Selected decor ideas from tree branches with their own hands

Decor from branches

Many of our compatriots photo romantic European interiors supply with the phrase: "You can not prohibit living beautifully." This is true if you have a good mood, fantasy and the desire to make your own home cozy. For these purposes, literally everything, for example, dry branches in a vase or in the form of a frame, which is without limit in the garden, is suitable. Our main task is to show the readers how to make an attractive decor from branches and decorate the interior beautifully without any costs. Branches are suitable for everything - furniture, jewelry, panels. Eco-design for many years is included in the TOP design preferences, inheriting the traditions of the exterior rustic style. This is not surprising, natural decorative materials are always perfect, and also great for creativity. We advise you to make out of natural materials:

Panel of twigs on a wooden substratePanel of twigs on a wooden substrate

For the production of panels from the branches for the home will need flexible specimens, which can be given any shape, and also easily placed them along the wall. Fastening to the wall of dry branches is provided with the help of staples, self-tapping screws with a subsequent trowelling of the cap, glue "liquid glass".

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For small dry branches use an adhesive gun. This method will be imperceptible and organically looked from the outside. Branches for decor perfectly combined with modern furniture, complement the style of Provence, shaybee chic - will always look good.

A triptych of branches in

Festive decor for the house - wreaths

Dry branches in the interior will help decorate rooms for Christmas, Valentine's Day and Easter. With their help you can decorate the living room. To create an original candlestick on a festive table for a house, take a strong branch that will stand firm on a horizontal surface, paint it with a metallized paint. Then apply glitter with varnish, fasten the candlesticks with the help of screws. For these purposes, any decorative candles.

Wreath for the New Year Make wreaths from branches, put collected samples of garden trees in glass table or floor vases, decorate them with toys, cones, spray artificial snow. Exquisite design, created by own hands, is ready. Twigs of a tree literally in a couple of minutes will help create a wreath in the form of a heart, to simulate a figure of a bird or an animal, they will look good in a vase.

Beautiful ornament - a wreath of branches and leaves The leader among the ornaments from the dry branches of trees, of course, are the wreaths. They can be made in the form of a circle, an oval or a heart, decorate with their own hands various materials - dried fruits, ribbons, beads. Due to materials of different size and rigidity, you can make wreaths from branches of different sizes: from miniature gifts or decor for a festive table, to huge dimensions in the whole wall.

Ball of vines and light bulbs

Furniture and fixtures

Branches in the interior can find their place as components of the original furniture, legs, supports, holders or frames to the mirror. On the options for furniture is better not to say, but to show interesting solutions, invented by designers in different countries. Believe me, such interior decorations for the house will never look unseemly, as this is real designer furniture.

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Framing a mirror with branches Note that many of our readers are interested in how to paint the branches - for this purpose, water-based paints that form a breathable surface, as well as wax and varnishes are used. Particularly festive is the decor of dry branches, painted white.

Finishing the legs of the table and floor lamp branches Different sizes of decorative tree branches in the interior can be used to create designer lamps that will look great in almost any room. It may be a question of temporarily creating the existing one or creating a unique sample from branches from scratch. For these purposes, you can use both LED garlands and ribbons for decorative lighting, as well as traditional electrical fittings.

Luminaire from the croaker

A plafond of twigs

Pictures from branches and small decor

An interesting solution, which will avoid unnecessary waste of funds on the wallpaper, are pictures of twigs. For example, birch branches in the interior look very elegant and in Russian. With the help of willow trimmings, you can create light "fishnet" compositions. To do this, it is enough to make a frame from a wooden bar and attach with the help of screws or staples the branches selected by the size. Separate branches can be gathered into various shapes, create a modern graphic installation, decorating the paintings with available finishing materials.

Photo frame Fine eco-decor is done on the occasion, it is not necessary to store it, since it takes a minimum of time to manufacture. In addition, the small twigs quickly dry out in the room conditions and become very fragile. One branch in the interior can become an ornament of an apartment in a beautiful vase or a flower pot, it can be hung with hearts, like memories of happy minutes.

Silver-plated branch for jewelry Silver-plated branch for jewelry

Decorative compositions from dry branches in a vase can become a beautiful decoration of unpresentable flower pots. So you can draw an autumn or Christmas bouquet, which will not require a vase - it's enough to tie a beautiful ribbon. For exquisite decor from the branches put the collected samples in a glass vase and hang balls or birds made from multi-colored threads.

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Photo frame Frame for the mirror

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