Design of a large bathroom - design and design features

Making a bathroom in an apartment or a private house, it is always nice to deal with a spacious room. Tightness does not hamper the flight of creative thought, there are huge opportunities in the choice of sanitary ware and decoration.

But the competent design of a large bathroom is fraught with many nuances. They are important to take into account, in the end, not to get a "Euralash" or a dull empty space. Let's consider step by step the correct selection of the entire "filling" for such a bathroom, as well as examples of classic and modern bathroom facilities.

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Design of a large bathroom: tips for drafting

So, what should be taken into account when considering the design of a large area bathroom?

First, determine which functional "islands" are necessary on the territory of the bathroom and where they will be located. Typically, this is:

  • zone for water procedures where a bathroom or a shower cabin will be installed (or both);
  • a dressing room with attachments for hanging clothes;
  • a zone of a toilet with a toilet bowl and, possibly, a bidet.

Do not forget about the washbasin, mirrors and furniture. You need lockers for towels, curbstones or shelves for storing cosmetics, personal care items and detergents.

A large bathroom has another great advantage: there is a place for a comfortable recreation area. A comfortable chair, elegant lamps and a beautiful table for cosmetic procedures will create an atmosphere of a spa at home.

Be sure to consider the location of niches, doors, steps and other features of the room. Such elements can serve as zone delimiters. For example, in a niche it is possible to organize a shower cabin or to put a toilet bowl.

Perhaps some sites will require the installation of a light oversized barrier. The design of a large bathroom, combined with a toilet, can assume the separation of the toilet bowl with a decorative gypsum plasterboard partition.

For the design of built-in sanitary ware, you will need to erect a false wall, where the installation will be hidden.

How to deal with the communication? If the layout of the bathroom is in the finished room, it is easier to arrange the placement of plumbing under the already conducted system. After all, dismantling and laying of new pipes is a painstaking business and requires considerable financial expenses.

If we are talking about the design of the bathroom in a private house in the stage of its construction, forget about the restrictions. After all, communications can be immediately brought to the right places.

Tip: Do not overdo it by filling a large room with furniture and equipment. Try to keep its main value - space.

Design of large modern bathrooms: selection of sanitary ware and decoration materials

Sanitary engineering

There are quite a few plumbing options for bathroom arrangement. In a large bathroom can be installed any bath, including a jacuzzi. Instead of it (or together with it) a shower is possible. The design of a large bathroom with a shower is very popular. After all, modern booths are endowed with a mass of additional functions. Here you can plunge into the stormy streams of the waterfall, take a "tropical" shower, use the hydromassage regime and so on.

The sink can be single or double. The second option is more convenient for the family.

Modern models of toilet bowls are stationary and suspended, not having a supporting leg in the floor. Bidet should be selected in a set with a toilet bowl so that their design matches each other.

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Decoration Materials

When choosing materials for finishing the bathroom, do not forget about the specifics and microclimate of this room. Increased humidity and temperature changes can lead to their rapid deterioration. Therefore, it is necessary to initially prefer moisture-proof materials of high quality.

You may find it useful:

  • ceramic tiles - an ideal solution in many projects due to technical parameters and a variety of designs;
  • porcelain stoneware is a material of high durability and strength, excellent for floor decoration;
  • mosaic - a special decorative material that will hide any uneven walls. You can buy a ready-made panel with a mosaic pattern, which will be an effective accent in the design of a large bathroom. The mosaic is convenient for finishing non-standard elements of a special shape (niches, ledges, etc.). Often it is used to frame certain areas: shells, countertops etc.;
  • marble - a very reliable material, will make in the design of a large bathroom the notes of aristocratism and luxury;
  • textured plastering and painting;
  • PVC panels and wood. Wooden decoration can be used as a fragmentary, and for a complete cladding of the floor, walls or ceiling. Will make the room more "warm".

Color palette oversized bathroom is not limited. It can be decorated in both light and dark colors, as well as by combining them. When choosing a color, rely on personal preferences and features of the chosen style. For example, Provence does not like heavy dark colors, classic - bright neon colors etc.

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Design of large bathroom with window

Gone are the days when it was customary to take a dark room without windows to a bathroom. Now even in typical buildings, this rule is increasingly violated. And in a private house to deprive yourself of a window in the bathroom - it's almost a crime.

