Decorating furniture with your hands + 40 photo ideas

Patterns of flowers on a bedside table and table

In most homes there are headsets that are out of fashion or have lost their presentability from prolonged use. If the budget allows you can buy new designer furniture and throw out the old sofa. However, if you want to save money, you can independently transform the interior, creating a special comfort in your home. Decorating furniture is an excellent opportunity to give new life to old things and to transform the interior. Today, there are many techniques for transforming the situation of the room with their own hands, then some of them are considered.

Thus, for gluing film suitable any products that are made of wood, metal or plastic. A minimum set of materials is used for decoration:

  • Self-adhesive film. The material can be of different colors and textures. Most often there is a film that is painted under a tree. In construction shops there is a film of bright colors and shades, with a metallic outflow or decorated with drawings.
  • Scissors.
  • Degreaser.
  • A metal spatula.

White chest with gray patterns

Work on decorating furniture begins with its preparation. To begin with, the product, with a metal spatula, is cleaned from the paint. Then the surface is cleaned and degreased. On the prepared furniture strips the film is put. This material is sold in rolls, which differ from each other in width. If a suitable width of the film could not be found, it can be cut off at the edges.

In the process of gluing the film, it must be ensured that the material is stuck smoothly, without bubbles and does not stick. The deformation of the film can be avoided by helping yourself with a roller to smooth the coating. That's all the recommendations for decorating old sets of film. If desired, you can use several colors of adhesive tape, which will help create a bright and unusual design of the room.

Furniture in the children's room

Staining with acrylic paint

In order to emphasize the individuality of the owners of the house, you can decorate the furniture with various drawings using acrylic paints. For example, using several colors of different colors, you can create a cozy children's room, where pink flowers will be painted on a pink dresser, colorful yellow candies are depicted on a yellow desk. Any child will be happy to spend time in such a room, in addition, will actively participate in the modernization of furniture.

An important condition - before painting the furniture with acrylic paint, its surface must be prepared. To do this, remove the remnants of the old paint, clean the surface of dust and dirt. The joinery can be covered with monochrome paint or be decorated with patterns and patterns. Here you can give vent to your imagination and discover the hidden talent of the designer.

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Seahorses and seashells on the chest of drawers

For a change, the decoration with acrylic paint can be combined with the technique of decoupage.

Having finished the decoration with acrylic paint, the surface of the furniture must be varnished, to give a glossy gloss and to protect the product from wear. The downside of this technique is the unpleasant smell of paint and varnish. Therefore, all work must be done outside the home. A few days later the smell of the decorated items will disappear, and they can be placed in the room.

Table with flowers and patterns

Using ready-made deco stickers

On the shelves of building stores, recently appeared stickers, which are used for interior design. The stickers bear various drawings of animals, nature, still lifes, cartoon heroes. Decorations are used to decorate walls, create collages, and also they can be used for decorating an old wardrobe or chest. Stickers are attached to the cleaned surface and are smoothed on it. Cover the furniture on top of the labels do not need.

Milk-lime locker with patterns

If desired, such labels can be made to order, so that they fit harmoniously into the interior of the room. You can buy several identical labels of different sizes and place them as pictures, as well as decorate them with furniture. Plus the use of this method for decorating furniture is that the sticker allows you to hide minor defects on furniture, while not completely altering it. In addition, in the future, the label is easy to remove and again completely change the interior of the room.

Bouquet on chests

Aging technique

Antique antique furniture is appreciated by designers for its luxurious appearance. The chest of drawers, which once adorned the aristocracy's room today, cost dozens, and sometimes even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Antique furniture will fit into such design styles as English, antique, gothic or ethnic. If there is no opportunity to purchase antique furniture, you can create it yourself. Methods of aging can be applied only on one piece of furniture or change the entire headset.

Bedside table painted antique

For the aging technique, the following materials will be needed:

  • Stain.
  • Antique wax.
  • Acrylic paint "metallic" or "gold".
  • Brushes.
  • Surface cleaning materials - spatula, degreaser, detergent, sponges.
  • Two packages of acrylic paint of the same color, but different shades.
  • Lacquer.

There are two basic ways of aging furniture. The first one is used exclusively on wooden products. To begin with, the surface must be cleaned from the previous coating, it is good to degrease. Then apply a layer of stain, which should be left on the product for 6-8 hours. Then, the rest of the stain, which is not absorbed into the product, is carefully removed with a sponge. On the prepared surface is rubbed antique wax, which gives furniture, the same old look. On top, you can apply a golden acrylic paint in the form of patterns or monograms. With the same paint, you can cover the sides of the furniture or decorate the fittings. The finished product must always be covered with a thin layer of varnish.

