Folding tables - 70 photos in the interior

A small living space is not an excuse to give up some interior items in favor of others. Designers Dekorin offer you to look at the folding tables in the interior of the premises. A full dinner, a nice magazine or a comfortable desk - you do not have to choose between them! There is a place for everyone. Take a look at the photos, how interesting it is possible to beat a limited area and at the same time create a home cosiness.

folding photo tables

designer folding table photo

classic folding tables photo

folding computer table

folding computer table фото

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folding dining table

folding dining tableсо стеклянной столешницей

folding dining tableв классическом стиле

folding oval dining table

folding desk

table curbstone folding photo

desk drawer with drawers

folding sliding tables

types of folding tables

Types of folding tables: examples with photos

There are several types of folding tables. The photo below shows the principle of their design. Which one to choose is up to you. Take a closer look at the following models:

folding table transformer

folding coffee table on wheels

stylish folding table

wooden folding table

wooden folding table

folding desk фото

folding glass table

folding table photo

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folding table console white

folding table console black in the design of the living room

folding table console photo

folding table on one leg

folding table on one leg фото

folding table with round table top

Sliding tables

  • Sliding table with removable center element. An excellent option for hospitable hosts. Due to the unfolding, the surface of the table top increases by 30-40%.
  • With turning central parts. At such a table the principle of unfolding is the same: in the folded form the insert is hidden under the table top. The difference is that it consists of two parts.
  • A table with a two-layer table top. Such folding models allow to increase the table surface area in half. Excellent choice for living room and kitchen.
  • Table with movable legs. In folded form, he does not show his "essence". But in the decomposed - allows you to gather a noisy company of 6-8 people.

round sliding table

table white sliding

classic folding tables

folding glass table с металлическими ножками

Folding table-book

Original looks in the living room, in the dining area, in the hallway. And in the combined form it is very compact.

folding table and chairs

folding table book

folding table book на колёсиках

folding table book деревянный

Folding table-console

A great choice for a small space. In folded form it can act as a dressing table, organically fit in the interior of the hallway, it will be an excellent stand for a vase. Occupies a minimum of space, and if necessary turns into a full-fledged dining table.

folding brown table with cross legs

folding table in white with a glass top

folding table photo

folding table console white

designer folding table console

Folding table-transformer

Folding table-transformer это настоящая находка для любого помещения. Его легко из журнального сделать компьютерным, письменным или обеденным. Взгляните на фото, стильно и функционально, правда ведь?

folding table transformer

table console folding

folding table transformer консоль

table folding transformer

table rotary

How to Choose Folding Tables: Design Tips

Before choosing a model of a folding table, determine its purpose. Think about how often you plan to use it. Durability depends on this. If you need to perform transformations on a daily basis, pay attention to the hardware. It must be reliable.

Then, answer the question how many people will sit at the table. So you define with dimensions.

Consider the style of the room. Choose a folding table so that it harmoniously blends into the already existing design. And voila - here it is, your table.

It is very important to choose the right color. For small rooms it is worth giving preference to light colors. Wenge, dark brown, other dark colors will only steal and so little space. The best option:

  • cream;
  • beige;
  • ivory.

wooden folding table

wooden folding table фото

children's folding table

table folding book for the living room

table book folding photo

folding table for the living room

folding table for the living room фото

folding table for the living room

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folding table on wheels

table curbstone folding photo

The material of the folding table also plays an important role. The tree may look a little heavy, so you should choose these models with care. Metal details of the folding table not in every design will be appropriate. But pieces of furniture made of glass, expand the space and give it lightness.

Stylish and modern in the interior looks like folding tables made of plastic. For example, as in the photo below:

folding plastic table

Folding coffee table in the design of the living room - how can it be?

The coffee table in the living room in terms of design is considered not an obligatory element. However, it gives the interior a completeness. After all, it is in the details that the subtlety of home comfort lies.

On the coffee table you can put a newspaper, a book, put a cup of coffee. And if he is also folding, then, if necessary, he will fulfill the role of a full-fledged workplace or gather around him guests for a feast. The vase with fresh flowers on the coffee table will fill the air in the house with pleasant aromas and will give home warmth.

Spectacularly look miniature coffee tables with a glass top. Models with chrome legs, forged elements or with a simple and concise design - build on your preferences.

Very convenient folding coffee table on wheels. It is easy to move, besides it is stylish.

Effectively in the modern interior will look like a folding table on one leg. Among the large selection that impresses with originality and functionality, you are sure to find your model.

designer folding table

classic folding tables

folding table for the living room фото

folding table for the living room

folding coffee table for the living room

beautiful folding table

We choose a folding desk for the child

A folding desk is an excellent choice if the square meters in the room are worth its weight in gold. When folded, it will not take up much space. And if you need to work, a few movements and you have your own "office".

Choosing a folding desk in the nursery, you need to pay attention to the model allows you to adjust the position and height of the countertop. This is important for the correct formation of the posture of a growing organism. That is, the children's table must "grow" with the baby. In the photo below, see examples of such tables.

beautiful folding children's table

wooden folding table

children's folding table

folding plastic table

Folding table suitcase - home cosiness in nature

Going out of town for a picnic, we all want to take some comfort with us. A folding table-suitcase is a great thing in this respect. Look, what's not the dinner table? When folded, it is easy to carry in the hands, you can put it in the trunk of the car. And in nature you will feel at home. With him in the kit, as a rule, there are 4 folding stools, so that the space is enough for all family members.

Aluminum frame folding table-suitcase makes the product durable and reliable. You can also choose a variety with a plastic table-top (the weight of such a table will be minimal).

folding tables

table folding suitcase

folding aluminum table

As you can see, folding tables successfully solve various design problems. And they become obligatory attributes of rest on the nature. We hope that we helped you to orient yourself in a huge choice. And now you know what kind of table you need.