How to draw money into the house. effective methods of

Each person seeks enrichment, because the presence of a huge sum of money in any sphere of life opens up unimaginable opportunities. If you have finances, you can noticeably improve your shaky health, relax well, and please your relatives with pleasures. To earn money, people work hard, and then they have to save.


Not everyone is able to collect the most desired amount. What is the reason? Why do some of the money do not peck the chickens, but the other hole in the wallet? The basic condition of enrichment, oddly enough, is to completely rebuild thinking. It is worth thinking about finance in the vein, as if they are already available.

Table of contents of the article:

  • How to attract money to the house?
  • Savings savings
  • Feng Shui - how to draw money into the house
  • Signs from the people
  • Purse
  • Photo examples of interior design that would draw money into the house

How to attract money to the house?

The attraction of money begins with a thorough cleaning of the dwelling. If the apartment is a mess, then it is hardly worth waiting for the appearance of money.


When the house is full of scattered things, there is a cobweb in the corners, then spending only grows.

  • Mirror in the hallway should make you happy.
  • Before the entrance door there should be a nice rug, and beneath it any golden coin.
  • It is forbidden in the house to keep broken utensils.
  • Wiping furniture, think about the fact that with it you erase all your debts.


Remember the rule - every morning you need to take out the trash. Interested in how to attract wealth and money to the house, they know that you need to regularly ventilate the premises. Air after ventilation should be flavored with cinnamon, orange, mint.

How to attract money into the house

The table in the kitchen should be kept in perfect cleanliness. It is desirable that it was a tablecloth, without patches, holes. The crumbs from the table are not smeared with hands - just a rag.

american dollars in the hands

Savings savings

If you are thinking about how to attract good luck and money into the house, it is not enough to be able to earn well and quickly, it is important and proper to organize the storage of money. With each received salary you need to save a certain amount - very little, ten percent of earnings, you need to put in a piggy bank, so that they attract the next income.


The cache should be in the south-east of the room - this zone is responsible for wealth.


It is also important to understand that money is not being wasted just for certain needs. If you really need a certain amount of money, then in principle you can "borrow" from themselves, but then immediately return.


Feng Shui - how to draw money into the house

In the south-east of the house there should be an office. In this zone the room is arranged in green and blue tones, the furniture is only wooden. Well-being will noticeably improve the beautiful paintings, which depict a mill made of wood.

10-Chinese-bronze-pig-feng shui-laki-wealth-money-yuanbao-coin-tree-sculpture

Near the walls should be placed tubs, in which live plants will grow. In the corner it is not superfluous to put a fountain.


Signs from the people

  • All debts are given in the morning in the second phase of the moon.
  • Money to the seller is always given by the right hand, the surrender is always taken by the left hand.
  • On Tuesday, no one can lend money to anyone.
  • Money is not counted after sunset. Also, after sunset, the money does not borrow.
  • When giving alms, never touch the beggar.
  • A crust of bread must be eaten every day before dinner.
  • Nails need to be cut on Tuesday and Friday.
  • The broom always has to stand with a panicle to the top.



There is an opinion that a purse that attracts wealth should be chic. It is not necessary to spare money, so that the purse is charged with the so-called energy of prosperity. So, if the purse is cheap, then the money in it will not be vested.


Purse должен смотреться респектабельно. Purse должен быть таким, чтобы прямо лежали все купюры. Purse лучше выбирать коричневого или черного цвета, серебристого – такие кошельки приумножают накопления. Нельзя покупать кошелек голубого или же синего цвета – деньги будут утекать, словно вода.


Purse должен быть из кожи, замши. В бумажнике должно быть зеркальце – без него сложнее получить прибыль.


There are many ways to attract immeasurable wealth, luck, money. The key to success is positive, harmony, reigning in the house. Remember that lazy people will never have money!


Photo examples of interior design that would draw money into the house


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Antique skeleton key on U.S. bills. Green-toned.






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