"i'm going to spill over imagination with tears" (the story

The creativity of a true photographer can be compared to catching the tip of a fox tail, which, if for a moment flashes in consciousness, it will dissolve forever, but at the same time leave an indelible mark in memory. So, every photographer tries to catch the present, which will become a past in a second and disappear without a trace, because the photo is simultaneously a chronicler, a chronicler, a document, and a time machine. In this regard, many have come to believe that a successful spontaneous frame is always more valuable than staged. There is one very interesting case in the history of photography. In the 80s, a picture of Robert Duasno "Kiss near the municipality building" was thrown all over the world. By its lightness and ease, by the "breath of life", from the perspective of the photographer, who allegedly caught a shot from the window of the cafe, the picture is quite similar to accidentally fixed. The photo for a few years became a symbol of youth, freedom and independence, overcoming everyday life through love and unity. But after many years the heroine of photography admitted that the picture was staged and managed to prove it. A certain part of the connoisseurs of photography was outraged and accused the author of fraud, while the other claimed that the picture thus did not depreciate, because it did not lose its symbolism. Like in every kind of art, the truth of life is confronted here with artistic fiction. And once again, you should think about what is more valuable to the viewer: the tracing-paper with reality or the possibility of "bursting into tears" over the fiction. Photogallery Total | 2 photos