How to choose a faucet sink in the bathroom - 30 photos

To date, a wide range of bathroom faucets and faucets are available in sanitary ware shops, therefore, not everyone can choose their own plumbing without the help of a specialist. If the reader has a need to buy a good basin mixer in the bathroom, but you do not know what to look for when buying, then today's article will answer many questions and help make the right choice. Our material tells about the main types of bathroom faucets, as well as their key features. Properly selected plumbing will not only delight the eye with the shine of chrome surfaces and fit perfectly into the bathroom interior, but also work reliably for many years. For a better understanding of the information, the article makes a selection of photographs of different types of faucets for the sink in the bathroom.

A beautiful and quality bathroom faucet in the bathroom

When choosing a basin mixer in a bathroom, pay attention to the quality and appearance. If you want the plumbing in your bathroom to be fashionable and modern, you need to become more familiar with the features of the faucets in the bathroom. Having the necessary information about novelties in the design of modern faucets, as well as their features and drawbacks, you will go to the store, already clearly knowing what you need.

Bathroom Sink Faucet: Types of Structures

To date, there are four main types of bath mixer designs:

Two-valve mixers

Mixers with two valves for cold and hot water - this is a classic reliable solution, which is relevant today. The advantage of such mixers is a democratic price and ease of installation. Among the shortcomings, we can note a rubber seal that wears over time, which can easily be replaced with a new one, or completely replaced the crane-axle boxes with modern ones, with ceramic valves.

If you decide to save money and buy a basin mixer in a bathroom with two valves, then modern models have immediately installed a faucet with ceramic seal.

Bathroom Sink Faucet, Picture 1Bathroom Sink Faucet, Picture 2mixer on the sink in the bathroom, photo 3

Single lever basin mixer for bathroom

Single-lever models of mixers have come to replace the increasingly obsolete two-valve variants. The peculiarity of such mixers is the presence of a single lever, which simultaneously regulates the temperature and head of water. As for the design features of single-lever mixers, there are ball and modern cartridge models.

buy faucet sink in bathroom, photo 4how to choose a mixer for a washbasin in a bathroom, photo 5Bathroom Sink Faucets photo, photo 6Bathroom Sink Faucet, Picture 7Bathroom Sink Faucet, Picture 8faucet on the sink in the bathroom, photo 9buy faucet sink in bathroom, photo 10

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Thermostatic sink faucets in the bathroom

Thermostatic mixer is a modern technological solution that allows you to set the desired temperature for water. Depending on the price, such a mixer can be equipped with even a display showing the temperature of the water. The disadvantage of this type of mixer is the need for power supply from either the batteries or the AC adapter.

how to choose a basin mixer in a bathroom, photo 11

Sensory Mixers

Sensory Mixers для раковины в ванную комнату — это инновационное решение, которое позволяет полностью отказаться от регулировочных вентилей. Принцип действия такого смесителя основан на работе инфракрасного датчика, который посылает сигнал на запирающий клапан. В зависимости от конкретной модели, поток воды будет литься определённое заданное время, либо до тех пор, пока руки находятся в зоне действия датчика. Что касается регулировки напора воды и её температуры, то они задаются специальными винтами на корпусе крана снизу.

Bathroom Sink Faucets photo, photo 12Bathroom Sink Faucet, Picture 13Bathroom Sink Faucet, Picture 14faucet on the sink in the bathroom, photo 15buy faucet sink in bathroom, photo 16

Types of mounting faucets on the sink in the bathroom

All faucets for bathrooms according to the type of installation are divided into three types, differing in their design:

For wall mounting

This type of mixer is the most common, because it is the most democratic in terms of price. The advantage of this fastening is easy installation of the mixer and convenience in carrying out its repair, if necessary. The washbasin mixer in the bathroom with a long swivel spout is a bright representative of models for wall mounting. Such a solution allows one mixer to be used simultaneously for a bath and a washbasin located side by side.

how to choose a basin mixer in a bathroom, photo 17Bathroom Sink Faucets photo, photo 18Bathroom Sink Faucet, Picture 19


Built-in faucets for the sink in the bathroom - this is a modern solution for the bathroom. They look more stylish than the options for wall mounting. The advantage of such mixers is the absence of protruding suitable water pipes, so they look more aesthetically pleasing to the wall. However, in addition to the advantages, these mixers also have a disadvantage - for high-quality installation it is necessary to contact a professional installer.

Bathroom Sink Faucet, Picture 20faucet on the sink in the bathroom, photo 21

Mounted on the sink

This type of mixer is only suitable for sinks with special mounting holes. Mixers mounted on the sink combine the advantages of the two previous types of mixer installation - they are easy to install and do not have protruding supply water pipes that are hidden under the sink.

купить Bathroom Sink Faucet, Picture 22how to choose a basin mixer in the bathroom, photo 23Bathroom Sink Faucets photo, photo 24Bathroom Sink Faucet, Picture 25Bathroom Sink Faucet, Picture 26faucet on the sink in the bathroom, photo 27купить Bathroom Sink Faucet, Picture 28how to choose a faucet sink in the bathroom, photo 29Bathroom Sink Faucets photo, photo 30

Basin mixer in the bathroom: choice of quality material

Quality expensive faucets and mixers are made exclusively of brass or bronze, as these alloys are the most durable and have good anti-corrosion properties. For giving beauty and protection from corrosion, the external surface of such mixers is decorated with nickel plating, gilding or covered with shiny or matt chrome. The disadvantage of such models is the high price.

Cheap Chinese mixers on the sink in the bathroom, mostly made of silumin, which is an easy and fragile material. Such mixers are least durable, and under mechanical influence they easily break down.

Before choosing a washbasin mixer in the bathroom directly in the store, weigh the pros and cons and determine the budget for buying a house. Such actions, as well as the knowledge gained about mixers will make the purchase of new sanitary equipment quick and pleasant.