Advantages of garden furniture from artificial rattan

The most expensive and high-quality rattan furniture is made of rattan barrel, which grows in Southeast Asia. No less popular today are furniture sets of artificial rattan (technotoranga), the quality of which is almost inferior to the natural counterpart. Due to its flexibility and reliability, as well as increased moisture resistance, such furniture is the leader in sales on the world market. In order to make sure of this, the company "Brafab-Partner" will tell a few basic advantages of garden furniture made of artificial rattan.

Ecological cleanliness

The main "trump" of products from artificial rattan is their environmental friendliness. Artificial rattan is a modern environmentally friendly material that is absolutely safe for humans. It does not emit any harmful substances, does not rot, does not swell under the influence of moisture and will serve you for many years. Even when furniture is exposed to direct sunlight or heated, polytroping does not do any harm.

Advantages of garden furniture from artificial rattan

Stylish design

Due to unique aesthetic qualities, furniture made of artificial rattan has become an object for creativity of famous designers. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is widely used in interiors of popular world restaurants, hotels and cafes. Wicker furniture sets look very expensive, elegant and solid. Considering that poly-tread has a lot of original weaving, designers can create stylish pieces of furniture for the garden and the house. Artificial braided net is perfectly combined with metal, stone, glass etc. It perfectly harmonizes with any styles, it is used for decoration of any interior, so it is suitable for fans of modern trends, as well as for connoisseurs of conservatism.

Furniture set from rattan for a garden

Wicker furnishings make it possible to equip a personal plot not only with unusual and attractive products, but also to give coziness to the overall design concept. Furniture from the technotorang ennobles the garden plot, playing an important role in landscape design. Putting an artificial braid on a stone paved plot of land, you will emphasize its stylish design, impeccable quality and quality.

Uncomfortable care

Such furniture does not require special care. To maintain its attractive appearance, it is enough to perform the following procedures from time to time:

  • Purify polyrrange items of the interior from dust should be well squeezed out with a damp cloth. As a rule, dust accumulates between the rods of the frame.
  • As far as pollution, arrange garden furniture from artificial rattan for general cleaning. It is carried out with a slightly moist sponge, pre-moistened in a detergent solution.
  • Products made of artificial rattan, standing in the open air, rinse with water from a garden hose.
  • Do not put furniture of artificial rattan next to heating items (fireplace, barbecue etc.) so that it does not lose its beautiful appearance.
  • Protect wicker items from artificial rattan from damage. Do not allow corrosive chemicals to enter them and do not place hot objects on the furniture.


Artificial raw materials are several times greater than natural rattans in terms of their longevity. As a rule, the service life of technotorange interior items is not less than twenty years, during which they do not lose their operational qualities. The set of polyrrtang furniture is not exposed to fading under the influence of ultraviolet rays. Garden furniture is resistant to any external damage (scratches, cracks etc.).

Beautiful wicker furniture for the garden

You can safely leave the wicker chairs and table on the open veranda, absolutely not afraid that the furniture set will spoil by frost or heavy rain. Artificial rattan for decades retains its attractive appearance in any weather. Products are not afraid of sudden changes in temperature. If natural rattan furniture is in no case exposed to moisture, then the artificial braid can be pelletized with water from a garden hose.


Design tehnorotangovogo furniture thought out thoroughly. For example, chairs have reliable legs that withstand heavy loads. The back of an armchair made of rattan tape repeats the bends of the spine, so in this chair it is so nice to sit over a cup of tea on the summer veranda.

Braided couch and armchair made of artificial rattan

Today the producers offer a huge assortment of garden furniture made of polyrrtange for every taste: comfortable chaise lounges in which it is pleasant to lie down, stylish umbrellas, protecting from the sun, comfortable tables and chairs, so necessary for rest in the garden. All products of polytongue are ergonomic and will be a worthy decoration of your infield.