorative wallpaper stickers

Stickers on wallpaper in the interior

Inexpensive and original stickers - a modern decor for wallpaper, which allows you to change the interior of the room, without resorting to a grandiose expensive repairs. Literally in a few minutes the room comes to life, the walls are transformed, and the usual pieces of furniture turn into unique works of art. Thus, you have a wonderful opportunity to improve boring life: cheaply, quickly and without tedious repairs.

Are there any drawbacks to film decoration? There are not many of them, but they are available. If you paste the picture not as smoothly as you would like, you can not always remove it without leaving a trace. If the wall is painted, then a "painless" removal is possible. But on the wall, covered with wallpaper, there will necessarily remain a "scar" from unsuccessful creativity. Recently, removable products have appeared, which can be removed even from inexpensive smooth wallpapers.

Tree and swallows

Often the question arises: how to properly determine the theme and choice of decor. The most important here is personal taste and style, in which the room is decorated. It is important that the picture and the wall cover look like a single whole. For example, for a room in the loft or avant-garde style, stickers in a box with witty inscriptions or decor for a brick are perfect, and for an "high-tech" environment an abstract drawing with a futuristic combination of colors and lines will do.

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Grass and insects Birds in the trees  The face of a girl  Dinosaurs  Undersea world  Owls on the tree

Varieties and materials

The most common are vinyl films. There is also a sale of fabric décor, which also has an original look, and paper products. By the way, the latter can be made using a conventional printer with their own hands. Depending on the type of the applied image, these types of decor are distinguished:

  • From a single-color film. Most often, they are black;
  • Multicolored (using two or more different colors, and shades);
  • Decoration made in 3D technology.

Single-color sticker on the wall in the interior

Distributed and portrait stickers made on special order. You can also decorate the wall with a photo: yours or a loved one.

Pussycats  Butterflies and flowers  Seahorses and fish  Girl on the swing  White trees on a red wall

Decorating the walls of different rooms

The area of ​​use of stickers is very wide. They can be used to design a variety of interiors: both in style and function. Surfaces for decoration can be used any: wallpapers (smooth, liquid or textured), plastic, wood, tiles, metal, or painted walls.

Stickers on the wall above the fireplace

For bedroom walls

The bedroom is best suited pictures of calm tones, creating a positive atmosphere. These can be images of a couple in love, flowers or a beautiful landscape. It is appropriate in the bedroom and the image of the tree - a symbol of health, longevity and fertility. Decorated surfaces look very unusual.

Stickers on the wall in the bedroom Trees in the headboard  Motorcycle  Continents  Devils  Flower

For a children's room

Using decorative stickers in the nursery, you can solve several problems at once:

  • Decorate an old room at no extra cost;
  • To mask the defects of furniture and walls, joints between wallpaper;
  • If there are several kids in the room, personalize their interests and interests;
  • Use an additional decor for a room decorated in a specific theme (sea, space, car, castle princess);
  • Decorate a temporary room for the child (if the housing is removable).

Sticker on wallpaper in the nursery

Choose color stickers so that they resonate with the color tone of the room. So, the green foliage of trees harmonizes with pillows, bedspreads or curtains of the same color. It is desirable to place a multi-colored composition on a neutral monochrome background. Bright and colorful interior is advisable to decorate with a monochrome composition. As for the subjects of images, it can be different: trees, animals, exotic plants, flowers, mother-of-pearl pictures. For a teenage room, a geographical map is appropriate. You can order in a specialized studio a unique decorative image.

Be sure to consider the age of the owner of the room. Babies up to 3-4 years old will approach simple drawings in a calm color scheme. Older children will like more complex subjects, for example, fabulous, with or without framing.

Hedgehog under a tree  Giraffes  African animals  Monkeys on the branches  Locomotive

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For the living room walls

Unfortunately, there are not enough places in modern small-sized apartments. Typically, glue the decorative image in the living room on the wall directly above the sofa. The most common options in the room are the silhouettes of animals and people, trees, bamboo branches, butterflies and birds.

Sticker on the wall in the living room Flowers with butterflies  Branches with flowers  Shotguns and horns  Branch with birds  Maki

Decor of the walls of the hallway

Most often, the corridor is long and narrow. Therefore, it is desirable to select images that can be stretched over the entire or almost the entire length of the room. It can be a flying flock of birds and a cat sitting on the ground, a music camp with music recorded on it, flying butterflies, a running flock of antelopes. Over the entrance door rests comfortably the picture of the old lantern. You can stick small stickers on the doors of the closet.

