Bedroom design 9 sq. m. m. - photo of modern bedroom

Modern construction in the mass provided for the typical layout of apartments. Now the standard bedroom of 9 sq m does not surprise anyone. In this case, despite the difference in tastes and thinking of people, many of them are similar to each other.


We will talk about how to create an interesting and unusual interior of a bedroom of 9 sq. M so that it was cozy and comfortable in it, and that the eye rejoiced.


Of course, first of all you need to take into account many factors: from the way of life to the number of people living in the apartment. Because initially it seems that such a small area is designed exclusively for one person, but this is not always the case.


Table of contents of the article:

  • Key recommendations
  • Choice of colors
  • Arrangement of furniture
  • postscript
  • Photo of beautiful design bedroom design 9 sq. M. m.

Key recommendations

Small bedrooms of 9 sq m can be made very refined and attractive. One of the main rules at the same time is to observe minimalism in the situation: we remove all unnecessary, leaving only the necessary interior items, such as we use every day.


Although, if you really want, then you can neglect this instruction, but in this case make the situation in the style of vintage. However, you should not try too hard: still space is limited.


At furnish it is necessary to give preference to quality of materials, do not forget besides about service life. To increase the space is to rely on light colors.

Choice of colors

Now we need to talk about the colors used in the setting. Monochrome and monochrome palettes will perfectly match with such a small room. Do not use bright colors, leave them for the living room, for example.


The bedroom design of 9 sq. M is best done in soothing colors, so that you can just relax, wherever your eyes fall. The color of fuchsia is ideal for vintage, which was discussed above.


It is better to put furniture in such a way that a common line is formed, to make it seem as if one object is a monolithic continuation of the other. By doing this, we get a "caked together" space.


Do not forget that the furniture and the overall color scheme of the room should also be in harmony with each other - no armchair should break out of the general concept.


Excellent, by the way, a dark shade of red, which can be diluted with white or brown, is suitable. It is worth remembering that you can not make a bedroom in red colors - you need to dilute it.


What gives the most harmony? Of course, symmetry. But how to achieve it in such a small area? The answer is simple - mirrors. Try to arrange mirrors in front of the interior items, the effect will make a strong impression.


The feeling of order will not leave those who live in the room. And still it is necessary to put any accessory with uneven lines, so as not to create the effect of absolute perfectionism.


Arrangement of furniture

How to put the headset correctly? It all depends on the shape of the room. If it is elongated, do not place furniture along the walls. Put everything so that when you open, for example, a desk drawer, it does not create any interference.

Bedroom design

If the area has the shape of a square, then arrange the furniture along the wall. We should neglect the shelves: they will significantly simplify the task of placing a lot of things and give the bedroom itself a fullness.

Bedroom design 9 кв. м.

The first thing that "will be prescribed" in your room should be a bed. And from this already it is worth dancing when arranging other elements of the interior. In case you chose the white color of the room, then choose a bedroom set that will contrast with it. This will help visually expand the boundaries.

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I would like to add that everything depends on you. Do not blindly rely on some rules, first of all listen to yourself, your preferences.


Maybe you will also get very good. Photos of bedrooms of 9 sq. M, attractively and correctly furnished, you can see below.

Photo of beautiful design bedroom design 9 sq. M. m.


how-to arrange-kitchen-living room-two-bedroom-and-wardrobe-at-44-meters12





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