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An antique style table

Aging with acrylic paint

This method is used for both wooden joinery, and for plastic or metal. The effect is achieved through the use of two shades of paint, which are slightly different from each other, for example beige and dark beige. Before starting work, the surface must be thoroughly cleaned, if possible align.

A clean surface is covered with a thin layer of paint of the first shade. To get a high-quality result, you need to dry each layer of paint well, to avoid streaks and delamination on the coating. The designer needs to apply as many layers of paint as necessary to hide the true color of the furniture. When the first layer of paint is completely dry, the second coating is applied to the product in the same order.

Locker with carved patterns

In order to create an aging effect on the headset, in some places it is necessary to carry out an emery paper that will partially erase the layer of paint of the second shade, thereby giving the furniture an old look. After completion of all manipulations, the product is varnished.

Use of decoupage and decoction techniques

The use of decoupage techniques for decoration of furniture allows creating products for any style of interior. This method is easy to design, does not require large cash costs and is very exciting.

Interesting to know: The term decoupage, translated from the French language, means to cut, which is the basis of this technique.

Chest of drawers with leaves

To decorate furniture with decoupage technique, any stickers, drawings and images are used. You can use ready-made drawings or create your own using computer graphics. It can be photos of celebrities, music sheets, landscapes and still lifes, images of celebrities, family photos and any other materials.

As usual, the initial process of decorating furniture is to prepare the surface for work. On the cleaned furniture, a layer of PVA glue is worn, and a drawing is placed on it. If decoupage technique is performed for the first time, then it is better to use decorative paper napkins as a picture. Do napkins necessarily need to separate the dense lower layer and leave only the image. In the work you can use, as a whole napkin, and the images cut from it. Also it turns out an interesting collage, if you break the image into several parts that are glued at a distance from each other.

Mirror bottles on the chest of drawers

What pictures can be used for decoupage

At decoration of joiner's products it is possible to use at once some drawings which are pasted together, scattered or superimposed on each other. In shops for needlework, sets for decoupage are sold, which include special glue and a set of drawings and stencils. In fact, in any house you can find a lot of old magazines, newspapers, photographs that can be used for this technique.

Tip: If decoupage is used drawings on thick paper, before the gluing it should be well soak in PVA.

Patterns with flowers and birds on the locker

For decorating furniture, you can also use trimming fabric, lace, beads, patches, pebbles, sequins. The fittings are combined with the drawings in random order. In order to decoupage did not lag behind the surface it must be carefully covered with varnish and left to dry.

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For decoration of glass pieces of furniture, another technique is used - deco patch. This method involves sticking the picture face to the surface. This method is applicable to glass doors of cabinets, on the openings of interior doors.

Flowers and nightingale on the chest of drawers

Decoration with fabric

To update the upholstered furniture, the method of upholstery with its fabric is used. This method allows you to radically change the interior in the room. For several hours of work, we get a completely new sofa and armchairs, which are no different from those bought in the store. In order for the new upholstery to lie perfectly flat, with soft furniture you need to remove the old fabric. For fastening of a new material the building stapler is used. This method of decor is quite complex and from the first time it can not work.

If the master doubts his strength about the upholstery of the sofa, then you can make a new cover for furniture. So you can decorate upholstered furniture without spoiling its original appearance.

Insets from various fabrics on the chest of drawers

Ткань может применяться и для декора другой мебели – столов, комодов, стульев, шкафчиков и полок. Decoration with fabric выполняется сочетанием двух техник — декупажа и пэч-ворка. Работы по обновлению старой мебели можно условно разделить на несколько этапов:

  1. Preparatory stage. Before carrying out the work, it is necessary to prepare the surface, namely to clean it from varnish with sandpaper and to remove any impurities. In addition, you need to remove the furniture accessories - hooks, locks, pens and more.
  2. Decoration. To decorate carpentry with fabric, you can use as a whole roll of matter, and the remains of various fabrics. It looks very nice when the fabric on furniture repeats the matter of curtains or bedspreads. Tissue should be soaked for 30-40 minutes in PVA, and then using a glue spray to apply it to the surface of the product. Decorate the fabric can be colored ribbons, laces and other accessories.
  3. Fastening. To ensure that the fabric is not frayed and dirty, it needs to be covered abundantly with a layer of varnish.

Pattern of leaves and birds on a nightstand

Thus, the decor of furniture is quite interesting and creative. For it, expensive materials will not be needed, since everything that can be found at home can be used. Renovating the old furniture can not only save on buying a new one, but also surprise the guests with an unusual cozy atmosphere of housing.

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