Stickers on the wall in the hallway Lamp  Trees without leaves  Birdie on the switch  Vos with flowers  Cage on a tree

Kitchen and bathroom decorated with stickers

Decorating the walls of the kitchen and the bathroom with beautiful themed stickers is a simple and safe way to bring a special zest to the interior. The choice is so diverse that you can decorate any room, regardless of style. With the help of unusual decor you can achieve such effects:

  • Focus on any of the areas of the room;
  • Make a new inexpensive design;
  • Mask the flaws on furniture and walls.

Stickers on the wall in the kitchen

As a rule, in the kitchen area the decor is placed on the refrigerator, furniture facades, working apron or windows. The bathroom is decorated with furniture and walls.

Shelves with dishes  Banks and plates on shelves  Stickers on the walls in the bathroom  Fish  Octopus

How to properly glue

Before decorating the walls, it is advisable to request a test version of the decor. If the experiment succeeded, boldly proceed to the transformation of the interior in the room. The film for the decor consists of a substrate, the label itself and the mounting film. The technology of gluing in many respects depends on the dimensions of the canvas. To properly place a multi-component sticker on the wall, patience and attention will be required. To begin with, make sure that the surface under the decor was dry and clean. It is desirable to mark it in order to properly arrange the decor elements.

Bedroom interior with stickers on the wall

A small sticker

Mounting a small sticker on a wall or furniture is very easy. The algorithm of actions is:

  • Smooth out the surface of the protective film with your hand or plastic card. This is necessary to ensure that the picture and the mounting film fit snugly together;
  • Put the sticker on a clean flat surface, gently remove the backing. The movements should be slow, parallel to the surface on which the image is located. With this approach, the sticker will not separate from the mounting film;
  • Take the sticker with both hands. Fix it to the wall according to the prepared layout. The mounting film is directed towards you with a "face";
  • Pressing the sticker against the wall, gently smooth out her palms and (or) the same plastic card;
  • Remove the mounting film. The process is similar to removing the substrate (from one angle, the motion is directed parallel to the surface). Do not rush to avoid sticking the parts of the drawing to the film itself.

Pay attention to the edges of the picture fit as tightly as possible. Otherwise, the picture on the wall will look sloppy and the effect of sticking will not be the same as expected.

Stickers on the wall

After the work is completely finished, press all the elements of the sticker once again with a clean textile or a lint-free towel. On request, you can decorate the picture with rhinestones. Large size sticker

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The technology of mounting large-sized decor has its own nuances. If you approach the case as with stickers of small size, the canvas is almost impossible to paste accurately and neatly. It will crack or, on the contrary, stick where it is not necessary. In the end, the decor will be completely ruined. The specificity is that the substrate is not removed immediately, but gradually, on the wall, during the gluing process. The procedure is as follows:

  • Remove the sticker from the package or tube and place in a prepared place;
  • Using the scotch tape, place the painting on the wall according to the pre-made markings;
  • Selecting one corner (preferably - the top one), separate all 3 layers; Gently roll the substrate inside so that all parts of the pattern are glued to the mounting film;
  • Start gradually sticking the sticker, not forgetting the smoothing. Repeat the whole algorithm from the very beginning, until you have glued all the elements without residue, removing the substrate completely;
  • After making sure that all the elements are securely glued, remove the mounting film. As in the case of a small sticker, press all the elements with a piece of clean textiles.


Before you start, make sure that you have enough time. Do breaks in work is unacceptable.


Sometimes it turns out that the fragments of the picture can be fixed arbitrarily. In this case, it is advisable to cut the canvas into separate fragments and work with them, as with small stickers. So much more convenient. To make the picture stick as smoothly as possible, you can use a hairdryer set at the minimum temperature. Time to do this work will take much more, but the result will be better.

Superhero Signs


I want that in a dynamic modern life there is little room for magic and beauty. It turns out that you can create them around yourself and yourself. Decoration of rooms with stickers is a creative and fascinating affair, a source of inspiration for the whole family. Moreover, we are talking not only about the result, but also about the process itself.