9 kitchen design ideas without wall cabinets

When designing the kitchen, we used to believe that the top (hanging) lockers are simply necessary for the convenience of the hostess. However, in this article we will introduce to you 9 beautiful kitchens, the design of which demonstrates that this is not necessarily so.

1. Kitchen design with "bare" walls

A long kitchen set with drawers and without any upper cabinets, which replaced the bar, allows the owners of this solar kitchen not only to cook, but also to monitor what is happening in the living room and dining room.

Bar counter in the kitchen

2. Windows as part of kitchen design

As you can see, the window frame in the photo below is made of the same wood as the kitchen furniture. This design move gave this kitchen the same unified look, which is usually provided by the corresponding upper and lower cabinets. Although this option is designed, of course, only for a spacious room.

Kitchen in country style

3. Suspended shelves

And here's how simple hanging shelves can not just replace kitchen cabinets, but also beautifully delineate the space of an apartment-studio or loft. An outdoor rack works fine as a partition between the functional space of the kitchen and the seating area.

Kitchen in a modern style

4. The recess in the wall

In place of the upper cabinets in this kitchen are built-in, open niches with illumination, perfectly emphasizing the beauty and brilliance of glassware. A wonderful solution for a modern home!

Kitchen with niches in the walls

5. Wall Shelves

Open wall shelves in rustic style beautifully contrast with the color of the wall and add charm to this kitchen in the style of Provence.

Pink walls in the kitchen

6. Mixed Furniture

If you can not decide whether to install the top cabinets or not, then select the combination! Transparent glass doors and open shelves provide a visual appeal to the kitchen and provide ample storage space.

Kitchen with island

7. An ancient pantry

Another solution, which will be pleased with the cuisine in the style of Provence. Instead of hanging lockers, they put a convenient pantry, which allowed to preserve the romanticism of the old French design when connecting all the necessary modern technologies (which, however, are artfully hidden from the eyes).

Beautiful Provence style kitchen

8. Cabinets without doors

Open wall racks take up as much space as traditional closed cupboards, but instead of hiding kitchen utensils behind doors, the shelves keep everything in sight and allow you to conveniently take necessary.

White kitchen

9. Built-in wardrobe

Without kitchen cabinets, the kitchen seems much more spacious and sunny. At the same time, built-in closets offer additional space for comfortable storage of all things.

Large kitchen with built-in wardrobe