Loan yourself:

  • the window will allow you to reduce electricity costs, because in the daytime you do not have to turn on the light in the bathroom;
  • you will have the opportunity to ventilate the room and thereby fight with dampness;
  • The natural light will make the room more cozy and residential, it will be much nicer in it;
  • you can complete the design of a large bathroom with living plants. Soak in warm water, admiring the greenery of palm trees or monsters, means to plunge into the summer, regardless of the calendar season. Flowering houseplants or a bouquet of favorite flowers will create a refined atmosphere, will become an element of aromatherapy and will compete with chemical air fresheners.

The shape of the window can play a key role in the design of the bathroom. For example, round windows-portholes will become an organic element of the maritime style, and non-standard ones - the "highlight" of any modern interior.

Decorate the window can be as laconic blinds or roller blinds, so the textile curtains (styles Provence or country without them are unthinkable).

If the window is located low, privacy will add matte or stained glass. A special kind of self-adhesive film can become a democratic imitation of an expensive stained-glass window. And with the help of artistic talent and paints for glass, you can turn a window into a unique art object.

Tip: In this room, you need to think carefully about the location of the plumbing. It is better not to place a bath or shower enclosure directly at the window, since in winter it may be cold from it and the adjacent wall.

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Bathroom design with a big mirror

Unlike small rooms, in a large bathroom the mirror is not assigned the role of a space magnifier. Its function, first and foremost, is decorative, and it is necessary to decorate it in accordance with the general style of the interior.

There are special mirrors that allow you to decorate the bathroom with a large-scale mirror cloth, a mirror tile or a mosaic.

Equip the entire bathroom surface with mirrors: it will distort the interior and turn it into a mad maze of reflections. One mirror wall is enough for the effect. Original will be a combination of mirror and ceramic tiles, which will introduce some solemnity in the interior of the bathroom.

Tip: Make life easier by placing the mirror surfaces away from water sources so that no splashes fall on them. Otherwise, perfectionists risk rubbing the walls to shine after each water treatment.

Use a large mirror on the ceiling surface. The move is pretty bold, but it's completely justified. The mirror ceiling will emphasize the expressiveness of the wall tiles and reflect the depth of space. Perhaps cleaning this surface is not very convenient, but often do not have to.

bathroom design with a big mirror, photo 37design of a bathroom with a large mirror, photo 38bathroom design with a big mirror, photo 39

Classic and modern design of a large bathroom

Classic design of the bathroom

Classics is an elegant, refined and majestic style, which carries an aristocratic spirit and respectability. The bathrooms in the classical style should contain elements of stucco molding, rosettes for chandeliers, ceiling cornices and other details of antique decoration. Focus on the Roman baths!

Here is the place of marble, ceramic tiles with stone imitation and porcelain tiles. Ceilings can be whitewashed, painted or plastered in light colors. The floor is covered with stone, tiles, ceramic granite or waterproof board.

Sanitary engineering должна соответствовать стилю. Нужна классическая ванна — овальная или прямоугольная вытянутой формы, обязательно на ножках. Такие же формы характерны для раковины. Душевая кабина не рекомендуется, но тоже возможна. Она должна быть без лишнего футуризма, только прямоугольная, установлена в углу или у задней стены.

Use respectable furniture from natural materials and soft accessories with elements of antiquity. For windows, Roman curtains are ideal.

Tip: It is very important to create a soft color indoors without sharp color contrasts.

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Modern design of a large bathroom

In the modern design of the bathroom different stylistic directions are possible. One of the leading modern trends is minimalism. He assumes the presence of only necessary sanitary ware and furniture, all strict, concise forms. Favorite materials for bathroom decor - mirrors, glass and chrome-plated metal.

Those who practice minimalism overtake boredom can easily play with bright colors and unusual shapes, because the size of a large bathroom allows it. But do not forget: the expressive interior does not promote relaxation.

bathrooms large size design, photo 43design of large modern bathrooms, photo 44design of a large bathroom, photo 45design of a large bathroom in a private house, photo 46design of a large bathroom combined with a toilet, photo 47large bathroom design, photo 48design of a large bathroom with a window, photo 49design of a large bathroom with a window, photo 50

The design of a large bathroom does not limit you to the rigid frames of necessity. Find a style that is consonant with your soul, and create for yourself a territory of comfort!